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A new shaft, an old but good story

Acute is a realistically sized dildo with a narrow shaft. It can be used in either vaginal or anal play. It won't fill everyone up but can be used as a warmup dildo for those who crave size and as a main show for those who enjoy moderation.
Safe, versatile for either anal or vaginal use.
Narrow shaft might not be everyone's cup of tea.
Rating by reviewer:
useful review
My exploration and reflection on the value of smaller dildos|Small Dildos began months ago with my review of Boy 1. And, indeed, Boy 1 has served me well. There came a day, however, when I wanted a dildo which was not only small and would serve to warm me up for bigger ones. I wanted a dildo with style, flair, and enough oomph to put me over the edge. I wanted a dildo I didn't have to work up to but which would work me up. Acute is one such dildo.

Acute is fun for any number of reasons. As I've just said, it's smaller than many other dildos on the market, which makes it a perfect starter dildo for the night or for any sex toy virgin you may know. In fact, however, it's really quite average in size—If you've ever wanted to practice blow jobs on a dildo which is roughly the same size as an average penis, Acute is your boy. He weighs in at just under six inches (the average penis is between five and six inches) and with roughly the same circumference as average Joe's dong. A disclaimer, though—acute comes in metallic purple and gold, not exactly your average penis' color. Frankly, I'd say the color represents an improvement on the old model.

Acute is specially designed to be used for either anal or vaginal play. I had the good graces to find time to use it in both ways, experiencing vaginal penetration myself and anally penetrating my partner of the evening (switch condoms between people and between orifices, please!). When my first partner strapped it into her strap-on, I wasn't too intimidated by the dildo itself. Frankly, I didn't expect much—if you've read my reviews before, you'll know that I tend to like bigger dildos. Acute packs a good punch for its size, though. Because the head is bigger than the shaft, it feels like a lot bigger of a dildo than it actually is. The shaft in fact tapers to a fairly narrow point near the base, which means that quick thrusts from a partner feel distinctly different than when I've used different dildos. I felt the penetration deep inside me, where the head of Acute was, but couldn't really feel much closer to the outer lips of my vagina. Personally, I wasn't a big fan of this, though others I imagine would prefer this—you probably know your own body better than I do. I was surprised to find that I could barely feel the ripples on the top of the shaft—these had excited me when I first saw Acute but I didn't feel them at all.

The next night, I switched it up and took Acute for a test ride myself. He fit in nicely in my harness though I needed to switch O-rings (he fit snugly into a 1 ½ inch o-ring) and he rested nicely on my pubic bone. After warming my partner's ass up with a few fingers, I began to penetrate him with Acute. Due to his size, Acute slid in easily and my partner remarked that the narrower shaft made Acute feel almost similar to a butt plug, but with fucking potential. The verdict on the narrow shaft, then, seems to be that it's better suited for anal play. In that arena, my partner loved it, enjoying the deeper penetration of the head without stretching out his ass hole too much. As a side note, use lube in all anal play—it makes play that much more fun for everyone, even with a smaller dildo like Acute.

So, overall, Acute is a fine dildo. The fancy ripples on its shaft aren't particularly noticeable but the larger head and more narrow shaft make for a slightly different experience than you've been getting from your other dildos. Its realistic size is perfect for anyone looking to try dildos for the first time, or for anal play. It's made of pure silicone which means it can be sterilized (boiling water) and washed (warm water and soap). Don't use silicone lube, though, since it'll make Acute all gummy and gross and no one wants that.
Follow-up commentary
I wrote this review of Acute before I started my recent quest for the perfect g-spot stimulation. Since then, Acute has definitely come through for me in that area. Its curved shaft, in the hands (well, between the legs, more like) of a skilled partner, has massaged my g like it was its job. Which it is. As in my first review, I’ve found it incredibly pleasurable to have the larger head on a narrower shaft, this time more specifically for g-spot stimulation. The Acute has also held up despite my frequent use of it with partners who prefer smaller toys and for the nights when I need to warm up with a small guy. Its base, which I worried about falling apart due to its thinness, has passed the test of time and is entirely unaffected.
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  • Beautiful Dreamer
    Sounds like a winner. Thanks for the review!!
  • Betty Rocket
    Very nice review!
  • Did your male partner remark at all about prostate stimulation or lack thereof? Just wondering since it looks like it has a good curve. Very nice review.
  • Actually, my male partner was a transgender man, biologically female, so he didn't have a prostate. It has a pretty decent curve, though, you're right. It wasn't quite enough for really good g-spot stimulation, but it may be plenty for prostate stimulation- that's not something I have any experience with, being a trans man myself.
  • Epiphora
    Awesome review!
  • Bulma
    This looks perfect for my husband actually, with the size and the degree of curve. I've found it is much easier to stimulate a prostate than a G-spot (at least between my husband and me), so I imagine this would work great for prostate massage. Thank you for the review, and I'll be adding this to my wish list :)
  • Minxy
    Nice review.
  • Minxy
    Nice info RE: G-spot. Thanks
  • Butterkups
    Thanks Gabe
  • Meowmix
    Great review! Thanks!
  • MissCandyland
    Too bad it tapers. I didn't notice that! Great review!
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