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Acutely pleasurable!

The Tantus Acute is a thoughtfully designed toy, made of body-safe and easy-to-clean 100% silicone. It is a comfortably average size and has a versatile design, being good for both anal and, presumably, vaginal play. It comes at a great price for even better quality, and is sure to be welcome in any toy collection; beginner or otherwise. This toy has been designed with both anatomy and safety in mind, and is sure to please!
Perfect material; Amazing curve; Excellent texture; Very easy to clean.
Packaging used quite a lot of plastic; May not be big enough for those who enjoy very large toys.
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extremely useful review


This toy functions best as a manually-controlled dildo, as its base is wide enough to give a good grip and can be easily manipulated with one hand. This toy did the job of an anal dildo extremely well, with a curve suited to prostate stimulation. However, this curve is reportedly very effective for G-spot stimulation in women, and judging by its appearance, I would definitely assume the same.
The best occasion to use this toy would be... whenever you have time and feel like it! It's perhaps my favourite toy and generally the first I would reach for.
As for safety precautions, I believe it is generally pretty safe. It's firm, but has a little give to it, and the material is unquestionably safe and hygienic! Just be sure to use plenty of water-based lubricant and go at a comfortable speed for you.
    • Everyone
    • Long / extended session

Material / Texture

When I first saw and felt the Acute, I was fascinated by the smoothness and firmness of the material. It was truly odorless and tasteless as Tantus advertised. And yes, I tasted it just to be sure. Don't look at me like that!
Being seamless, it won't cause unpleasant tears to sensitive tissue, and while it is firm, it can bend somewhat, making it comfortable.
It's semi-realistic, being around the general shape and size of an average penis, and feels kind of like the real thing when gripped.
I would consider the texture fairly beginner-friendly, as it is perfectly smooth and comfortable to the touch.

Design / Shape / Size

I absolutely LOVE the design of the Acute. The head is slightly larger than the shaft and is pleasantly bulbous, and there are subtle ridges going down the underside of the shaft. The curve of the shaft is what really makes it special, as it hits all the spots it needs to. All of these features combined make it very pleasurable. It even has a flared base, showing that Tantus had safety in mind when they created this silicone beauty.
The size is just right in my mind, as I'm not a fan of large toys. It isn't exceedingly small, but it isn't unnaturally large either, which makes it good for almost anybody. It was the first toy I used anally, and it was absolutely perfect in my mind; you just need to take your time.
As mentioned previously, it has a semi-realistic look; while the shape is definitely phallic in nature, its pretty colours and smooth, shiny appearance tend to make it less realistic... though very attractive!
The Acute isn't exactly discreet. I wouldn't leave it on a coffee table, unless you have really weird taste in decor. Keep it safely tucked away from the eyes who aren't meant to see it and you're good. I believe that, given its hygienic nature and average size, it would make a great travel companion... Just don't let customs get at it!


My favourite features are the curve, the smoothness, the bulbous head and ridged shaft. It really does what it's meant to do, and it does it very, very well.
I don't think there is much I would change about this toy. It might not be big enough for those who crave a very large dildo, but I enjoy its average size.

Care and Maintenance

The Acute is extremely easy to care for. Being 100% silicone, it is non-porous, which means it won't harbor bodily or environmental bacteria on its surface. It cleans up very well with just plain soap and warm water, but you may want to use antibacterial soap just to be sure. For extra cleanliness, feel free to spray or wipe it with a 10% bleach solution and wash normally. If you're feeling particularly culinary, go ahead and boil it! It's even dishwasher safe, if you put it on the top rack with no detergent.
I store it in a soft, lint-free cloth in my makeshift toy box (read: shoe box). It shouldn't be problematic when it comes to storage, just keep it somewhere secure and secretive. Or leave it on your bedside table. Or your coffee table.
When it comes to lubricants, I don't suggest using this toy with silicone lubricants. Some silicone toys will break down when coming into contact with silicone lube; silicone is generally inert and will only bond with silicone (or so I have read). If you must use silicone lube, do a test patch on the underside of the base. If you cannot remove the lubricant without scraping it off with your fingernail, the toy is not silicone lube compatible!


The Acute was nicely packaged in a display-oriented clear plastic container with the company name, some general information and designs on the outer case. The inside was a molded clear plastic case. I think the packaging, while impressively displaying the glory within, was quite bad for the environment.
One could use it as a storage box if they really wanted to, but getting the toy in and out of the box can be a little tricky; definitely not fun in those moments of passionate impatience. However, if giving as a gift, I recommend leaving it in the impressive display!

Personal comments

Definitely my go-to toy. I don't like playing favourites, but it's certainly worth changing those rules for. It's also a good price for such great quality: thank Tantus for that!


This toy performed extremely well. I can't really say it any other way than this; I had the best orgasm of my life with this beautiful creation, and have continued to have plenty of fun with it. It hits all the right spots in all the right ways, being perfect for prostate stimulation, and is pretty much the perfect size for me. It's great for quick or slow in-and-out penetration, and felt amazing when left in during orgasm.
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  • Contributor: Kynky Kytty
    Welcome, good first review. When you say it is best used manually-controlled, is it because using it like a butt plug is not really pleasurable?
  • Contributor: eyeneerg1984
    Thanks for the review. I'll have to look into that further.
  • Contributor: ~miss.heather~
    Excellent first review! Smile
  • Contributor: Kangoshi
    Thank you all for the quick comments!
    In regard to Kynky Kytty's question... I have personally tried using the Acute as a butt plug. It felt quite nice, but it would rotate and slip out very easily. I tried wearing clothes over it, which helped somewhat, but it would still move from where I wanted it to stay. For those reasons, I think of it as best used like a dildo, rather than a plug, but it could just be a matter of innovation! Smile
  • Contributor: Rainbow Boy
    Excellent review! I bought this last month and I have been using it at least twice a week. It really gives me some of the strongest orgasms ever.
  • Contributor: Rainbow Boy
    By the way, what kind of lube do you use with it? I've been using Cal Exotics Anal Lube. It works great, but it does tend to get dry rather quickly and I find myself re-lubing the dildo after a few thrusts.
  • Contributor: Backseat Boohoo
    This is a really good review! But could you mention a little more about how it felt? You do say that it felt good, but you don't really describe HOW--did you use it clitorally for a massage? To stimulate your g-spot or prostate? Did you just like the way it felt internally?
  • Contributor: Sammi
    Nice review!

    Welcome to the community Smile
  • Contributor: removedacnt
    Welcome! Very nice review, thanks!
  • Contributor: Alan & Michele
    What an excellent review. We have this toy too, and you've described it perfectly.
  • Contributor: Kangoshi
    As I am yet unsure how to edit my review (if it's even possible), I will have to answer questions and the like in comment form for now.
    sdboys: I've tried a few kinds of lubricant. The best ones for me being the gel-consistency ones, such as Wet and ID... I'm sure there's something better out there, though!

    Backseat Boohoo: I feel silly for not having mentioned how I used the Acute! Thank you for pointing it out! I'll be sure to remember in my next review.
    In my case, it was used for prostate stimulation only. The sensations themselves were subtle and almost wavelike.
  • Contributor: SexyTigerX
    Nice review. Thanks

    Wondering what the size and diameter are? Or did I just miss it.Winking
  • Contributor: Kangoshi
    Thank you.
    According to Edenfantasys' details, the Acute is six inches long, with a diameter of 1.25 inches, which seems to be pretty much spot on. Keep in mind that the insertable length is a little less due to the flared base.
  • Contributor: Raven Quince
    Nice job! I'm thinking of this for strap-on play, though we may have to work up to it Winking
  • Contributor: Ghost
    Looks interesting. I like small toys.
  • Contributor: MissCandyland
    Nice review! I like that it is smaller.
  • Contributor: zz1aag
    This was amazingly helpful for me. Thanks for compiling all of this information together
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