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Blue Ribbon Beauty!

The Icicles No.22 is a well designed glass toy that takes it to the next level with the shape and designs inside the glass. It's easy to hold and even easier to clean and care for. Although it's not a textured dildo, it makes up for the texture with the large size bulbous head. The colors inside the glass make it a prize to look at. I call it my blue ribbon beauty.
-Beautiful Design
-May be too large for beginners.
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The Icicles No. 22 by pipedream is a beautiful, transparent glass piece designed for vaginal or anal use. This would work well for both genders for anal because it does have a flared base. I've only used this toy for vaginal use. I've used it solo and my partner has used this with me to insert into my vagina. If your partner is going to be helping you with this glass piece, please remind them of the precautions that need to be used when thrusting with the Icicles No. 22 or any other glass toy.
With the Icicles No. 22 being so rigid and heavy, it can cause bruising and pain to the cervix if thrusting too hard or deeply. It can cause pain. I learned this the hard way. One of the times, my partner got a little too deep with one of my glass toys in the past and it hurt. I made sure to school him on the use as soon as that happened. It can also cause pain to the vaginal walls if the angle is too sharp when inserting or if the vaginal walls are too narrow.

This glass piece can be used for a deeper tissue massage on the body because the head of the toy is larger and can get deep into the muscles. This may work really well for tense muscles.

Another use for the Icicles No. 22 is temperature play. You can use this for hot and cold play which brings a lot of new options when using glass. The packaging states to put in a freezer or a microwave but I didn't use any of those. I'll explain why below.

For using cold temperature play, You can place the Icicles No. 22 into a large bowl of cold water and let it sit for about 5-10 minutes. I've found the longer that we let it sit in the water, the longer it stayed cold. If you didn't want to try the water, you could try to place it in the refrigerator for a few minutes. Just check on it to make sure that it's the temperature that you like. I would place it on a bottom shelf in a plastic container or bowl. I wouldn't suggest placing it in a freezer for too long of a time period because if you've watched the movie 'A Christmas Story', you know what happens when mucous membranes that are 98.6 degrees or warmer touch something frozen. It sticks to that object and becomes painful and very hard to remove! I've yet to ever have anything like that happen with a sex toy but I'm sure it could if the freezer was cold enough. If you want to place it inside for a minute or so, I'm sure it would be fine to do so. Just don't leave it for long periods of time. If you do place it inside a freezer and forget about it, just take it out and allow it to warm naturally to a lower temperature.

For using warmer temperatures, I placed it into a bowl of hot tap water. I left it in there for about 5-10 minutes. When I took it out of the bowl, it was the perfect temperature for play. I didn't boil it or ever place it inside the microwave. Boiling the glass could make it too hot for internal temperatures if it gets too hot. You could always allow it to cool down but please test it out by rubbing it on the inside of your wrist before attempting to place inside an orifice. I can only imagine that there wouldn't be much worse things than burning the inside of the vagina or anus. That could be considered torture. As for the microwave idea that the packaging suggests, you could do it but make sure to test and feel all areas along the glass. Microwaves can cause hot spots which are areas that are distinctively hotter than others. If you've used a microwave to heat up a cup of coffee water, you can understand what I mean. Some of the cup will be warm while other areas were hot. Using a bowl of very hot water sufficed in my case.

The temperature play was the best part about using this toy. The cool play wasn't my favorite as it's winter right now. I'm sure that I would love that play much more when summer comes. I'm always looking for something to cool me off and if I can find it in the bedroom, it makes it more fun. My favorite use was the hot water play. It does tend to cool off in about 5-15 minutes if you don't have it very hot. On my nightstand, I kept the bowl of hot water so my partner could place it back in there while he was performing oral in between using the toy. Once he did that for a bit, he grabbed the Icicles No. 22 and it was just as warm as the first time we used it.

If you like the cold play, with it being winter, you could just sit the Icicles No. 22 on a surface outside where it doesn't have the chance of getting broken. You wouldn't have to use water or a refrigerator for this use and it's convenient.

The size of the Icicles No. 22 was a bit intimidating to begin with. I need to make sure that my body is ready to take glass this size. I will never force any glass objects inside unless I'm well lubricated. This helps out tremendously for thrusting. I tried a rocking motion with this but it was just too long to get any pleasure from that. The rocking motion helps toys that are curved to reach the G-spot easier. The size of the Icicles No. 22 wasn't too intimidating. The bulbed head and the bottom bulb near the base is larger in circumference than the shaft. The larger head works better for G-spot play. I was never able to fit the bulb near the base inside for vaginal use. I'm sure it would be lovely for anal play. The head of the toy really filled me up and felt wonderful inside. For some reason, glass toys feel larger to me than what they really are, while they are inside of me. Am I the only one who feels like this? This is a glass toy that performs well and it's very aesthetically pleasing to look at.

The icicles No.22 really shines in the temperature play department. It works excellent for both cold and hot uses. I know that some glass toys can be used for kegel exercising. I have never tried it but this toy seems like it could work for beginners in that manner since the shaft and head are larger and easier for the muscles to grip.
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    • Anal
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Material / Texture

The Icicles No. 22 is made from glass. The glass is Borosilicate glass which is a 10 on the material safety scale here on Eden Fantasys. 10 is the safest rating that Eden Fanatsys gives. Usually only steel , glass, silicone are the ones who receive this rating because they can be thoroughly sterilized and shared anally.

The Borosilicate glass was once a liquid that was solidified and turned to the hardened substance that it is now. The glass was cooled very quickly. Pyrex is one of the most known brands of Borosilicate glass. Most glasses like this were made from a mixture of sand, ground lime and soda. Pyrex and other Borosilicate glass are hard materials with a high resistance to chemicals and mechanical strength. It's much denser than a normal every day drinking glass. If this were too fall and break, you wouldn't find small, splintered glass pieces; it would be larger chunks of glass. if it did break, it would take a lot of force. I've dropped one of my glass toys before onto a wood floor and it didn't break. I would think if you dropped it from a high area onto a concrete or hard surface, it would break or cause deep cuts into the toy. If that is ever the case, dispose of the toy properly. If you ever drop it on any surface, check immediately for scratches, cuts or indents that can possibly cut any part of the body. After one of my toys rolled onto the wood floor, I picked it up and inspected it immediately. Any small scratch can possibly cause a cut inside the vagina or anus. This would not be good. Even though this has only happened to one of my toys, I still inspect my glass toys before every use. if you weren't storing your glass into a padded pouch or bag, it could have received some sort of damage to the toy unknowingly. Just be safe and inspect is before each use by running your hand along the areas of the toy. Just looking at it under a light will not always show any imperfections, so go the extra mile with glass toys.

Glass can be used by beginners or advanced users. When I first introduced to glass, it seemed intimidating. My first glass toy was the bent graduate. I was hooked after using that toy one time. I felt like I had begun to be advanced while using it over a period of days. There is no learning curve to this toy as it has a straight shaft. I'm used to playing with glass and it works well for me, so yes; it can be used for anyone.
There are no bumps along the shaft and there is no odor with glass toys. This wouldn't be great for use in a large harness because the base is only 1.5" in diameter.

I love how the glass feels. The glass is extremely smooth and sleek. In my opinion, there is nothing smoother than the sex toy glass. There are no seams and it's one solid piece. It doesn't have any weak areas and it's very firm. This glass does not have any texture. The full shaft, head and bulb near the base glide easily over lubricated areas. Glass is nonporous and can be sterilized easily. I'm a sucker for all glass toys, textured or non textured. They have a firmness that not all toys have, so they are something special for me.
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all
    • Rigid

Design / Shape / Size

The Icicles No. 22 is a beautiful toy with swirls on the inside of red and blue. The Icicles No. 22 would be the perfect toy for Independence Day play. It stands upright on its base and it's very stable. The bottom bulb, neck and base is a gorgeous and transparent royal blue. The shaft and bulbed head are crystal clear with the red and blue swirls running along the shaft all the way to the tip of the head of the toy.

The Icicles No.22 is designed for regular penetration and it will have little G-spot performance for most individuals but you can make it work for the G-spot by holding it at a certain angle. I figured out the perfect way to hold it to give me the feeling that I liked. It took s a few times but now I know exactly how to hold it so it can be the most enjoyable. Every body is different so experiment and have some fun in the process.

The Icicles No.22 will roll if it's placed on its side and on a surface that is tilted or slanted. The base is circular and it accommodates the weight and size of the toy perfectly. The design is magnificent and one of the more beautiful glass toys out on the market. This caught my eye long ago but the price made me stray away. I now understand why it was priced the way it was.

This toy is something special and I'm so glad that it's one of the top glass toys in my glass toy collection. The Icicles No. 22 is a longer toy and I've included Size information below.


8 3/4" -Tall

6 1/4" -Insertable length

4 1/4"- Circumference around head of toy

3 1/4" -Shaft circumference

4 3/4" -Bulb near base

1 1/2" -diameter of base

3" -Neck between bulb and base

5 1/2" -Base circumference


11.1 Ounces- with a digital postal scale

The size of the toy is a medium sized toy. The head is the largest part besides the bottom bulb. If you aren't accustomed to using a toy with a large head, you can use a thicker lubricant to help with insertion. I found this to be my case when I first used it. Once I was able to insert the head fully, the rest of the shaft went in nicely since the shaft is smaller than the head. The firm head was what provided great pressure onto my G-spot. I angled my hand down slightly while I was on my back and it provided just the right amount that I needed to press upon my G-spot while thrusting. My partner was able to do this better because of the length of the toy. With him using the toy on me, it worked much better because as he adjusted the angle, I let him know which angle was needed. Now he knows how to use it each and every time. Communication is key when using glass toys with a partner.

The toy doesn't resemble a penis, even though it has a bulbous head, it has no other shape that screams penis. The toy itself is not discreet because of the size and the fact that it's glass. If you are going to travel and must take this with you, I'd consider using a thick padded pouch with a drawstring that can be tied so it doesn't slide out the end and break. This is glass so it wouldn't be able to turn on during travel. If you needed to take this on a plane, TSA may or may not know what it is. It looks like a glass sculpture.

If you were to hit someone with this, they may be in for some trouble. I've now learned that if someone breaks into my home, I can reach for one of my glass toys to protect myself if I have nothing else near me. Some of the glass toys pack some weight. My prized perennial by Phallix would be a great choice for weight and the icicles No.22 would work better for holding onto because of the length and where the neck is located. The base area is very easy to hold. I can grip it around the bottom bulb and base together and then also hold it by the base. There are many ways to hold this toy and use it for maximum satisfaction. Just be careful when holding while slippery.

It can slide out of the hands quite easily when any type of lubrication is on the toy. The base helps to hold onto it more easily. I have glass toys that have no base and are completely smooth. I have problems holding these if my lubrication makes it down the shaft. When I lubricate the area that will be inserted, I try to keep it away from the part that I will be holding. Even plain water can make the The Icicles No.22 slippery. Take caution if you are using around a hard surface so you don't damage the toy.

I love the artistic look of the toy and I like that most glass toys don't resemble an actual penis. Anything artsy catches my eye instantly. The colors, style and sleek design of this toy make it one of my top glass toys. The red and blue swirls spiral down the shaft to the last bulb and then it becomes a solid blue. I really love the colors that were chosen for this toy.
    • Partner play
    • Whimsical / artistic


I love this toy, even without textured areas on the shaft, it worked great for me. I will admit that I was worried about the head being too large for me. If you are worried or have the same issue as me, grab one of your favorite lubricants or wait to use until you are completely aroused from foreplay. If you are still fearing the size, you could try using after some penetration from some other toys or your partner if he is a male.

The part of the toy that I feared the most was the part that I ended up loving in the long run. It really pressed on my vaginal walls and provided a great sensation. I was just extra careful to use it in a motion where I didn't make any sharp angles with my hand, this could have caused painful bruising of my cervix and vaginal walls. The icicles No.22 works for many different shapes and sizes of women. If you have a deeper vaginal canal, you may be able to feel some of the bulb near the base. Those with more shallow vaginas will not be able to feel this part of the toy.

The weight of the toy wasn't too much to handle. After a long time of play, my hand didn't feel tired or sore from holding it. If you aren't used to using glass toys, this may be a bit heavy in the beginning but once you get the hang of it, it will be completely weightless in your hands.

For anal, this would be a great toy for those who are experienced. It's a pretty lengthy toy and the larger bulb is on the bottom right above the base. The icicles No. 22 could be inserted deeply into the anus or you could use only a small portion, if you were a beginner to anal. The Icicles No. 22 does have a small flared base which would make it safer for anal play. The base diameter is about the same size as the bottom bulb and a little bit larger than the top bulb. Since this toy is glass, there is no suction cup bottom. I liked how this toy worked. It penetrated me as deep as I needed it to go and I quickly learned how far was too far to insert it. I'm glad that I own this glass toy and I would highly recommend it to others.
    • Comfortable
    • Easy to use

Care and Maintenance

With the icicles No. 22 being glass, it's very easy to clean. Any toy cleaners can be used on the surface because it's nonporous. It can be boiled to sterilize the toy for safe use in case it was shared with someone. For sharing anally, I would suggest using a condom.
To safely sterilize without using bleach or other potentially harmful chemicals in your home, you can sterilize using an alcohol-soaked cotton by wiping the full toy with it and then rinsing well afterwards or you can boil it in a pan of water. Make sure that you've cleaned your toy properly and then you can begin the boiling process.

If you do want to thoroughly clean and you aren't able to boil it, you can use a 10% bleach solution to spritz the toy with. If you do use this solution below, be mindful to rinse it thoroughly to remove any bleach residue.

To make the 10% bleach solution, use 1 part bleach to 9 parts water. All parts must be equal to one another. If you use 1 tablespoon of bleach, use 9 tablespoons of water.

To boil the toy:

Use an old pan and place the toy inside. Next, generously fill the pan with enough water to cover the toy. Bring the pan of water to a rolling boil while making sure that it won't boil over. Let it boil for about 15 minutes and then turn off the heat. Let it cool down for about 10-15 minutes before removing and make sure to use tongs or something else to grab the toy safely. Take caution when moving the toy with tongs or any other item because it can slip out and fall. You can immediately place it in a thick towel and then place on a safe surface to finish cooling.

Once cooled, I dry my toys with a lint free cloth and then I place them in their padded pouch. Padded pouches are important for the safety of your toys if you are going to store several glass pieces together. I store many together so I've invested in some padded pouches. Eden Fantasys carries two sizes of the pouches. They can be found here: Small size and Large size.

I keep my padded pouches in my Devine playchest

I've accumulated so many glass pieces that some of them are in a tote now because the padded pouches take up quite a bit of room.

Lubricants that can be used with the Icicles No. 22 are water based, silicone based and oil based. You can use any of your favorite lubes and be comfortable knowing that this toy can't be damaged by lubricants.

Before using any of my glass toys, I just spray them down with my pjur-med-clean-spray or my before-and-after-toy-cleaner. These both work excellent for before or after care cleaning.
You can also use hot water and antibacterial soap.
Be extra careful while cleaning because the toy can become very slippery when wet. I try to clean mine in the sink on a washcloth or towel, just so it doesn't sustain any cracks or cuts by potentially falling into the sink.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The Icicles No. 22 arrived in a box that is just shy of 10" long and 4" wide. The box has a big picture on the front of the Icicles No.22. The box reads:

Icicles- Hand blown glass massager on the front, the pipedream logo is on the bottom front of the packaging. The top of the box reads the same thing. The sides of the package also have the same photo as the front of the package.

The back of the package has the same title at the front and also states:

Elegant, upscale, and hand-crafted with amazing attention to detail, this luxurious line of glass massagers will leave you breathless. Each hand-blown Icicle glass wand is sleek, unique, and made to play hard.
The hypoallergenic glass is nonporous and body safe, and when cared for properly, is designed to last a lifetime. Run the wand under warm water or place it in the microwave to heat things up. Chill it under cold water or put it in the freezer for a cool sensation.

Since glass is nonporous, cleanup is a snap. Use Pipedream Toy Cleaner and warm water, or throw it in the dishwasher for a worry-free wash after the fun.

The front of the box has a flap that opens up. Once opened, there is a view of the glass piece itself behind a clear plastic window. The area on the sides of the window are matte black and there are shiny raised damask patterns that are also black.

On the flap of the toy, it's identical to the writing on the back of the box.

The bottom of the box reads:

pipedream -
2010 Pipedream products, Inc.
Chatsworth, CA 91311
"Always on the cutting edge"
Made in China. Sold as a novelty only.


It also has a barcode and some other symbols.

To get the toy out, open the flap at the top of the box and pull out the white foam insert which is the same size as the box. The Icicles No.22 is nestled safely inside this foam. I would suggest to use this box for storage if you don't have a padded pouch because this is the best option to keep it in if you aren't using something with padding.

The box can be recycled and I'm sure the foam could be sent to the right facility to be used. Check your local area for suggestions.

The packaging is nicely made and would work well as a gift, even though it's
not entirely discreet. There is no nudity on the package and I like that I can see the product without opening the entire box. It's excellent for storage if you have the room.
    • Good for storage
    • Recyclable
    • Very informative

Personal comments

Icicles brand toys by pipedream make some of the best glass toys around. They are meticulously made and no two toys are like because they are hand blown. This is what makes these special. You have a one of a kind toy when you purchase one of these glass pieces!

I've added some photos of the icicles No.22 with some of my other glass pieces so you can get a view of how the size is.

Here is a comparative photo of Icicles No.22 with some bath items to show the sizing.


I've only experienced great things with the Icicles No.22. It met my needs and it worked great for partner and solo play. The designs on the toy are brilliant and they are unlike any other glass toy from other brands that I've tried. I'm excited to try any new glass piece from pipedream. I've become more addicted to glass just by using their line of toys.

I like that it was simple to care for and clean. There were no seams or ridges to make this toy hard to clean.
Follow-up commentary
The Icicles No. 22 is still one of the best looking glass dildos that I have in my collection, and my collection is very extensive. The colors pop and it feels great inside. I have nothing bad to say about the Icicles No. 22.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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