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No. 22 is beautiful in it's simplicity. After a while, it's simplicity gets, well, a little too simple. It's great at first but I get a bit bored after a while with this. Maybe I'm too ADD for simple designs. If you can hit your G spot with a bulbed head, I can see that this would work wonders. As I cannot, this is a very good but not quite amazing glass piece. I like that it doesn't have texture and that the bulb is just the right size, but would have liked a little something extra.
Bulb is good size, Beautiful swirl pattern, Smooth body, Small diameter, Simple design
Simple design can get a bit boring after extended use, Second bulb too far down shaft
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Icicles No. 22 is one of the many glass dildos in the Icicles line by Pipedream. No. 22 has a bulb at the head and near the base and is a smooth shaft between the two. The shaft is a clear glass with red and blue swirls while the base is blue glass. Light reflects beautifully off this piece, with blue and red twinkles all around it.

No. 22 has a very small flared base. It can potentially be used anally, but probably only by more advanced anal users since the base is so small. It can, of course, be use vaginally. When using vaginally one should take care with fast and vigorous thrusting to avoid damaging the cervix. The length of this combined with the hard material make it very easy to injure the cervix.

This piece in the Icicles line is good for a beginner to glass or a glass collector. It's texture free and good for those who are more sensitive. Glass is probably not best for a very first toy due to its hard and unforgiving nature, but for intermediate to advanced toy users, No. 22 is a good addition to a collection.

Material / Texture

No. 22 is made of Pyrex glass. This puts it at a ten on the safety scale. Pyrex is made in a different manner than regular glass. Should it break, it would break into large pieces rather than shatter. The odds of this breaking are very slim and you'd have to try very hard to accomplish it. For a reference point, most casserole dishes are made from Pyrex.

Glass is a very hard material. In fact, one of the hardest materials you will run across. There is no give to the material and it will not form to your body. It is unforgiving in that way, but can be wonderful for someone who needs a firm toy since there is no bend to it. Glass is smooth without any drag to the surface. The hand glides across it with ease. To insert it, only the smallest amount of lube is needed. There is no taste or odor to the material.

No. 22 is texture free. This is (believe me!) hard to find in glass toys. This is a good place to start if you are looking for a first glace piece. There are bulbs at the top and bottom of the piece, but these are more design than texture. The surface is totally smooth with no bumps or ridges. Texture sensitive users can use this as well as those who just want to add a smooth piece to their collection.

In general, glass is probably not best for someone looking to buy a first toy. Due to the hard nature of the material, it is easy to cause damage to the cervix. However, after you've gotten a few toys, glass is a wonderful addition to a collection. So I would classify glass as an intermediate to advanced user material. The texture is good for beginner to advanced users, but beginners to glass, not beginners in general. Of course, that's just my personal opinion and your mileage may vary.

Design / Shape / Size

No. 22 is long but slim. It comes in at 8.75" in length, as per both the product page and my measurements. The product page lists insertable length as 6.25". I measured from the top to the bottom bulb and got 7". I'm not sure where they measured to in order to get the 6.25". The diameter at the widest is 1.5" according to both my measurements and the product page. This is the diameter at the top bulge and the bottom bulge. The shaft is 1 1/8".

Here you can see it in my hand for size reference:

The size works well for me. I tend to prefer diameters 1"-1.5" so this falls in that range. The length was more than I needed, but I just inserted what I could and used the remainder as an extra long handle. I couldn't use the extra bulb at the end.

The size will work well for beginners or advanced users that don't need a lot of girth. It's not a toy that will provide a very full feeling, so those seeking that should look elsewhere. However, due to the firmness of the material, it does feel larger than other toys in the 1" diameter range (at the shaft). If you know you need something very slim with a less firm toy, you might want to get something smaller than this or without the bulbed head.

Design wise, No. 22 features two bulbs - one at the head and one near the base.

The difference in size from the head to shaft makes the bulb noticeable during use, but not uncomfortable. More on that in Performance.

While not a realistic toy, No. 22 is phallic in shape. I don't think anyone would mistake this for something other than a sex toy. It's size isn't so great that it is difficult to hide. You could travel with it, but it is important to keep it in a padded pouch or other padded storage.


The bulb at the head is the highlight of the toy for me. The dimensions are just right. Sometimes there is too big of a difference between the head and shaft which makes it uncomfortable to use. Other times, there's not enough difference and it's not noticeable. On No. 22, the difference was just right. During use, it could be felt but never got to be uncomfortable. I know some can reach their G spot with a bulb at the head. I'm not one of those people, so I cannot speak as to if this is effective in that way. I can't even get pressure on my G spot with a bulb. Extreme curves only for me.

I think what would have been nice is if the second bulb was a bit closer up. I've read other reviews where people are unable to insert enough of this to use the second bulb and it seems it would perform better if the second bulb were usable to more people. The length of this is not short and since there is risk of damaging the cervix if you insert it to far, it would seem to make more sense to bring the second bulb upward.

You can use this for temperature play. You can run it under hot or cold water and it will retain the temperature of the water. You can also stick in the fridge to make it ever cooler. You should always wrist check the glass before inserting it to make sure it is neither too hot nor too cold. I generally find that the coolness from storage is just the right temperature for me, so I leave it at that or warm it up by rubbing it between my hands.

In general, I found the shape of this was nice but nothing terribly exciting. It worked, but didn't set my world on fire. The lack of curve means it doesn't do anything for my G spot and one bulb at the head was nice but a bit boring after extended use. There's a nice element of simplicity to it, but in the end it lacked the something extra to make it really stand out. That's not to say it's not good, because it is, it's just not mind blowing spectacular in the performance area.

Care and Maintenance

Glass care is very simple. You can wash it down with soap and water or toy cleaner. You can boil it as well, but make sure you don't submit it to cold temperature directly afterward or you risk the toy breaking. It can also be placed in a dishwasher.

All lubricants can be used with this. Oil, water, and silicone lubes are all compatible.

You should store this in something padded. The box it comes in has padding, so that can be used. You can also get a padded pouch.


No. 22 comes in a large box that says "Icicles Hand Blown Glass Massager" on the front with a picture of the toy on it. Each of the sides have the same picture and writing. The front opens to a cut out where you can see the glass piece on one side and there is a blurb about the toy on the other. The side with the blurb has a picture of the head of the toy. The back of the box has the same information that is found on the inside as well as the same picture of the head of the toy. Due to the photos and text, this is not a discreet package. It is elegantly packaged, however.

The package is large. It is padded on the inside which means you can use it for storage. The size of it does not make it ideal, but if your in a pinch it's useable. It could be used as a gift if you don't mind the pictures and text and general lack of discreetness.

There are no instructions included, but none are really needed.

Personal comments

While not my favorite glass toy, I think this would make a good first glass toy and is a good addition to a glass collection. It's good for those (like me) who are texture sensitive. It's not the most exciting design wise, but there's something good to be said for simplicity. Every now and then, less is more. If you're in the market for a first glass piece or just looking to add something a little more simple and smooth to your collection, No. 22 is a good piece to have. Now, it's worth noting that I got this while it was on sale. I think it was well worth the sale price. At retail, I'm not sure it is. So if you can get it at the sale price, do. If not, maybe wait until it goes on sale again.


I have had experiences with glass that were, well, not so great. Many of the glass pieces I had purchased in the past were textured as most glass pieces are. I don't do well with texture in general and glass texture is something that I simply cannot do what with the hard material. So after a few bad experiences, I just stopped buying glass. All the good talk on Eden about glass had me curious, so I picked up a few glass items in an order. This was one of them, along with a few others. This one is not my favorite, but I do like it.

I guess my feeling on this is that I wish there was something a little more, if that makes sense. I think if the second bulb was useable that would make all the difference. As it stands, I cannot use it which leaves me a very simple design. It's a nice design, but something that gets a little old after a while. In comparison to my Swell Wand that I got at the same time, this seems a bit bland.

I will say that the fact that the dimensions are done so well is a major plus to me. The head and shaft are just the right sizes apart and that's not always the case.

I do see myself using this, but not as often as other things. So I'm giving this my "above average, but not amazing" rating which is a four.
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