On Your Mark, Get Set...Go!

If you're looking for an average-sized, realistic dildo, Mark is the one for you. Featuring a flared base for harness compatibility, this toy is safe, sexy, and highly versatile and can be used for anal, as well as vaginal insertions. As long as Mark holds up...I plan on never buying another realistic dildo. Ever. This one is sheer perfection.
Dual-density, subtly realistic feel, safe/high-quality material. Average size for a perfect fit!
Wait, there are cons? Where?
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Oh, my. I'm not sure how to even begin! I'm madly in love with this toy. I shall try to control myself long enough to write a coherent and organized review ;) There may be some girlish gushing at the end. (Pun intended.)

The O2 Mark by Tantus is an average-sized, realistic, high-quality silicone dildo. With a dual density design, a soft head, subtle veining, and a gentle curve that plays deliciously against my g-spot, this toy is absolute perfection. Although not specifically designed for g-spot stimulation, I find that the fit and fill of this toy helps me to very easily enjoy that familiar pleasure. I would not necessarily recommend it for g-spot stimulation for someone who is unfamiliar with where it is. Its base provides an excellent handhold for both slow, sensuous self-loving and rough, rapid-fire fucking.

With its thick, sturdy, flared base, this toy can certainly be used for more advanced anal play. The softness of the head, as compared to the shaft, makes for a very gentle, pleasant experience when first inserting the toy anally. With a length and width larger than the average anal plug, I would definitely recommend that you warm up prior to using Mark in your rear entrance. However...if you can handle Mark, you can likely handle a real man of average size.

Being that silicone is one of the safest materials available in the sex toy market today, using this toy both anally and vaginally should not be a problem, so long as you take care to sterilize it properly and/or cover it with a condom if sharing between partners or penetrations. Please see the Care/Maintenance section for instructions on cleaning silicone toys.

Material / Texture

Okay, I have to do a little plug for Tantus here. Tantus ROCKS. Seriously. Not only are they a very environmentally friendly company that strives to be green in the manufacturing and distribution of their products, they are also extremely body and health conscious. Their toys and their practices are some of the best out there.

All of Tantus' toys are hand-made from high quality 100% Ultra-Premium Platinum Silicone, making them hypoallergenic, hygienic, and phthalate free. Silicone is hands down my personal favorite material, for its feel and its safety. This toy has the light, familiar scent of premium silicone, but has no taste to speak of. Since silicone has such a tight molecular structure, it repels dirt and bacteria and doesn't fall apart with extended friction. It also retains temperature very well, making it extremely versatile in terms of different sensations. Try cooling it in the refrigerator or warming it in hot water before play!

The texture of this toy is delightful. It has a smooth, slick head with a velvety, matte shaft, affording the perfect amount of skin-like traction. The veins provide a subtle realism, without providing too much extra sensation. The dual density design, discussed in more detail below, also adds immensely to Mark's realistic feel.

Design / Shape / Size

My absolute favorite thing about this toy is the dual density design, which truly makes it feel more realistic. The soft, plush outer layer surrounds a firm, sturdy core, both made of Tantus' high-quality silicone. The thicker, more solid center and velvety soft exterior mimic the true anatomy of a hard cock.

While this toy is a lovely imitation of a cock, it is not entirely realistic. Veins and a small divot on the head representing the urethral opening lend a realistic appearance, but other more intimate details are overlooked, making this toy sweetly idealistic and undeniably attractive. Being that Mark very nearly looks the part of a real penis, it is anything but discreet. Due to a lack of vibrating parts and a fairly manageable size, I see no reason that it would be unsuitable for travel. Although the base of the toy is designed to fit a harness and provide good, stable support for thrusting, I cannot speak to its efficiency as I don't have a harness myself. The Tantus logo is stamped into the base, which I find very helpful in orienting the toy when in use, helping me to know which way the curve of it is pointing.

Mark is one of a set of three dildos of a similar style, which come in varying sizes, Mikey (the smallest), Mark (the medium size), and Adam (the larger brother). Each of these guys comes in three very lovely colors - chocolate, caramel, and vanilla. Mark is 1.35" in diameter, with an overall length of 6.25" and an insertable length of 5.5".

For me, the size of this toy is entirely flawless. It is thick enough that I feel deliciously full, but not so thick that it is an effort to insert it. Its length is my ideal, gently teasing my cervix when fully inserted, making for an incredibly comfortable, care-free experience, with no worries about bruising myself with vigorous thrusting.


Mark hits all the right places and is absolutely gorgeous to look at. The gentle curve, the subtle realism, the dichotomy of soft and firm...Whenever I look at it I can hardly resist stroking it or putting it in my mouth.

As long as Mark holds up...I plan on never buying another realistic dildo. Ever. This one is sheer perfection.

Care and Maintenance

This pure silicone toy is boilable, bleachable, and even dishwasher safe. I often simply wipe my toys down with toy cleaner or soap and water, but they can be fully sterilized by using the methods listed above. The only (very slight) difficulty I've had in keeping this toy clean is the shallow brand logo stamped into the base, which can be somewhat of a pain. Just flexing the base slightly enables you to clean it fairly easily, since the imprint is not very deep.

Please be aware that silicone toys should not be used in tandem with silicone lube. Similarly, when storing or playing with your silicone toys, the items can react with one another, causing damage to your beloved toys! Silicone toys should not be stored with jelly toys, in particular. To be on the safe side, I store all of my toys in separate bags or containers. Some people have that Mark attracts lint...I have never found this to be true, but the secret to that my be in my method of storing my toys separately from one another and from other items.


This is my third Tantus toy and all of their packaging is very similar. It is attractively designed translucent plastic box with red lettering and designs on it. The toy is cushioned within by a molded shell. The packaging has a large amount of information on it, about the item and the Tantus brand.

Since Tantus makes such wonderful, high quality toys...I do wish they would up the ante a bit on their packaging. It would be nice to have the toys shipped in boxes that could be used for storage or a least an included sleeve or bag for storing and protecting the items.

Please be sure to recycle!
Follow-up commentary
I still love this toy. It is holding up beautifully and its aesthetic appeal is just the same to me as it initially was. I looove the semi-realistic look, the color, the plain, yet sturdy base. I have since added the [|Happy Valley Lucky] to my collection. I truly adore the Lucky, but it simply doesn't feel as realistic and comfortable and familiar as the Mark! And it just doesn't have that same "fits like a glove" sensation...The Lucky can please me now and then, but the Mark feels like it was made just for me!
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