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If you are on the search for a luxury dildo that is very realistic, look no further than the O2 Mark. He can be used by beginners and for more advanced users. His flared base makes it safe to use anally and in harnesses. The premium silicone is one of the highest grade silicones on the market today. Mark has made me a believer of realistic dildos. I never knew how good they could feel.
-Ultra premium Silicone.
-Some may not like that it's realistic.
-Size queens may not like the size.
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The O2 Mark by Tantus is a wonderful dildo that is made of 100% Ultra-Premium Platinum silicone, which is dual density. This means that Mark has 2 layers. One of which is a rigid, inner layer. It's firm and keeps the shape of the O2 mark standing up. The inner layer almost feels as if there is a rod inside. The outer layer is soft and squishy, and is completely lifelike. The Mark will work for male or female use, and it can be used vaginally or anally, since it has a flared base. It can also be used in a harness for pegging, vaginal sex, anal sex and everything in between; because of its O-ring capability. I wouldn't use it for packing because it is pretty firm and will look like you have a hard on all the time.

If you were feeling frisky or wanted to learn how to perform oral sex, you could also use the Mark for that as well. Its realistic look and feel makes it more appealing to me. My partner wanted me to perform oral on the Mark for a few seconds, just for a turn on for him. It felt really nice and almost like a real penis. From the veins to the urethral opening, it felt very real.
There is a slight curve to the Mark, but not too much. It didn't curve enough to make me have a g-spot orgasm but it definitely filled me up to the max and it felt nice. I'm not saying that the G-spot curve won't work for you, as it may. It all depends on your anatomy.

The Mark warms up quickly to body temperatures and if it's too cold before use, you can always run warm water along the shaft and head.

The Mark is medium sized in my opinion. I think many people from beginners to advanced users could use him without any problem because of the softer silicone layer that is on the dildo and its relatively normal size. The plushy outer layer makes it easier to insert, because the head doesn't have any of the inner core inside, it is just the material of the outer layer. It feels like there is a rod inside of the shaft because of the inside layer. I love the idea of the dual density layers. It gives us a rigid feel on the inside but a softer, skin like feeling on the outside.

I really like how the head of the Mark has the grooves like a real penis. You can feel it on the opening to the vagina as if it were a real penis.

Below are some features that makes this toy a safe bet to use.

-Food-grade material


-Latex free


-Phthalates free

I noticed that after I washed Mark and I used hot water to wash him in, he kept the warm feeling for quite a while. This felt amazing inside of me. I had my partner bring in a bowl of hot water to place Mark in, while we were playing. After about 5-10 minutes, Mark was very warm. I inserted him and it was wonderful.

My partner talked me into trying him with cold water. I wasn't so ecstatic about that one. Mark did hold the coldness, a little too well. I most definitely liked when he was hot. You could place him in hot water but don't place him in a microwave or oven because there can be parts that get too hot. You can place him in cold water, a refrigerator, or a freezer for cold play. It really depends on your preferences. Some may find the colder temperatures a little more appealing.

I ordered my Mark O2 in the cocoa/caramel color. There are also vanilla and black to chose from.

  • Who / How / What
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    Who might this product be best for? How is it best used? What are the best circumstances or situations for using this product?
    • Couples
    • Everyone
    • Gender play
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    • Anywhere
    • Tub/shower/pool
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    • Travel friendly
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    • Anal
    • G-spot
    • P-spot

Material / Texture

The O2 mark is made of a body safe, Ultra-premium medical grade silicone. Silicone has a safety rating of 10 on the safety scale. This rating means that it's the safest material that you can get besides glass and steel.
Upon opening the package, there was no smell to it. I tasted it only after I cleaned it and boiled it. There was no taste present. With premium silicones like this one, you will find no taste, since it is a food grade silicone.

The touch and feel of the mark was sensual. The Mark feels unlike any other dildo that I've used. I was able to hold the head between my two fingers and squish it between them. With the head being squishy, it helped me while I was inserting it. The firmer layer in the middle of the dildo only extends from the bottom of the dildo to just under the head. It's very flexible but it still maintains its shape because it has the firmer inner core.

The side where the frenulum is located has a raised texture which is similar to the Corpus spongiosum, which is is a spongy tissue in the penis that surrounds the urethra and keeps it from being compressed. The sizes of the Corpus spongiosum range from very small to very large in normal penises, and the one on the Mark seems to be wider than normal; at a width of 3/4" at the middle. This raised area provided more sensation to me. This area is also a little more spongy than the opposite side of the shaft.

The full penis is predominantly matte in appearance while the head has a shiny, gloss like appearance. From a distance, it looks as if the head is wet. There is an area on the head that is supposed to look like the urethral opening. This looks very lifelike. There are no other textures on the head itself. It feels very realistic on both the head and shaft of the toy. It would be a bit hard to distinguish if it were a real or silicone penis, if my eyes were closed. It feels that lifelike. It's easy to insert when very lubricated and it really fills me up. I can feel the texture of the veins that run along each side of the penis. There is a short vein that runs along the top and a long vein that runs from the base to the frenulum. On the other side, there is a vein that separates into two, near the head. I like the feeling of those textures.

On the head, there is a slight drag, a little more than the shaft. When lubricants or bodily fluids are introduced, there is little drag. This alone lets the textures be felt easier.

The Mark isn't sticky at all. I can use him with my own lubrication and water based lubricants and he is fine. He never becomes gummy or tacky. However, he does collect tons of hair and lint.
    • Flexible
    • Harness compatible
    • No odor

Design / Shape / Size

The design is very lifelike and may be compatible for many individuals. The slight curve of the shaft may be better for some more than others, but the feeling that it gives is so lifelike that you want to keep coming back for more. I really like the shape and how it fits me. For my anatomy, it's a little on the large side. With some foreplay and oral performed on me before use with him, I was able to get fully lubricated and ease him in.

If a beginner wanted to try him out, I would tell them that the squishy head would help the beginning of insertion. You could play for a bit with putting just the head inside and pulling it out a little. With just a little bit of light thrusting, this can get worked in in no time, assuming that there is enough lubrication. There may be a little drag if the vagina or anus isn't lubricated like it should be. We played for a while, with my partner only using the head to penetrate me. It felt awesome and it wasn't painful, like I had assumed it would be. I also was worried about being sore the next day because of the size, but again, that was not the case. The soft outer layer is what helped so that I wouldn't be sore.

Size queens may not get a lot of satisfaction from the Mark because he isn't a very large sized dildo. There is another in the O2 line, it's called the O2 Max. Max may work better for those that like a little larger realistic dildo.

I haven't tried the Mark anally, because I haven't done anything anally, yet. I can't really comment on that part. I'm assuming that he would be for more advanced users because of his size. I've included the measurements and weight below.

-Length: 6 1/4"

-Head circumference: 4 1/2"

-Head diameter: 1 3/8"

-Base circumference: Almost 8 1/4"

-Shaft Circumference: 4 7/8"

-Shaft Diameter: A little over 1 3/8"

-Base Diameter: 2 1/2"

-Weight: 7.6 oz. (Weighed with a digital scale)

With the toy being under 1 pound, it can be taken during travel. I would suggest to tuck it into a storage pouch which can be found here. If anyone sees this toy, they will exactly what it is. There is no hiding what this toy is.

The size of the Mark is great for using solo or with multiple people.
    • Beginner
    • Discreet look/design
    • Partner play


The best features about the Mark is the texture of the shaft and the soft plushy feel of the exterior layer.
The Mark fits inside me tightly in width, as my partner says I have a vaginal canal that is a little shorter and narrow than most. The Mark doesn't fit completely inside of me in terms of length. There is a little left that won't go in. This will of course, depend on your anatomy, if you will be able to fully insert him.

I like the wide base, it's easy to hold onto. I can easily cup it in my hand and go to town, I can also hold half of it and it works. I can use it missionary, doggy and on my side. I've even had it in the shower with it stuck to the shower wall and it felt great to back up on it. This was my first time ever doing this with a toy. Any other time, my partner was the one who was behind me. He said that it was an incredible turn on to watch me slide back and forth on the dildo while it was on the shower wall. It was definitely a new experience for me. I would have liked to see a better suction cup base. The Mark won't work on every shower or wall, but some of you may get lucky and have it work for you.

The base is flared enough to use in a harness. A harness should be able to hold the Mark well. I haven't used in a harness because I don't own one but it stands up well and doesn't go limp. I've only tried water based lubricants with the Mark. I don't have any silicone lubricants on hand because most of my toys are silicone and they aren't compatible with silicone lubes.
    • Comfortable
    • Easy to use

Care and Maintenance

The O2 Mark is made of Silicone which is extremely easy to care for. You can wipe him down with toy wipes, antibacterial cleansers, toy cleaners, or an antibacterial soap. You can use a bleach solution to sanitize him if he has been shared or used anally.

To make a bleach solution, use 1 part bleach to 10 parts water. Make sure that all parts are equal, and then mix or stir thoroughly. You can do this in a sink or bowl, or you can spray Mark with the solution.
After spraying or soaking, just wipe him down and rinse thoroughly. I try to get into the little grooves with a toothbrush that I use only for my toys. It's soft and small and can really get into those tiny crevices.
Around the head and urethral opening, there are areas which collect fluids and other substances, be sure to clean in and around them. If you share this toy but don't want the hassle of sterilizing, you can use a condom that doesn't have any silicone lubricant on it.

Since the Mark is a food grade Silicone, he may be boiled in water for a few minutes to sterilize. I place a washcloth down in the bottom of a pot that I purchased just to use for sex toy maintenance. I placed the dildo on the washcloth and filled the pot with enough water to cover it. I turned the setting to high and once it started to boil, I left it in for a few minutes. I then turned off the burner and let it soak for a few minutes longer. I used some tongs and removed Mark from the water and let him cool. I let him dry while he was standing on the base, so he wouldn't collect lint, dust, or hair. Since he accumulates hair easily, I wash him thoroughly before each use. I just want to make sure that he is free of anything. I wash him after each use as well and as soon as he dries, I places him in a storage bag that keeps him as lint free as possible.

Mark can also be placed in a dishwasher on the top rack to sterilize him. I would make a day of it and put all my silicone dildos in, it saves time and sterilizing.

Please don't use silicone based lubricants with the Mark because there are severe interactions that can happen when it's used. It can damage the toy and possibly destroy it. Oil and water based lubricants are best to with this toy. Water based for vaginal play and oil lubricants for anal play. There are certain interactions that can happen if the oil lubricants are used vaginally.

Never store your Mark or any other Silicone toys with toys that are of other materials. They can potentially damage each other. This isn't going to happen all the time with high grade materials but definitely don't store with some TPR and jelly materials. I've know these to melt onto other toys and ruin costly luxury items.

The Mark is easy to store. I keep him in a toy pouch and the I place him in my Devine Playchest. He doesn't take up a lot of room and he isn't heavy.

My main way of cleaning Mark is with my favorite antibacterial toy cleaner. I don't share him and I don't use him anally. I do boil my silicone toys when I first receive them because I want to be extra safe. I clean him in a sink and he's good to go afterwards.

    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The O2 Mark arrived in the normal Tantus packaging, which is a clear plastic container that is very flimsy.

The packaging is:

-Length: 8"

-Width: 3 1/4"

-Depth: 3 1/4"

You can fully see the Mark from all sides of the package, except the back. The back has a frosted look to it, but it isn't totally transparent.

The front of the packages has the following writing:

100% Ultra-Premium Platinum Silicone, Non toxic, Hypoallergenic, Phthlatate free

Feels real- Squeeze Me!

Tantus Incorporated- The science of sensation, non toxic, healthy for the body.

Choose Tantus, The Science of Sensation

The world's best toys for adult

On the side of the packaging, it reads:

What Makes Tantus Toys The Best...]


Tantus toys are hypoallergenic, phthalate free, odorless, boilable, bleachable, non-toxic and healthy for the body.


Tantus toys are made from ultra-premium, platinum silicone which is the finest material found in the adult toy market.

Not only are Tantus toy shapes anatomically targeted, the material won't cause irritations, rashes, or infections thus providing long lasting pleasure.

The other side of the box has the some information in dutch, french and Spanish.

The back of the box repeats the other information.

Inside the clear outer packaging, Mark is nestled away in another clear holder. This holder actually opens up and apart so you can easily access him. I wouldn't suggest to use this for storage as it's flimsy and it's also transparent. This wouldn't be idea to hide him in. It's non discreet.

This package can be recycled since it's plastic. Check with the recycle office of your area for further information. You could gift in this box but everyone will see what you are giving. I'd only give to a partner who knew the type of item that it was. You could give as a bachelor/bachelorette gift or a gag gift.

    • Minimal
    • Not discreet
    • Recyclable

Personal comments

I'm really loving the O2 Mark so far. This was my first realistic dildo, and ever since I received him, I'm really into the lifelike design. This is something new to me and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Solo play and partner play both wowed me. The outer layer is soft enough that it didn't hurt while my partner thrusted it in and out of me. When he was able to get Mark in deeply, the soft head didn't hurt my cervix like other dildos have in the past.

I was a beginner to this type of toy and it exceeded my expectations. I'm glad that I received the O2 Mark. It opened me up to a new level of satisfaction for both my partner and myself.

I would have liked to see a little bit of a sharper curve. I think that would have been a little more intense for the G-spot.


I don't have anything bad to say about the O2 Mark. I wish that they would carry a size a little less girthy than him. That would be my ultimate toy. This is a premium product that many can enjoy and it can be used for many sexual situations, such as bedroom use, shower/bath use, couple use, anal play, and much more.

In terms of feeling Vixskin products and the Tantus O2 products, The Vixskin products feel a little more lifelike. The outer layer of the O2 mark is thinner than the Vixskin products. You may or may not like this more, it really depends on your preferences.
Follow-up commentary
The Mark is a great realistic dildo. It really fills me up, and feels so real! I'm looking forward to trying some of the others from this line.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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