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34 reviews

This is a high quality toy for those looking for the next level but not into something extreme. Perfectly suitable for the beginner intersted in quality, comfort and enjoyment.

Uma is not the top dog of G-spot vibes: it's not powerful or rumbly enough. Mona 2 is the reigning queen, but that doesn't mean Uma doesn't have its own charms. Uma is definitely not weak, excels at comfort, reliability, quietness and safety. If you need a smaller G-spot insertable and don't appreciate Mona 2's larger girth, Uma is for you.

The Uma is a good quality toy. It's rechargeable, waterproof, 100% silicone and has many functions. However, it is light because the silicone is just coating plastic, and the buttons are hard to press. It's a good first toy, but I don't think it makes a great internal stimulator because I don't enjoy using it like that.

For someone who is looking for strong vibrations with G-spot stimulation, this would be an excellent choice. Though not cheap, the materials used are of high quality and the design on the toy will help those wanting to learn how to stimulate the G-spot.

I believe the Uma is an amazing product and is worth every penny. It provides you that high power you need and has enough different settings where you won't get bored with it easily. The coating on it is wonderful and will never leave you reaching for lubricant. Its very user friendly which offsets the rather poor instructions that come with it. It works well for either solo or partner play, an it will definitely be your favorite toy.

Very exciting. Simply took a little getting used to. Definitely worth a try. May take getting used to, or you may love it from the start. Nonetheless, it is amazing and better make room for an Uma in your toy chest!!! Beautiful, sleek, or oh so quiet. Best kept secret! Shhhhh!!!

Uma would be great for a good number of people depending on your anatomy. This toy has both relatively strong and a variety of vibrations to suit you mood, and a nice curve to help you locate your G-Spot. I was slightly disappointed because, for me at least, this is not 5 vroom toy. I don't regret spending the money, but this toy will not be an automatic go-to for me.

Uma is an elegant, beautiful, easy to use, rechargeable vibrator! It's variety in intensity and patterns, and non-intimidating size and ergonomic shape make this a wonderful choice for a beginner to an advanced user. The pattern button can be difficult to use, but is easily overlooked with how powerful Uma's vibrations are. There's a little something for everyone in this vibrator! Don't pass this one up, you'll be glad you got one!

You know you would only allow your absolute BFF and trust worthy friend to join in a 3 some with you and your partner. Uma is it!!! I have been willing to let her play with my husband, she likes to caress his scrotum. For weeks she has been under my pillow, on the counter, on the night stand. She never gets any rest. I will bring her out to the couch and play with her while watching TV. I am able to feel her through my clothes. No, I'm not to the point of taking her to work with me.

Looking for a well made vibrator that not only looks good but performs very well and is really powerful? The Uma by Je Joue is definitely that and more! It looks very sleek with its sexy curves and cute little metal buttons that double as the charger connection points. It is made from pure luxurious silicone that is just buttery smooth and sure to please. Uma can also go in the shower or bathtub for some added fun so be sure to grab one while you can!

I would definitely recommend Uma for your collection or as a first toy. Uma can be used for penetration, g-spot stimulation, and clitoral stimulation.

The Uma is a well made, quality toy. If you are experienced enough to know that rumbly vibrations are what you want out of a toy, then you should fully enjoy your time with Uma. If you enjoy anal, clitoral, G-spot, or vaginal stimulation, then Uma's versatile functions will appeal to you as well. I'm thrilled with Uma's performance.

With over 20 other reviews on the Uma, I switched my review up a bit and made it mine--ALL MINE!! This whole review is my personal and singular perspective and experiences on this item. There are few details that are repeated on every single review and I did highlight the less reviewed aspects of the Uma as well as a bit more details on my experiences--still an R rated review, I was tactful!!

If you love all the features of luxury vibrators, but you find that most of them don't pack enough punch, then Uma might be just what you've been looking for.

Uma, the toy everyone is screaming over. The toy everyone says to "buy buy buy!" I am glad I bought you because while you do have some good points, and would be great for any level of user, you also have quite a few design flaws that I think should have been worked out before Je Joue decided to put you on display.

If you are looking for the ultimate, strong, quiet, g-spot vibrator, you can't go wrong when choosing Uma. With 7 vibration patterns and 7 speed settings there is something for everyone. Uma can be enjoyed by beginners and advanced users alike. It is also rechargeable and waterproof!

This is a powerful, rechargeable G-spot vibrator that I can rely on to do the job every time I use it. The firm, curved shaft delivers the right amount of pleasure that made the Uma quickly become my number one favourite toy.

Uma features everything I like- waterproof, rechargeable, quiet, powerful, and body safe silicone. She has a sleek simple design that is just what I was looking for. She should be pure bliss. This is my third attempt at owning Uma. The first two were defective and sent back. While this one is a vast improvement on the other two, she has a few quirks (hopefully not full blown glitches) that undermine her usefulness. Sigh. I really wanted to love her.

The Uma from Je Joue is a beautiful and powerful g-spot luxury vibrator. It's everything I expect from Je Joue: rechargeable, waterproof, velvety soft, and wonderful packaging. But sadly, the buttons are horrendous, especially the new third "pattern" button.

Move over Mimi, Uma has moved into the toy box! She is strong, rechargeable, and waterproof just like Mimi. However, Uma has something Mimi doesn't. Uma is insertable, and she hits my G-spot perfectly! The packaging is lovely, but I wish it came with a pouch. That has to be my only complaint. Yes, the buttons are difficult to press but so were Mimi's. It really doesn't bother me enough to take away my seal of approval!

This is my new favorite toy. Everything I love about it easily overwhelms the things I don't care for. I love its shape, size, and power. I love its smooth silky feel. I love the way the handle fits so comfortably in my hand. The buttons are not so hot but I still could scarcely love this toy more.

From the very first use, I fell in love with Uma. The powerful vibrations she is packed with are great for internal and external stimulation. The shape of her allows for direct stimulation that leaves me wanting more and even has brought me to squirting. The beautiful silicone is super soft to the touch with little drag and top of the scale for body safety. What are you waiting for? You need her now!

It doesn't matter if you're new to using toys or an advanced user, the luxurious Uma is something I believe everyone needs to have added to their toy collection. It is designed for both internal and external stimulation and exudes superior quality craftsmanship and delivers externally for me everytime. She is highly constructed and the soft and velvety smooth silicone is a wonderful feature.

If there's one toy that I can't live without, it's Uma! Looking at her, you wouldn't think she'd be much -- but oh WOW does she ever pack a punch! Powerful, waterproof, multispeed, rechargeable... what's not to love? This is a toy that everyone should try at least once!

This vibe offers fabulous power encased in attractive soft silicone. It arrives in decidedly upscale packaging and is every bit a luxury vibe. I think it is worth the higher price tag and would purchase this again.

The Je Joue Uma is perfection personified, and is my soul mate of a sex toy. It is waterproof, seamless, powerful, and a ridiculously beautiful. It fits my anatomy perfectly, in a way that no other sex toy has done before. It is also rechargeable, and has a sensually luxurious silicone texture. Its only flaw is that the buttons are somewhat hard to push, but otherwise, it is the most wonderful toy that I currently own. I recommend it so highly!

Simple in appearance, the Je Joue Uma is not a toy that should be overlooked. It has what it takes to be part of the top dogs of toys; it’s powerful, responsive, has a luxurious coat, and if given time to recharge it may very well become your best friend. However, you may feel like the Uma nibbled on your fingers after trying to play with it.

Despite my let-downs, I still believe this is a 5 star product. Uma is gorgeous, well-made and a joy to use as intended.

If you can look past the difficult buttons, the Uma by Je Joue is an amazing and powerful toy that you'll be craving more and more of. With it's silky smooth silicone and elegant design it's hard not to fall in love with Uma.

Je Joue's first G spot vibrator (G-Ki) is easily one of my top ten toys, so Uma had a lot to live up to. While I can't hit my G spot with it, I didn't really expect to be able to because the curve is very mild. Those with less picky G spots than me may have better luck. Where Uma really shines is the vibration department. Uma has the same type of rumbly, strong vibrations as its little sister Mimi, perhaps even a little stronger.

Uma offers the aesthetic appeal of all JeJoue's vibrators and caters to water lovers in a way that few sex toys can truly claim to do. The magnetic charging system is one of the best in the industry. A few improvements could be made before this toy is truly luxury but its price at the lower end of the luxury spectrum might be a fair trade-off for some frustrations.

Uma is a brand new G-spotting vibrator from Je Joue, and one hell of a formidable opponent for others of its kind. It boasts surprisingly powerful vibrations for its size, not to mention a rumbling frequency that penetrates deeply. Whether this is used externally, or for its intended purpose as an insertable vibrator, this toy will not disappoint in its performance. If you can forgive its challenging buttons, you'll surely fall for Uma!

Whether you want a good g-spot toy or strong external vibrations, the JeJoue Uma is easy to charge, silky smooth to the touch, features a beautiful design, and stronger-than-most. The buttons are my least-favorite aspect, but if you didn't mind the Mimi's buttons, you won't mind the buttons on the JeJoue Uma either.

This velvety-soft rechargeable silicone vibe delivers strong vibrations and pulsations with a high-quality motor. The only drawback is that one button is tough to use, as you have to push hard in the right spot.

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