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MiMi's Big Sister

Je Joue's first G spot vibrator (G-Ki) is easily one of my top ten toys, so Uma had a lot to live up to. While I can't hit my G spot with it, I didn't really expect to be able to because the curve is very mild. Those with less picky G spots than me may have better luck. Where Uma really shines is the vibration department. Uma has the same type of rumbly, strong vibrations as its little sister Mimi, perhaps even a little stronger.
Strong and rumbly vibrations, Buttery soft silicone, Nice feeling internal shape, Waterproof
Curve may not hit all G spots, Buttons are very difficult to press
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extremely useful review


Sometimes something that looks plain on the outside can be something spectacular. That's the case with Je Joue's Uma. While it doesn't have any fancy bells or whistles on the outside, it comes packed with some major power under the hood. It's the exact opposite of "all show and no go."

Uma is a curved vibrator that is meant to target the G spot, so it's primary use is vaginal. However, it can be used externally. It does not have a flared based and should not be used anally.

Like Je Joue toys before it, Uma is waterproof and can be taken from bath to bed for playtime anywhere you are. It makes for perfect partner or solo play. It could be used for thrusting during foreplay or externally during intercourse (though the length would make it less ideal than Je Joue's Mimi for this purpose).

Material / Texture

Uma is made of premium silicone. Silicone is rated at a 10 on the Eden safety scale as it is non-porous. Oh, Je Joue silicone, how I love you so! There is no silicone softer than Je Joue's silicone. There is not one bit of drag to it. You can run your fingers or hands across it with no resistance. It is a velvety finish that feels like it was put on top of butter to make it so soft. It is wrapped around a firm core which means the toy has no give to it. Those that need a lot of pressure on their G spot will appreciate the firm quality to Uma.

There is no texture to Uma. It is perfectly smooth with not a bump or ridge to be found. Those looking for texture should look elsewhere as the surface is perhaps the smoothest of the smooth.

The silicone is seamless. The only marking on it is the Je Joue logo that is placed at the very base of the toy near the controls. This is indented in and is not a part of the toy that will be inserted.

There is a slight powder smell to Uma. There is also a powder taste.

Both the material and texture can be used by beginners and advanced users. No matter what stage you are in, this material will blow you away with its soft feel. If you've never experienced Je Joue silicone, it's about time you tried!

Design / Shape / Size

Uma is a somewhat smaller sized vibrator (of course, depending on what the comparison is). At my measurement, the total length is 7.25". The product page lists 7". The insertable length is about 4". At the tip, the diameter is 1.25". Where the shaft narrows, the diameter is .75". The base is 2".

Here you can see Uma in my hand for size reference:

I tend to like smaller sizes, so Uma works out well for me. The size would be best for beginners or those like me that tend to like smaller sizes. Since there isn't a lot of insertable length, those with very far back G spots may not be able to reach them with Uma. The length should be enough for the average woman or those with G spots located close to the front.

The size is small enough that Uma can be stored in a small pouch in a drawer and hidden away. It's not as easy to travel with as a bullet, but could be put in luggage without taking much space.

Uma is not overly discreet. While it is not realistic, it does have a phallic shape and a somewhat traditional curve to it. Anyone with a general idea of sex toys will figure out what this is for.

Uma is curved to hit the G spot. Here you can see the design of the curve:

The curve is more in the center of Uma as opposed to right at the head like many G spot toys. It is not an extreme curve, more of a slight bend. This doesn't really work well for me personally, but I have a picky G spot. I tend to need very extreme curves to hit my spot (think Pure Wand, G-Ki bent all the way in and tilted upward, DeLight). I couldn't get anywhere near my G spot with Uma, let alone get a G spot orgasm with this. That being said, it did feel lovely as a regular but curved toy.

The curve on Uma will likely work best for those that have had luck with smaller curves or even the straight toys that bulb on the head. If you need any significant amount of curve to get to your G Spot, Uma will likely not be able to reach it.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Je Joue has upgraded their normal two button controls with Uma and added a third button to control the patterns. There is now a plus sign, a minus sign, and a squiggle (~).

First of all, these buttons are near impossible to press. If you have a Mimi, you'll remember that when you first got it that the buttons were sticky and difficult to press. Well, take that and multiply it times a thousand. I have yet to be able to turn Uma on in the first five tries. The buttons need to be mashed down hard and I guess I'm just too weak for this toy. On the bright side, there's no way you'll be accidentally changing settings during use. My Mimi buttons became much easier to press over time, so I'm hoping that will be the case with Uma as well.

To turn on, hold the plus button for three seconds. To turn the power up, press the plus button. To turn the power down, press the minus button. To change to pattern mode, press the squiggle button. To change patterns, press the squiggle again. To move up or down in power on the current pattern, press the plus or minus sign. To turn off, hold the minus sign for three seconds.

While the manual and Je Joue's website say that there are seven power modes, I have five on mine. Someone contacted Je Joue who confirmed that there are five power modes and seven pattern modes, so I suppose there was some type of misprint or something somewhere.

On the lowest setting, Uma's vibrations come in around a high two vrooms. The next setting is a mid three. The next setting high three. The next is a mid/high four. The next is a low/mid five. The final setting is pretty much the same as Mimi's high setting, but perhaps a hair stronger. However you feel about Mimi's power will be how you feel about Uma's power. I've always personally loved Mimi's power, so Uma was a wonderful treat.

The vibration type is also the same on Uma as it is on Mimi. They feel exactly the same if held in your hand. To me, both are rumbly vibrations. They do not feel surface level, but rather penetrate the skin. I can feel them through my arm if held in my hand. They do not cause any numbing or itching. They operate at a low pitch.

The vibrations are strongest along the top half of the vibrator. They are distributed pretty evenly along the head and shaft of the top half without feeling like they are particularly strongest at any one area. They radiate down into the rest of the shaft of the toy and then somewhat into the base, but not enough to case your hand to go numb.

The vibrations on Uma are amazing. They are strong and rumbly and the highlight of this toy for me. While the shape is nice, this could be shaped like just about anything and be a fast favorite of mine with these vibrations. Mimi's vibrations have always been much loved by me and I'm happy to finally have them in internal form.

As mentioned, there are seven patterns on Uma. The first is a moderate pulse. The next goes from the low speed to the high speed. The next is a slightly slower pulse. The next is a quick pulse. The next is an even quicker pulse. The next is a pulse with drawn out vibrations. The next just feels like a constant vibration to me, not a pattern.

Uma is not totally silent, but not loud either. It can be heard through covers, but not through a closed door. It is louder than a cell phone's vibration mode. I would rate this 2.5 bees, but it's not an option. I'm rounding down because I don't think it's loud enough to deserve the three.

The magnetic charging port makes Uma waterproof. I have had no issues with submersion of this toy.

Uma is rechargeable. It takes about two hours to charge which should then produce two hours of life. When charging, the Je Joue heart with flash. When done charging, it will glow steady. The charger connects at the bottom of the toy at the buttons.

Care and Maintenance

Since Uma is waterproof, care is simple. Just wash down with soap and water or toy cleaner. There are no crevices that collect fluids to worry about.

Only water based lubes should be used with this toy. Silicone lubes could potentially damage the material.

You can store Uma in the original packaging. If you don't have the space for that, you could also use a pouch. You should store this away from other silicone toys as contact with other silicone could degrade the material.


Je Joue packaging is always elegant and the packaging on Uma is no exception. The outer box is lavender with "Je Joue" written on the front. The side has information about the toy in numerous languages. The back has a photo of Uma and the words "Stimulate More." This outer box is not so discreet based on the wording and pictures.

When the outer packaging is removed, a black inner box is revealed. This box simply says "Je Joue" with the heart logo on it. It is discreet and can be kept out with no one knowing what it contains. If you wanted to give Uma as a gift, you could remove the outer package and give the inner box. My other Je Joue toys have had a ribbon on them and the Uma packaging does not have that. I'm a little sad about it, but I suppose I'll live.

When the top of the box is removed, Uma sits in the box with nothing around it to clutter the presentation. The charger and instruction manual are placed in a hidden box to the side.

The box makes lovely storage, granted that you have the storage space for it.

The instruction manual comes in multiple languages and explains how to work Uma as well as precautions for the toy.

Personal comments

If you're in the market for a strong vibrator, you can't go wrong with Uma. If you have a Mimi and love it, odds are that you'll love Uma as well. However, the question of the day seems to be - Uma or G-Ki (Je Joue's original G spot vibrator)? So instead of giving you my usual "I would recommend this to..." personal comment section, I figured I'd try to do a little comparison here for those of you who are trying to decide on which Je Joue product to buy.

Let's take a look at the curves on the two toys first. I took two photos. The first one represents how I think most people use the G-Ki and thus the curve that most people will experience with it.

You can see here that while both toys curve in the middle, the G-Ki also curves upward at the head while Uma does not. This allows for greater G spot stimulation, at least in my opinion.

Now, let me show you how I personally use G-Ki. I hold mine upward and in a U shape. So basically, I curve it all the way but instead of then using it as a dual stimulator, I make it so that the curve hooks upward to intensify the curve to it.

So you can see there, I can get a lot of upward pressure with G-Ki from the way I happen to hold it and use the angle to my advantage. The Uma just is the way it is. No matter how much I try to angle it upward, I can't get it to curve up to hit my G spot.

Another notable difference is head shape. The G-Ki is rounder at the head while Uma is more bulbed. So depending on if you prefer a more pinpoint G spot stimulation or a more broad stimulation will also make a difference to which one you choose.

(Uma left, G-Ki right)

Now, G-Ki is a little lacking in the vibration department. While both feature Je Joue's rumbly and deep vibrations, Uma is undoubtably stronger than G-Ki. G-Ki's handle (the end that can be used for dual stimulation) has some decent power, but the internal head is a mild three vrooms. Uma rivals some of the strongest vibrators I have run across with the exception of those that attach to a wall. So if it's a strong toy you're in the market for, then Uma is the hand's down winner.

Which toy will be for you will come down to which feature are important to you as well as your anatomy. What type of stimulation you need on your G spot as well as how much of a curve you need will determine which option will actually hit it. Your preference for strength will make a difference, as well.

My opinion is that if you're looking for a G spot toy, G-Ki is the better bet. However, if you just want something strong with a nice feeling shape, Uma is the way to go.


When I ordered Uma, I did not expect it to hit my G spot. The curve was clearly not pronounced enough for me. My first impressions from the pictures were right in that aspect. I do love a nice curved toy, even if I can't hit my G spot with it, so I wanted to have this even if I wouldn't give me a G spot orgasm. The shape of Uma, despite the inability to get near my G spot, feels wonderful. The larger front and smaller shaft are great for thrusting purposes. This also works well for me because it never produces a "too full" feeling for me.

In terms of vibration, I cannot say enough how thrilled I am to have a Mimi in long form. I have long wished to have Mimi's vibrations be insertable and Uma has made my wishes come true. The combination of Mimi and Uma together resulted in, no lie, what felt like a five minute long orgasm. The vibrations fell in sync and rumbled at the same pitch and I guess something about that just clicked. If you order the Uma and don't have a Mimi, you seriously need to consider getting them both.

My only complaint with Uma is the buttons, and my hope is that they will become easier to press with time (as Mimi's did). It would have been lovely if this would have actually hit my G spot, but I didn't buy it for that reason, so I won't fault it because of that. It's more my picky G spot than the Uma anyway.
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