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This Ain't Kill Bill's Uma

From the very first use, I fell in love with Uma. The powerful vibrations she is packed with are great for internal and external stimulation. The shape of her allows for direct stimulation that leaves me wanting more and even has brought me to squirting. The beautiful silicone is super soft to the touch with little drag and top of the scale for body safety. What are you waiting for? You need her now!
Internal and external stimulation, powerful, direct stimulation, rechargeable, and safe material.
Not ideal for anal and hard to press buttons.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


Uma is a rechargeable vibrator designed with the potential to reach your G-Spot. She might not work for everyone, since we all are shaped different, but I am sure you will be happy with the experience. The powerful vibrations provide great stimulation internally as well as externally. Uma can be used anally, since the end of the vibrator would work as a handle, but be sure to keep a good grip on her. She can be used during couples play either internally or externally, she is even great for (DP) double penetration. This lovely girl can be enjoyed by men and women alike.

Uma is suitable for all levels of users, but doesn't have enough girth to please a size queen. There are enough vibration levels to potentially please everyone. Plus, might I add, she is waterproof.

Material / Texture

Uma is made of beautiful silicone. There is some drag to the silicone, but not much. It took me some time to get use to the feeling of Je Joue's silicone, but it is growing on me. At first it made my nerve ending cringe and I described it as chalky. Now, it does still feel somewhat chalky, but it doesn't make me cringe as much as it did at first, however I find it to be really soft. Silicone is latex free, phthalates free, hypo-allergenic, and non porous, which all comes to a beautiful body safety rating of a 10. There is no smell or taste to the material. This silicone picks up some lint, but not like some other silicone's I have.

There is no added texture to the shaft of Uma, but she does have some womanly curves.

Design / Shape / Size

Available in three colors: lavender, purple, and fuchsia, which are hard to chose from. After days of trying to decide between purple and fuchsia, I decided to go with fuchsia. The color is more magenta than fuchsia, but still gorgeous. I do still lust after the purple color, so my next Je Joue must be purple.

Uma totals 7" long, but only insertable about 4". The top of Uma is round, but it is not the easiest to insert at first. You will want to be sure to be well lubricated. Uma starts off with a circumference of 4" (1.25" diameter), but then curves down to 2.5" circumference (0.75" diameter). After the curve on Uma she goes to a 5.5" circumference (1.75" diameter), which is the handle. One this handle area is the Je Joue symbol lightly engraved into the silicone. Located on the base of this handle you will notice two metal buttons and one hardly noticeable button with a ~ mark, but around these buttons is plastic.

The design is very ergonomic to the G-Spot. She is bent slightly upward to give her the extra advantage to reaching your magic zone. Unfortunately we are all shaped differently and there is no one size fits all G-Spot, so Uma may reach her goal or not. Either way, she packs a punch externally.

The design and size are suitable for beginners. Uma is great for traveling, but be sure if you are traveling out of the U.S. you get an adapter to charge her while away. Should your luggage be searched, Uma is not discreet enough to fool the invader. She is easy to hide in a pouch or up your sleeve (if wearing long sleeves.)

Functions / Performance / Controls

Uma is rechargeable via magnetic clip. The two metal buttons located at the base will magnetically attract the charger into place. She needs 2 hours to charge, but she will last for 2 hours once she is fully charged. There is 52" or cord to work with for charging. When she is charging the adapter has a blue light on it, to let you it is plugged in. Then when you clip the charger to Uma, her LED lights begin to blink, which lights up the front at the Je Joue symbol. Once she is completely charged, she lets you know by having a solid light. When Uma is on she lights up too.

The buttons on Uma do tend to stick, but I find if I get her in the right placement of my hand I can turn her on easier. There are three buttons: +, -, and ~. The + and - move the vibrations up and down, but ~ controls the patterns. I find that ~ is the harder button to push, especially with nails. There are five speeds to each pattern. The patterns are as follow:

1. Steady- doesn't require hitting ~
2. Pulsation with throbbing- one click ~
3. Pulsation that escalates and deescalates- two clicks ~
4. Steady pulsation- three clicks ~
5. Pulsation that thuds- four clicks ~
6. Pulsation that throbs- five clicks ~
7. Pulsation that is like beep, beep- six clicks ~

To get to the desired pattern you must go through them all. When you want to turn Uma off, just press and hold the - button.

The sound of Uma is humming and a little loud on the highest setting. The sound is quiet enough I use her nightly next to my sleeping husband. The vibrations on low are hardly felt through the whole vibrator, but on high they are really amazing. The power behind the highest speed out ranks Mimi's highest setting by one more vroom, but the shape of Uma allows for more pressure and direct stimulation, so the vibrations are felt better along with more power.

Uma is completely waterproof and just as much fun inside the tub as outside.

Care and Maintenance

Uma can be cleaned by washing with warm water and antibacterial soap, but toy cleaner and wipes do the trick too. If you wish to share Uma with others you can use a condom (water based lube only) or you can clean her in between users with bleach and water solution.

I keep Uma stored in her original box, since I hate to part with it. (It is so pretty!) She should be stored in a discreet place inside of a toy pouch or box.

Uma is made of silicone, which is only compatible with water based lubes. You may wish to spot test with silicone based lubes, but I wouldn't recommend trying anything to hurt such a wonderful toy.


Uma comes in a box with her pictured on it, but inside is another box. This is the storage box. Inside you can see the curved placement for Uma and the pull up lid to reveal the charger cord. This box is very gift friendly.


I feel in love with Uma my first use. I begin with the vibrations to the outside of the vaginal opening. This lightly teased the open and made me wet without lube or spit. Once I was wet enough I slipped her inside. I was immediately pleased with the powerful vibrations internally. I did have to put pressure on Uma and push her forward to touch my G-Spot, but she brought me to orgasm with just G-Spot stimulation, which never happens for me. I use her externally more often than internally, since I like fast orgasms and more of them, which I can achieve better with clitoral stimulation. The rounded top fit over the entire clitoris, which makes my clit throb until I cum. Uma regularly makes me squirt, but as I have said before, I seem to squirt more often than most women.
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