Uma - g-spot vibrator by Je Joue - review by Zombirella

It's like Mimi on a stick with a little more kick!

If you are looking for the ultimate, strong, quiet, g-spot vibrator, you can't go wrong when choosing Uma. With 7 vibration patterns and 7 speed settings there is something for everyone. Uma can be enjoyed by beginners and advanced users alike. It is also rechargeable and waterproof!
No storage bag
Buttons are hard to press for some
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Uma by Je Joue is the ultimate, rechargeable, quiet, waterproof, strong g-spot vibrator! If you've been searching for something strong, sleek, with multi-functions and speeds then you can't go wrong with choosing Uma. Uma is great for beginners as well as experienced users. The sleek, smooth shape and size is non-intimidating and looks nice. However, if you like a lot of girth, you may not be completely satisfied with the size of Uma.

Uma is used for internal stimulation as well as g-spot stimulation. It's great to use alone or can be used with a partner to spice up things in the bedroom. You can also use Uma as an external stimulator by using it as a clitoral vibrator; it's like MiMi on a stick! You could also use this to tease your partner by running it along the curves of their body or their sensitive spots. You could also incorporate it into oral sex with a male partner by holding it near the base of the shaft, the testicles or perineum depending on the position you are in.

This vibrator is not intended for anal use because it doesn't have a flared base and isn't safe for that.

Material / Texture

Uma is made of 100% body safe silicone which is a 10 on the material safety scale and is waterproof so you can take this into the shower with you! It is hypo-allergenic, non-porous, latex and phthalates free.

After owning several silicone toys I find I really do like the feel of Je Joue's silicone over the others. It is very soft yet firm, doesn't have much drag at all and is comfortable to use. If you do experience any drag you just simply need to apply a little water-based lubricant. The silicone glides easily along the body as well as vaginally.

You may notice a faint silicone smell but it goes away and it isn't overpowering, unpleasant or distracting at all; you really have to be looking for the smell.

The base of Uma where the buttons are located is plastic, the + and - buttons are made of a magnetic metal while the ~ button in the middle of them is made of silicone.

There is no texture to Uma, it is just sleek and smooth making it great for beginners but advanced users will enjoy it too.

Design / Shape / Size

Uma is long and sleek with a slight curve made to make g-spot contact easier when inserted. It starts out a small bulbous head that contours down into a sleek neck then widens again coming down to the handle part of the vibrator that resembles the infamous Mimi by Je Joue. The bulbous head is what you use to stimulate your g-spot, which means there won't be much of the toy inserted when using it for g-spot stimulation. The measurements are:

Length: 7"
Insertable length: 4"
Circumference: 4 1/2"
Diameter: 1 1/4"

The size is non-intimidating and is beginner friendly. With only 4" being insertable you aren't getting a whole lot of length here so you will want to keep that in mind if you are a person that needs more length to be satisfied. It is still decent enough to thrust with if you choose.

You could travel with Uma by tossing it into your suitcase/travel bag but it really isn't something I would toss into my purse because it is 7" long. It isn't offensive or resembling a penis but people could probably figure out what it is if left out.

Uma in comparison with LELO Liv

and with Je Joue MiMi

Functions / Performance / Controls

If you are looking for variety in function and speed, you can't go wrong with this vibrator. Uma has 7 speeds and 7 vibration patterns.

By pressing + and holding down for 3 seconds you will turn Uma on starting out at a low, slow constant vibration. Pressing the + up to 6 more times will increase the speed of the vibrations.

To cycle down in speed, press the - until you have reached your desired speed. By pressing and holding down this button for 3 seconds will turn Uma off.

To change vibration patterns press the ~ button up to 6 times. You can also increase and decrease the speeds of the patterns by pressing the - and + buttons.

Here are the 7 patterns as I can best describe them:
1. Steady vibration
2. Constant, fast pulsation
3. Roller coaster effect
4. Short pulsation effect
5. Medium pulsation
6. Quick pulsation
7. Long pulsation (quick pause) and repeat

With that range of patterns and speeds you're bound to find something you enjoy!

Uma is very powerful on the 4th and 5th setting and can leave your hand feeling buzzy afterward because you can feel the vibrations throughout the entire toy. When inserted internally and turned up on a high speed you feel a bit rumbly inside but it isn't a bad sensation.

For the power that this vibe packs it still manages to remain fairly quiet. On the highest setting some may rate it as 3 bees but compared to the other toys I have that are rated 3, this one is still quieter. If you are worried about the noise some music or television in the background will solve that issue as well as a blanket thrown over you. It also appears to be more loud when just holding it not in use, when used internally or applying pressure externally it takes the sound down a bit.

Uma is rechargeable and will be fully charged after 2 hours and the booklet states that you get 2 hours of use out it but that could vary depending on what levels and patterns you use. Place the magnetic charging dock directly over the metal buttons. The dock and buttons must be aligned and the light will flash when it is and while it is charging. If the light doesn't come on then you will want to flip the charging dock around to the correct side. When fully charged the light will stay on and remain constant (no more flashing). Do not use while charging. The LED light will also light up when pressing the buttons through the speeds and patterns.

Many people complain of the trouble pressing the buttons on Uma and it can be a bit frustrating at times, especially if you have long fingernails; it's easier to press with the point of the finger and not the nail. The middle button seems to be more difficult to press than the two metal buttons. You have to apply pressure to these buttons.

Uma is waterproof but I don't use my toys in the shower so I can't comment on that aspect but there are several other reviews that do that you can check out if that is important to you. From the ones I have read it seems to do well in the water.

Care and Maintenance

Uma is easy to care for. Clean up is easy, all you need is a mild soap and some warm water, a toy cleaner or wipes. Be sure to completely dry before putting away. While it isn't a major lint magnet you will still want to store it some place safe, either in the box it came in or some other means to protect it because it still can attract things.

You should only use a water based lubricant with Uma!


The box Uma comes in isn't discreet at all, it depicts the toy on the front and says Stimulate More so it's obvious what is in the box. Inside is a nice storage box you can keep it in if you choose. Inside the box is Uma, the charger and the instructions manual.


I'm not a fan of girthy toys, I like mine sleek and petite and this was great for me.

This is the most powerful instertable vibrator I own. It is also great to use for external stimulation while you have it out. It's just like Mimi but kicks it up a notch by being a bit more powerful on the highest setting. I like to use my things on the highest settings and the highest one on Uma at times was almost too overstimulating, but it was different and I liked it. I usually don't mess much with patterns, maybe in the beginning but this one has great patterns so those who enjoy those will love Uma.

I own the G-Ki and MiMi and I found that the buttons on Uma are just a little harder to press, especially with fingernails. But this isn't a major problem to me because once I get to the high setting I never shift through the speeds or patterns. I have the new model MiMi and the buttons seem to stick up just a tad more than on the other Je Joue toys making it easier.

I also found that depending on your anatomy, you could get dual vaginal stimulation with this toy. When inserted I tilted it upward with curve toward my belly button and when held in that position the neck was able to stimulate my clitoris; but this may not work for everyone, it's just something I thought I'd mention. Of course you will get the ultimate dual stimulation by getting the G-Ki but it isn't as powerful as Uma but is still a great addition.
Follow-up commentary
I LOVE Uma! This one really is the most powerful insertable vibe that I own. The velvety feel of the silicone is really nice. This toy replace my Liv (which I have sold) and has become a favorite. I love Je Joue, they really think of power when making their toys. The buttons may be an annoyance for some but is something that I can easily over look for the amount of power and multiple speeds/settings.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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