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Uma, Dahling!

Whether you want a good g-spot toy or strong external vibrations, the JeJoue Uma is easy to charge, silky smooth to the touch, features a beautiful design, and stronger-than-most. The buttons are my least-favorite aspect, but if you didn't mind the Mimi's buttons, you won't mind the buttons on the JeJoue Uma either.
Silky smooth, Easy to charge, Powerhouse, Nice and rigid, Beautiful packaging, Rechargeable
Those darned buttons!
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Uma is basically an elongated version of the JeJoue Mimi. It has the exact same shape at the base as the Mimi, but it is basically like the Mimi grew a giant g-spot shaft. To be honest, if given a choice between the two shapes, I'll pick the Uma because I tend to like longer vibrators - even for external use. The neat thing about the Uma is that, even though the shape of the base remains the same between the two vibes, the Uma's vibration source moved to the tip of the Uma, so all of the vibrations for the Uma are felt at the very tip of the vibrator instead of near the base. For those of you that felt numb fingers from the Mimi, this definitely helps eliminate that problem.

Oh Je Joue Uma, how you disappoint me. I love the Mimi - except the buttons. And when about 70% of the reviews over the Mimi agree with me on the button issue, I was so disappointed to find that the Je Joue Uma uses the exact same button system. Yes, the Je Joue Uma added a third button - a pattern button - in the middle of the plus and minus button on the end of the toy, but it didn't change the plus and minus button that were already on the toy. This plus and minus button can be really difficult for me to control with my long fingernails as they are flush with the toy itself. This means that you could easily probably control it with the tip of your finger, but as I have long fingernails, the "tip" of my finger is out of commission when using a toy. Along with that, as the toys are the same size and shape, it can be imposible to tell them apart during use unless you remember which side controls the strength and which one controls the weakness control.

The Je-Joue G-Ki took care of the extreme g-spot curve toy for Je Joue, so the Uma features a much less extreme g-spot curve. The curve of the shaft is still more of a curve than a traditional g-spot vibrator, but if you have a deep g-spot or have difficulties with some of the other standard g-spot toys, you might have an issue with this one reaching your g-spot. It has a curve similar to the Form 6 or, if the LELO Ella was rounded, sorta similar to that one as well.

The Uma, though, surprisingly, still gives a whollop of power! In fact, from what I can tell, Uma is actually stronger than Mimi! The Uma's motor is located in the tip of the shaft of the toy, and you can definitely tell. The vibrations don't seem to be quite as deep as in the Mimi, but they actually seem to move more towards the STRONG side than anything else. If it makes any sense - like Mimi's vibrations couldn't have gotten any stronger with how rumbly they already were. With Uma, the size or a different motor has kicked up the vibration intensity, and where the Mimi was probably a 7 out of 10 on the "rechargeable sex toy strength" scale, the Uma is probably a 8 or 8.5. It won't kick the Hitachi out of the bedroom, but out of the category of rechargeable sex toys, it certainly is one of the stronger ones!

Along with the all of the previous fantastic qualities that the Je Joue Uma has, another quality is how it was made and the design. The silicone that the Uma was created with is very silky-soft, and it glides against your skin. I dislike toys with drag, so having a toy that is so soft and silky is a pleasant surprise. The "body" of the toy is right underneath the layer of silicone, so the toy isn't plushy at all, but it works well in the Uma's case. The motor is really close to the surface, so the vibrations are really strong, and the rounded, Mimi-shaped base of the Uma is easy to hold onto.
The JeJoue Uma is also rechargeable. It charges the same way that the JeJoue Mimi does - through the buttons as the buttons are also magnetic charging ports. The Uma and the Mimi can share the same charger which I definitely found as a plus. The light on the Uma blinks while it's charging, and it holds steady when the vibrator is done charging. The magnetic contacts went on easily and held together pretty well with no issue.

For me, the Uma will be replacing my JeJoue Mimi for most uses. I love external vibes with long "handles" which is what this ends up being for me. If you have a shallower g-spot than mine (which is most of the population) or want to insert it, though, it works well that way too. I just find that I enjoy the power of the JeJoue Uma much more externally, and for that purpose, it does a mighty-fine job. It'd be replacing my other go-to clitoral vibrators if it wasn't for the buttons.

Do I think the Je Joue Uma will stand out quite as much as the Je Joue Mimi has? No, probably not. The Mimi was so darned amazing because it was one of the few clitoral vibes that was so strong. The Uma is competing in a new league where there are already a bunch of strong traditional and g-spot vibes. Do I think it's still a quality toy? Oh, definitely. I will continue to curse these infernal buttons, but the Je Joue Uma is still a good-quality toy that I'm impressed with (and want to pet it - so soft).
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