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Uma is a brand new G-spotting vibrator from Je Joue, and one hell of a formidable opponent for others of its kind. It boasts surprisingly powerful vibrations for its size, not to mention a rumbling frequency that penetrates deeply. Whether this is used externally, or for its intended purpose as an insertable vibrator, this toy will not disappoint in its performance. If you can forgive its challenging buttons, you'll surely fall for Uma!
Non-porous, rechargeable, powerful, deep and rumbly vibrations, G-spot curve, convenient handle
Buttons are extremely difficult to press, can't be turned off quickly, a bit too firm
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Je Joue's Uma is a hooked vibrator that is designed for deep and penetrating G-spot massage. The gradual curve may not look like much, but combined with the firm material, it delivers deliciously unrelenting pressure. Though this vibrator is intended for internal stimulation, it works well as a clitoral stimulator. The long handle allows for comfortable maneuvering and loads of control over your technique. The frequency of the vibrations also makes this toy suitable for pin point body massage, as it won't itch, tickle or desensitize the flesh. Use your Uma on nipples, breasts, the neck and even knots in the back. The lengthy handle makes reaching tough gnarled muscles in your neck and shoulders remarkably easy. This toy is somewhat flared, and could probably be used safely for anal use. However, if it becomes too slick with lubricant, it could be easy to lose grip and for the toy to be drawn into the rectum. If you use this anally, exercise caution and maintain a good grip.

Material / Texture

As is customary for many luxury, silicone vibrators, the Uma is rather inflexible. A thin membrane of 100% silicone covers a firm skeleton of motors and framework. There are no protrusions, contours or texture, however; the silicone membrane is smooth, matte, almost powdery feeling. Unfortunately, there is absolutely no flexibility to the toy and no give to it. If you prefer plush, life-like vibrators, this is not the toy for you! And though Uma may not give you a realistic feeling, it does provide a lot of stimulation due to its density. The firm material offers pinpoint, highly pressured massage that lovers of rigorous G-spot stimulation will love. This also makes the Uma a great toy for G-spot newbies, as the pressure helps you be sure you've found what you're looking for.

Design / Shape / Size

The shape of this vibrator is not extreme, or even much to look at upon a cursory once-over. Its curve is slight, gradually sloping, rather than sharp and severe. Uma actually looks quite a lot like the LELO Liv to me in its shape, just a bit longer and thicker. Those that love abrupt C-shaped insertable toys may not find the kind of angles they'd prefer in this one. But, don't underestimate Uma's ability to hit a G-spot that favors firm and direct contact. As mentioned above, the density of this material compensates from some of what is lacking in terms of the curve.

Perhaps one of my favorite aspects of Uma's design is that it incorporates the shape of the Mimi into its form. One of Mimi's strengths was its flat, elliptical design. This made it easy to hold and apply to the areas where you wanted stimulation. Uma uses the very same flat, elliptical shape to act as its handle. This handle tapers into a long, thin shaft which flares out a bit toward the head. This allows plenty of length to hit most G-spots, and a decent amount of room to grip your toy and gain leverage. All told, the Uma is a bit over 7" long, but only about 4.5" of that can be comfortably inserted and manipulated. Uma is a bit over an inch in diameter at its widest point, and can be considered a moderately sized toy. It would be appropriate for most beginners.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The controls are perhaps the biggest shortcoming of the Uma. At the base of the toy, we find nearly the same set of buttons as on the Mimi. Je Joue has added a separate mode button marked by a tilda (~) that is located between a plus (+) and minus (-) symbol. Naturally, to turn your toy on, depress the (+) symbol until your toy begins to rumble at its lowest steady, continuous speed. The (+) symbol can be pressed again to cycle up through the increasingly powerful continuous speeds. If you would like to go back to a less intense speed, depress the (-) symbol until you reach the speed desired. At this point, you may press the (~) symbol to cycle through the seven patterns. The intensity of vibration during these patterns can be adjusted at any time with the (+) and (-) buttons.

While these buttons are pretty straight forward in how they meant to operate, they fall flat in their execution. As with the troublesome Mimi, the Uma's buttons are extraordinarily difficult to get working. To date, I have never once gotten my Uma to turn on upon the first try. Usually, I press the buttons three or even four times before it activates. These buttons are tiny, contiguous, sticky, and require a lot of pressure in order to be depressed. On one hand, this means this toy will not accidentally be activated in storage (though it has a lock.) However, this makes using it often frustrating. I love my Uma, and the frustration is always worth it. But, it's disappointing that such an expensive toy has such an easily fixable problem that causes so much difficulty.

Uma is powerful, and it sounds like it, too. When inserted, the sound is muffled significantly, but if you are using it externally? You'll hear it through the covers, and depending on the layout of your house, possibly though a closed door. It's not Hitachi loud, but hardly whisper quiet. The vibrations themselves, as noted above, are very rumbly and penetrating. On the highest setting, this toy has quite a lot of power packed into its modest dimensions. It's not as powerful as some of the wand-style massagers out there, but in my estimation, it really does begin to approach that strength. If nothing but the Hitachi works for you, this isn't going to get you where you're going. But, the strength of this should be able to accommodate a wide range of preferences, barring that extreme.

Care and Maintenance

You can clean your Uma very easily, due to the fact that it's non-porous and waterproof. You can effectively sanitize the surface of your toy by using a 10% bleach solution or antibacterial toy wipe. Because the silicone does not have pores, it cannot absorb bacteria below its surface. Therefore, if you thoroughly clean the surface, your toy will be good to go. For every day cleaning, antibacterial soap and warm water will work just fine. Do not put your toy in boiling water or a dishwasher, as this will damage the electrical components.

Silicone may warp, melt or otherwise compromise soft materials like jelly, rubber, silicone composites and others. When storing with soft materials other than 100% silicone, keep your Uma separated in a toy pouch of plastic Ziploc bag. Uma is compatible with oil and water based lubes; do not use silicone lubricants with this toy.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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