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Number one for a reason, just a tad long to clean.

For those of you who are bored of the old routine, or just looking for something fun and new, I advise you to shell out the cash for a Fleshlight. The maintenance can be a hassle, but it doesn't detract from the experience. What are you waiting for?
Looks real, and comes very close to the real thing.
The cleaning and prep can get tiresome and it's conspicuous.
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extremely useful review
After hearing all the hype about the Fleshlight series and seeing ads posted, I was a bit skeptical as to how good they actually were. They are some of the more expensive sex toys for men, and I wasn't sure if it was worth the extra cash. I know now that it is worth every penny. It arrived in an inconspicuous box, and included only the unit itself, some lube, and a small information and ad booklet. The booklet is over half filled with ads for more Fleshlights, but the two pages of care and maintenance are very helpful. The unit consists of a flashlight tube case, a cap, and a sleeve. They suggest that before any activities that you soak the sleeve in warm water to make it more realistic and warm. I personally second that recommendation because I don't think that cold or lukewarm feels as good. It'll take several minutes to warm up, even in very hot water. Also, it floats, so you may want to weigh it down with something.

The sleeve is made out of “Superskin,” a type of rubber. Maintenance for the sleeve is fairly straightforward, but at times extensive. For normal cleaning, you just remove it from the case and run warm water through it to rinse it out and either towel or air dry. To help with drying, you may want to either remove the sleeve or open up both end caps. If not properly rinsed and dried, mold may start to grow and a heavier cleaning is necessary. In this case, isopropyl alcohol is the best cleaner. In order to keep it from degrading, never use soap or any oil based lubricants with your Fleshlight. The booklet directs you to this link for a list of safe, water based lubes. www.fleshlight.com/lubricants There is a small pack of water based lube included with it, but that will only last a few times, so you'll want to invest in a larger supply. Straight out of the box, the Fleshlight has a powder in it to keep it soft and smooth. To restore it back to this condition, the manual suggests that you use corn starch. All of this is in the booklet and on the website, so you won't be hard pressed to remember all this. Not included in the book is the material safety. The rubber used is porous, so if you're generous enough to share, use a condom or clean thoroughly with alcohol to avoid getting or spreading Stds.

I purchased the pink vagina Stamina Training Unit sleeve. The color is nice, though not quite as bright as advertised. At first look and prod, it looks and feels very much like the real thing. The material is soft and has little to no odor. The inside of the Stamina Training Unit sleeve is filled with small bumps, which provides a very intense feeling. I don't last nearly as long with the Fleshlight as I do with the real thing. The point of this sleeve is to extend your performance by getting used to the stimulation and carrying that over into real sex. It is almost necessary to use some kind of lubricant with it. Using it dry would cause way too much friction and wouldn't be fun at all.

After its all lubed up, you can start having fun. It works well in hand, or can be used hands free by wedging it into a couch or something like that. While not the real thing, the feeling is very close, and very intense. At very first, it is extremely tight, but it stretches after only a few uses to fit nice and tightly. At the very end of the exceptionally long case is a screw cap. Tightening the cap creates suction, which is a very nice feeling. Loosening the cap lowers the amount of suction and it can be removed to get rid of the suction entirely. I recommend loosening the cap for the first few times to avoid any discomfort. To this point, I have only used it while masturbating, but I'm sure that it would be easy to incorporate into foreplay.

In summary, this is a great toy. Yes, it's a bit expensive, and yes, it's hard to clean, but it's worth it. The sleeve and case are very long, so even well endowed men will fit and enjoy. It is sometimes regarded as a discreet toy, but I can't really call it so. The case is 10 inches long and very thick at the top. It is significantly larger than any normal flashlight, and has the word Fleshlight printed across it. All that aside, it looks good and feels great. I'd recommend it to any guy. Just remember to clean well.
Follow-up commentary
I've had my Fleshlight for a while now, and it's time for the follow up review. It still works great, as expected of a quality toy. I have noticed that some parts of it are starting to stick together, which, I assume is a consequence of the material. Unsticking the material is usually a simpe matter, and not really an issue, but something to note nonetheless. By maintaining it properly, I have noticed no wear and tear, and no mold (thank goodness). The sleeve itself is fine, but the case is beginning to show some signs of use. The ring that holds the sleeve in place is coming loose, and it causes some shifting, but nothing major.

This Fleshlight is the Stamina Training Unit, which essentially means that it's really intense. If you're not careful, you could finish in a minute or so. The whole point of it is to build up your stamina for the real thing. Some of the stamina building comes from experiencing the feeling and getting used to it, but a lot of it comes from proper technique. In order to last longer in sex, it's sometimes necessary to take small breaks. A short 5 second break will add another minute or two to your lovemaking. The STU is good because it teaches you to recognnize when you need to take a break and to better control when you are going to orgasm.

Months later, the Fleshlight STU is still a great product, and it has helped me to last longer during sex. I once again highly recommend this product to anyone, and stand by my 5 star rating.
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    I have noticed a slight increase in stamina, but I've only used it a few times, so I can't truly say. Keep watch for a follow up review for the results.
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