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Dona pheromone perfume gel Dona pheromone perfume gel

Perfume by System JO

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Dona pheromone perfume gel reviews

21 reviews
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Average review rating
21 reviews

Overall, this product was really great - easy to use, great smell, convenient to carry with you. The only downside was that my skin became irritated after a couple of uses.

This is an impressively good smell and pheromone infused perfume gel. It goes on clean and lasts a long time too. For the price, you should definitely add this to your next purchase.

I have no qualms in saying this. Purchase one of these and see for yourself how great they are. They come in a lovely range of scents and are so easy to take with you anywhere you might find yourself. At a retail price of $11.99, you can't really go wrong with this product. It's great to toss in your bag and go, and very easy to touch up during the day as needed.

I'm really pleased with this perfume gel. It smells great and my partner loves the scent as well. The whole Dona line is very nice and I would definitely recommend picking this up, or one of the other reasonably priced products.

I really love this stuff. I do wish it lasted more than an hour or two, but having to reapply it every once in a while is OK when it smells so great! Go pick some up now!!

If you're getting tired of perfumes at the store then you should try this because it matches you, it's your very own scent.

Another hit I enjoy from the Dona line. This roll on perfume gel is easy to apply and smells heavenly. Anyone could use this. This was another hit out while wearing it and can be smelled by everyone I crossed paths with. It also comes with a decent amount in the bottle to where it does not run out fast a plus in my book.

Dona pheromone perfume gel is a great addition to add to your matching Dona shower products and lotion. It's easy to use and stays where you apply it. It gives your skin a sweet fruity, floral scent. Is it a magic potion for love? No. Will it make you smell pretty, of course!

This item was a little disappointing when it came to the smell at first use. It smelled sort of like Glade or something cheap. However, if you give it time, it might grow on you like it did me. I use it everyday because it's a convenient roll-on fragrance that smells good after it dries a little and brings my confidence level higher.

Over all I am pleased with the Dona pheromone perfume gel. I would have wished the scent could of lasted longer and that a touch more pheromones would added. But if your looking for a fast scent for just when first get around that someone special, I recommend giving this a go.

Looking for a perfume that is as unique as you are? Look no further! The Blue Lotus scent is as sweet as candy, mixing with your own natural scent to make an aroma that is unique to you alone! While it may not cause you to have to beat off men with a stick, it certainly will help bring out your confidence and maybe even help you feel as sexy as you are, which WILL have men turning heads (confidence is sexy ladies)! I adore this scent and I will be getting the whole line in Blue Lotus!

If you are looking to extend the scent of your favorite Dona product, this a great little treat to pick up for your purse or travel bag. This is a perfect thing to top off using all of the other Dona products if you are buying a set or if you already have some of them.

Overall, I enjoy the way the Dona Pheromone Perfume smells. It's not my go-to scent, but I'll wear it around the house and to run errands. I don't mind recommending it to anyone who wants to try something new. It would also make a nice, little gift.

Though this was too similar to the candle for me to love, my Mum adored it. Proving everyone's nose has a different taste when it comes to scents. Pheromones work differently on different bodies and even though this didn't have me fending off men left and right doesn't mean it won't work out that way for you.

Since this is not an overpowering scent, it is great to wear anytime. You can apply to hidden areas for your partner to find without having to worry about irritation.

I would buy this stuff again, simply for the delicious scent, whether the pheromones work or not. I have a feeling it's going to last a long time because of how much is actually in the bottle. Another plus is that it's super easy to apply... just roll!

Dona pheromone perfume gel is available in six different scenes and it is affordable. I like this product because it stays on for a while on your skin. It smells sweet and feels good on your skin.

This perfume has very quickly become my favorite. I am going to have to order more bottles before it gets discontinued! Okay, maybe that is over reacting, it just seems like when I finally find a scent I can wear it disappears. I am over the top happy with the longevity and lightness of this Lily of the Vally scented perfume. Excellent job, System JO!!

Some may say that by giving the Dona products 5 stars that it seems to be a bit of an exaggeration of their quality but I have found that I have enjoyed all of the products that I have tried. They are spa-quality and are quite affordable.

Guess what I've been carrying around in my purse since the day I got it in the mail? If you said this stuff, you're right. It's perfect for the girl (or guy, no judgment here) on the go who likes to freshen up, but the scent lasts so long that you may not have to in the first place. The lovely packaging and subtle smell all bump this up to the top of my 'favorite beauty products' list.

Dona's line of bath and beauty products are infused with attracting pheromones. This gel perfume is easy to use and roll onto the pulse points on the body. The gel's pheromones mix with the natural chemicals of the body to produce a unique scent that attracts even the most reserved parties. It an excellent gift for pretty much any woman.

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