You don't realize how much I knead you

The Knead Me Massage Set by JJ is perfect. Absolutely perfect. Opening the beautifully packaged box, I felt like a princess. And I get that feeling every time I use this set. The candle is luxurious and the M is extremely functional. There is almost no way to go wrong with this combination - I give it my highest recommendation!
Excellent ergonomically designed massage stone
Great smelling candle
Fantastic presentation
Be careful when ordering JJ candles in warmer months as they might arrive a little bit melted
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extremely useful review


The Knead Me set by Jimmyjane is a massage set that oozes luxury. A beautifully packaged Contour M and Afterglow Candle, this set will make your relaxation time special. Jimmyjane is a pioneer in the realm of sensual luxury. The Contour M can be used with massage oil from the Afterglow candle - or with other massage oil/lotions. The Contour M is special because massage oil can be poured into the concave end. When the Contour M is turned over during massage, the oil trickles out all over the targeted areas. It can be used "dry," but it doesn't feel as luxurious. And the candle can be used with or without the Contour M. It's scent is strong enough to permeate throughout an entire room, yet it's not overpowering. As a massage oil, it's scent is strong but again not overpowering. Together the Contour M and the Dark Vanilla afterglow candle are a winning combination!
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Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Contour M
For the Contour M, that's easy! It's a polished ceramic massage stone. There is a dot that was filled after firing (because you can't just set aside physics and fire a solid piece of ceramic). I mention this because it caught me by surprised. It's a little bit brighter than the white of the Contour M, but it's not noticible in use. Occasionally oil might get caught in this dot; mine is ever-so-slightly discolored. Other than that, the Contour M is flawless! And I can't even call that dot a flaw - it's necessary.

The Contour M is rounded and fits perfectly in your hand. On its underside there are 4 points that seem to put the perfect amount of pressure on sore muscles. I'm not a fan of pointier massagers, so I was happy to see that the points on the bottom of the Contour M were more broad. You can also knead with one or 2 points at a time if you want a more pinpoint massage. For a broader massage, flip the M over and rub the back face to the targeted area.

Dark Vanilla Candle
The wax is softer than I expected, but it's still quite firm. A soy based clean burning formula, this wax is soft, smooth and body safe. When you rub your finger against it, it does melt a little bit so you can moisturize small areas without actually burning the candle. Be careful in warmer months because the Afterglow candle can melt in warm areas. I previously bought the Afterglow sampler and the candles came a little bit melted, but they resolidified and I didn't lose any product. Also, I've had JJ candles soften/melt a little when kept next to a lamp. Just something to think about.

So while the wax is awesome, I actually bought this set for the massage oil! And let me tell you, it's fantastic! I usually let my candle burn for about 30 minutes to an hour (long enough so that way a pool of wax forms throughout the entire surface of the candle - this prevents wax from building up at the edges) After it's done, I blow out the flame and I can use the oil immediately. I either pour the oil out of the side, or I dip my fingers in. The old Afterglow candles came with a brush. While I've never tried it, I do wish I had some sort of instrument to transfer the oil. The oil can be easily poured out of the side of the candle (there's a divot in the ceramic) but I always end up spilling some!

Despite coming from a candle, the oil in its fully melted form isn't waxy. It also absorbs nicely into the skin. However it doesn't absorb immediately, so it stays moist long enough for a good massage.

Contour M + Oil
I just wanted to point out that it's a good idea to warm the Contour M before using it with the oil. I didn't do that once and I poured oil into it and the oil partially solidified within 2 minutes. Although I kind of liked that too just because it dripped out of the M more slowly so it lasted longer throughout the massage. Also I could scoop some of it out of the M and "re-melt" it by rubbing it into my skin.

Taste / Aroma

Put it this way - after using the Dark Vanilla candle, I have postponed cooking until the smell goes away. It is that fantastic. My apartment smells like an adult sugar cookie. It's not like Pillsbury where it smells overly sweet, but it's like a sensual sugar cookie. Ok so I'm having a hard time with this, but you get the picture. In very very small quantities I didn't notice a taste with the oil. But it's definitely not meant for internal consumption.

In terms of this smell compared with other JJ products - it's not as pungent as the Absinthe and Sugar Water scent, or the Truffle and Gardenia scent. I highly recommend buying the JJ sampler if you're curious about all of the different scents.


This set performed very well. Yes I could (and do) use the Contour M with other massage oils, but using it with the candle makes the ambiance better. In a dark room, the candle glows. You can also see light through the container, which makes for a pretty sight. Blinker posted some really nice pictures of her Special Edition Afterglow. The Dark Vanilla candle has the same design.

My favorite way to use this set is to dump wax into the M and then use the M for a massage. I like this because the M will catch all of the oil that I pour, so I end up wasting less product. Without the M I end up dumping some on a table or floor. Oops. Also, practically all of the oil slides out of the M (and whatever doesn't slide up can be rubbed into your hands), so you really aren't losing anything by using the M. Also, since you're rubbing the oil into your body with the M, oil isn't being absorbed into your hands, so I find that you use less oil per massage when you use it with the M. So this kit makes the Afterglow candle last even longer!

There are a few things that I want to point out about this candle:
1. If you spill oil, it will eventually harden into wax. So make sure to clean surfaces with soap and water after you spill oil on them. If the wax does re-solidify, remember it can be re-melted with heat (not fire) - a paper towel in warm water should do the trick.

2. It doesn't have a lid. I have the Special Edition black candle and I love that lid. If you leave this candle uncovered for extended periods of time, the scent will fade (to what extent, I'm not sure)

3. You might develop a JJ addiction after trying this set, so purchase with caution

4. Be sure to light the candle on a sturdy surface that isn't wood/flammable. Remember, tables don't know how to stop, drop and roll, so keep an eye on your lit candle at all times.

Never burn your JJ Candle all the way - JJ says that you stop using the candle when approximately 1/2" of wax remains. However I just realized that you can still melt this wax sans fire by placing the ceramic candle in a bowl of hot water. Or you can scoop the wax out and melt it in your hands. So you don't actually have to waste this "extra" wax.

JJ also recommends re-centering the wick after each use and trimming the wick to 1/4" after each use to maximize burn time.


The packaging really adds a special element to this gift set! The set comes in a cardboard box. The candle and the M are in individual cardboard boxes within the big cardboard box. The box itself is tied with a beautiful pink ribbon (shown in the product picture for the candle and the M). It's really very elegant. The box also has a cardboard insert that holds the boxes of the M and candle in place. I've actually removed this insert and I use the box to store all of my massage stones. I have since thrown out the candle box, but I keep the M and the rest of my massage stones in (both of) its original box(es). Wow that was confusing.

JJ also included a PLETHORA of instructions and a beautifully formatted pamphlet that gives a whole lot of information and suggested uses. There's also more info about other Afterglow candles. All of this info can be found on the [|Jimmyjane website].

Special Features

Taken from the Jimmyjane Website is a summary of the main features of this set:
Dark Vanilla Afterglow Candle
Multi-Use – For scent, illumination, massage and skincare
Body-Safe and Paraben-Free – No phthalates, sulfates, petrochemicals, animal products or animal testing
Perfect Melting Point – Liquefies into a luxuriant massage oil at body temperature
Aphrodisiac Scent – DARK VANILLA seduces with rich floral notes
Proprietary Formulation – Includes Jojoba, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Soy and Aloe
Porcelain Container – With a spout for easy pouring
Clean-Burning – Paraffin-free and lead-free, with natural cotton wicks
Dimensions – 2.6" x 2.6" x 2.5" and 4.5oz (128g)
Burn Time – Up to 32 hours

Contour M
Award Winner – IDEA Award
Body-Safe – Double-fired, biocompatible porcelain
Holds Temperature – Can be warmed or cooled for extra stimulation
Ergonomic – Reduces strain on fingers and wrists
Durable – Non-porous and easy to clean
Dimensions – 3.5" x 3.5" x 3.75" at its widest point

Personal comments

As a side note, I have all of the Contour stones. Initially I thought they'd be a waste of money because I figured that I can give good enough massages with my hands alone. But these stones all work wonders. Try as I might, I can't turn my hands into ceramic muscle-knot-hunting-and-unknotting machines. Really, these stones all work fabulously. But the M is by far my favorite. The I is boring, but it gets the job done well - it's my favorite for a focused deeper massage. I also really like the Q, although more for its textural teasing effects (and the foot massages are killer). Apparently the Q is discontinued so you can't buy it through EF. But it's still on sale at JJ's website.

Finally, I also have a second Contour M. I was really excited to get this set because I've always wanted a second M. I thought about buying 2 at the time, but I figured that if I didn't like the toy that it would be a complete waste of money. Not so. Immediately after using the M I LONGED for a second one. Think about the possibilities! Having 2 Contour M's really enhances the set because you can hit twice the number of pressure/pleasure points in half of the time! I highly highly highly recommend buying 2 of these stones. Heck, I highly highly recommend buying anything from Jimmyjane!
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