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by Vibratex

It's Vagic!

If you're thinking about it, just buy it. It will work it's charm on intense vibe lovers within seconds with its deep, rumbly vibrations. With nearly 300 reviews, it's an orgasm waiting to happen. It was never destined to be a clit's best dream, but we perverts of the world have made the Hitachi one of the best selling sex toys ever. I recommend it for anyone and everyone that love intense vibrations and back massages.
Powerful, Rumbly, Easy settings, Doesn't use batteries, Discreet packaging
Noisy, A bit heavy
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There's endless places you can use the Hitachi, which is why so many use it as their go-to stimulation toy.
As a high powered massager, it can ease neck cramps, back aches, knots, and pain in areas.

Say Hello to your new personal masseuse!

However, you can also take this wand in other areas as well, and experience sensation unparalleled by most wands here on Eden or elsewhere. With 250+ reviews, it's hard to doubt it.

The wand was originally manufactured to be a standard massager, but people grabbed onto it for it's high powered vibrations and started using it for other areas than just sore necks and backs. Thus, we now have the Hitachi epidemic and most can't wait to get their hands on one!

Other uses include:

x bludgeoning a burglar
x weight lifting
x waking up your roommate for breakfast
x crushing walnuts/tenderizing meat
x drilling a nail into wood
x holding down papers

Using your wand as a microphone:

A baseball bat:
  • Who / How / What
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    Who might this product be best for? How is it best used? What are the best circumstances or situations for using this product?
    • Couples
    • Everyone
    • Solo
  • Where
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    Where / what types of places can this product be used?
    • On a bed only
  • Body / part areas
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    What areas on the body can this product be used / what areas does it stimulate best?
    • All over body
    • Clitoris
    • Nipples

Material / Texture

The majority of the wand is composed of plastic, though the head, resembling plastic, is slightly textured actually vinyl. All materials used are food-grade and safe, as well as FDA-approved. Vinyl isn't the softest choice to use for the head, but I find that it's just soft enough to have enough give without losing firmness. It's got a good amount of give when pressure is applied.

You won't need to expect any odd smells when this is unpackaged, or substances covering the toy. It's body is standard plastic and has a shiny finish.

The head has a grainy but not scratchy texture. I enjoy this against my clitoris for stimulation, as it provides that little bit of texture that holds to skin so you won't have a slippery wand between your legs or elsewhere.

Since the materials are just plastic and vinyl, they're not horribly hard to upkeep, but vinyl does have some porous qualities. This makes the Hitachi okay to share with a condom, but in need of sanitizing if you're sharing without one. If you wipe it down between uses, you should be just fine. If the head was standard plastic, it's still always safe to just use a condom on toys when sharing them with another user and to wipe your toys down before and after use to prevent any bacteria from lingering on the surface. The material of the head also doesn't hold onto lint, dust, or hairs the way silicone does.
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all

Design / Shape / Size

The length of the Hitachi may be surprising for some when they finally see it. From tip to base, it measures slightly over a foot long and the head has a 2 1/2'' measurement across. It's easily half the length of an arm and packs a lot of power. This takes a little getting used to, but I find using it with no hands and holding it with my legs works great, too.

The wand is not insertable and shouldn't be used as such for the safety of the user.

I thought I disliked the size of the wand a lot at first, but then I grew to see it as my own personal torch of orgasm. The size definitely isn't over compensation, as the vibrations given off from this are just phenomenal. Unfortunately, I wanted to use this during with my partner during sex and had a lot of difficulty. I also can't really lay on my stomach and use it either, so you could say that the size of the toy overall takes a bit of use to get used to. I can't fully say it's great for partner sex because of the size and with some experimentation, I'm sure you could find a way to make it work between two individuals.

For a toy this size, it isn't all that heavy, though for some that are used to lighter wands, it will take some getting used to. I used my Wanachi Mini for the longest time and had to get used to the heavier 1.5 pounds of the Hitachi.

The wand itself could be considered discreet, if you live with those who may not be familiar with sex toys and their popularity. Since it is so large, it looks less like a sex toy and more like a massager for muscles and the like. It isn't entirely easy to hide, though, so opinions can waver on whether or not this toy could be considered discreet.

If a beginner loves intense vibrations, this could be suitable for them. I would say that if someone is just beginning with wands or is starting off with fairly intense vibrations, that they start with something like the Wanachi Mini or the Blue Mini Magic Wand. These wands still do a great job but rest at about 4 bees versus giving the user only two options; Low or High.

The wand can't be considered travel friendly with its size, though I've carried it in my suitcase a few places. I wouldn't recommend it, though it isn't terribly heavy. The sheer size is a bit much for travel and most wouldn't consider it easy to bring along.

    • Partner play

Functions / Performance / Controls

I'm sure all of you already know the Hitachi delivers in both performance and stamina. It holds up well, and some last for decades. The wand has only two options for strength, Low or High. While this may be all it needs for some, I wish it'd come with at least three; sometimes you just need that Middle setting for a go-between. The High setting is indicated by a red dot on the switch, and the Low by a white dot.

However, the noise was a problem for me, as I live with roommates and I thought for sure they'd be able to hear it, even on the Low setting. I've learned to use it with the TV on and under the covers, but I can't even use it on the High setting, as it produces a high pitched kind of pitch that is definitely a little hard to cover up. Even on Low, sometimes when I squeeze my legs around it, it makes a louder sound when muffled and it's been a little frustrating to find new ways to lessen the noise it gives off. It sounds a lot like machinery and though it's high powered, I kind of wish they'd come out with a "Hitachi 2" that has a lesser noise level for those of us who love the Oomph but live with roommates/parents that wouldn't appreciate a jet landing in the next room.

It's surely not a battery guzzler, as this is a toy that plugs straight into an outlet and goes from there. There are no patterns, it is far from week, and quite easy to figure out. The two options make it simple to operate and the only thing you might need to pay closer attention to is the warning label that comes attached to the power cord.

** The Hitachi has a US outlet compatible plug. If you live in a country that does not support this type of outlet, you may need a switcher that converts your plug type into a US outlet.

Some say the Hitachi overheats a bit, which I've experienced before, myself. It isn't a dangerous kind of overheating, but if you touch anywhere but the plastic handle after about half an hour of use, you'll feel that it's a bit warm. It can be on close to an hour or so before you probably need to give it a break, though the instruction manual included states no more than 25-30 minutes. Even at the lowest amount of time, that kind of stamina makes the Hitachi's reputation well deserved.

Quite obviously, a toy with a power cord is not waterproof, and therefore can only be used in areas that are remotely dry, such as a bed, couch, floor, ect. If you're looking for a wand that is both powerful and waterproof, you can check out the Couture transcend flexing massager or the My Mini-Miracle massager wand.

If there is at any point a problem with your Hitachi or it is acting funny, discontinue use immediately. It may be a glitch, which can be fixed with a replacement if your warranty is still in tact, but using a defective Hitachi is potentially dangerous to the user and could result in serious injury.
    • Easy to use
    • Long lasting power
    • Powerful

Care and Maintenance

You may have a cleaning method of choice that works for you with most of your toys, and anything will really do to sanitize the head of the Hitachi. You can use soap and water, or a toy wipe, or any kind of gel or fluid you feel comfortable with to sanitize your toys. It's not boilable for obvious reasons, but because the material is porous, it can be shared when using a condom and has easy clean up afterwards. When you're cleaning, be careful not to get any water in crevices or near the power cord of the toy, even if unplugged. This toy is not in any way waterproof and may be damaged if splashed or if water gets into creases in the body.

You can also use any lube you'd like on the head, as it's vinyl and is compatible with oil, silicone, and water based lubes. You can store it next to other toys and the material will not react with silicone toys or damage any other items that may be stored next to it. However, if you buy Hitachi attachments to go along with your toy, they will most likely be made of other materials and you will need to regard those materials separately as far as lube compatibility goes.

For example, if you buy Off with their head silicone hitachi cap, you should avoid using any silicone based lubes, as it will wear away at the material and destroy it.

I personally store my Hitachi in its original box, and when I'm ready to use it, I simply take it out and use it. Some prefer to store it in a drawer or a special bag, though most toy bags will not fit the wand. I would also recommend wrapping the power cord around the toy when storing it, so that over time, it will not get damaged due to storage.
    • Easy to clean


The toy comes in a 13'' long cardboard box that features pictures of people using the wand as a massager, which implicates that the company meant for this to truly be a plain-jane massager. The packaging is very discreet on the outside and will never be suspected to be a sex toy, as there is absolutely no suggestive pictures or uses listed on the box. It's both great for storage, and can be recycled when you decide to throw it out.

Inside the box, you will also receive an instruction manual on the toy and a warranty, just in case it breaks and needs to be replaced.
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Good for storage
    • Recyclable

Personal comments

I was skeptical about receiving this toy and thought it'd be way too powerful for me to find it enjoyable. Man, was I happily mistaken. You don't even need direct contact for these vibrations to reverberate through your pelvic area and to be pleasurable. I honestly am addicted to this wand for 2 minute orgasms, and I never thought my body was capable of an orgasm at all. I hold the wand between my legs while laying on my side and kind of grind on it and within a minute and a half, I'm ready for the Big O. I've had absolutely no problems with my wand since I've had it and have recommended it to several friends. I've come across the select few that have not liked it and found it to be too powerful, or just weren't interested, as they aren't clit-stimulation people. I never thought that I would be, either, but this toy has completely changed my mind about my own body and done some amazing magic on me. I'm still working on integrating it into sex with my partner. It's such a big wand that positions can be a little tricky, with the power cord and such. In my opinion, it's definitely a solo kind of toy, but I'm determined to find a way for my partner and I to use it at the same time. There's certainly enough intensity and vibrations to go around! I'm curious to see just how long my Hitachi will last before I need to replace it. For the price, it's a staple for me and I doubt I'll find anything that can beat it. I've heard the Couture collection inspire is a close contender and I'm saving up for that next. I love my Hitachi!

Follow-up commentary
This is still my favorite wand in existence and I can bet that it always will be. I've tried other wands up against it, and none have come close to the power or the orgasm I get from this heavy, clunky thing. I'm protective over my Hitachi and can't believe that I bought it for only $50. I can't say enough positive about it, and I'm so happy I gave it a chance.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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