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Overall, I do love this product and I am glad I got it. My hair gets oily so easily so this really helps. I just wish the lid was better! But it's still a great buy to add in every bathroom.
Affordable, effective, doesn't take up a lot of room
Leaky container, small
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The satin sugar hair and body powder is a powder used to help fight away oils between washes. I myself will wash my hair at night and in the morning it will be oily looking. I simply sprinkle some of the powder on to my hands and rub through my hair, concentrating on the scalp more than the tips, and it helps absorb those oils. Personally, I do not use it on my skin, but it is an option. I'm so pale though, I would probably need the lighter hues one for my skin.

I believe this product would be best for any gender, any age, that have problem with their hair getting oily easily. It is not to replace a shower by any means, but does help get rid of the oils in between. Whether it's next morning oils, or you need a refresher after a long day at work before heading out, this is a great item to add in to your bathroom collection.

I do have sensitive skin and I have not had any reactions to the product.
    • Hair
    • Skin

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

There is not really anything out of the ordinary about this powder. It's a little thicker (not much) than baby powder, but still just as soft. It is fine enough that it very easily smooths in to your skin with no worries of clumping and being multi-toned.

It very easily shakes out of the container in two ways: through a larger slot for a big amount, or through a spot with many holes for a smaller amount. Same idea as you see on salt and pepper shakers. It feels very smooth and spreads so easily and does stay in place. It helps absorb the oils and leaves your skin feel soft and oil free.
    • Smooth
    • Thin

Taste / Aroma

The taste just tastes like powder. Please don't eat it. Then again, it's not advertised to eat. If you happen to have some on you and your lover licks you, he/she may just assume it's just a perfume or something. It doesn't have a strong taste, but it does taste like powder. In a finer amount, it may be unnoticeable.

The smell is nice and light sweet smelling. It's in no way over powering and just has a hit of a sugar scent. It will not be highly noticeable, but will leave you skin and hair smelling of as if you has used a sugary shampoo or body wash.
    • Light smell


As stated, I can wash my hair and by the end of the day it will look oily if I have it done. Maybe I just play with my hair too much, but either way I hate it. So I invested in some of this and got the darker one since my hair is dark. I probably won't use it much on my skin since I don't get that issue.

I washed my hair before bed and in the morning, it felt a bit yucky since I slept with it down because I had a migraine that night. So, I reached over for the lovely little (and yes, it's little!) bottle and sprinkled it in my hands and rubbed through my hair. My hair felt soft and oil free and I loved it!

My only issue is it is so hard to open. I may just not have known HOW to, but I had to pop off the lid (which does snap right back on) and use a knife to stab in to it. Which was a major pain. And I have to keep it sitting up because if I tip it, the powder does fall out. So I don't suggest this for travel.

    • Feels natural
    • Leaky container
    • Long lasting
Follow-up commentary
Sadly, due to the container this does not get much use. Going back and forth so much, it just stays at home and is forgotten. I'll be giving it to my sister though. She'll use it more often than I can! Better container would make it better for me to use.
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