Swirl lube - lubricant by Sliquid, LLC - review by Bila

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All-Terrain Lubricant

A great, safe, all-terrain lube that will add to any solo or accompanied activities. Great for oral, hand and genital satisfaction.
Safe for use with latex condoms, plastic and silicon toys. Discreet taste.
Fairly strong, but not unpleasant smell.
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extremely useful review
I got this lube in Pina Colada to make up for my absent-mindedness the last time I had gone to the store: there I was, several weeks before getting this product, proudly bringing home the slippery goodness, when I realized, after several minutes of working my boyfriend up into a blissfully blubbering mess, that I could not lick or swallow my man whole because the lube I had then gotten was not made for such use. I am very happy to report that this bottle has provided a very different experience!

Just thick enough but not gummy, it has a rather strong aroma of pineapple with a slight touch of coconut. When I sniffed it straight out of the bottle, I was quite sure that the smell would be overwhelming. But I was pleasantly surprised to find that the taste was much more subtle and quite complimented my boyfriend's taste and smell.

This product is safe with:
- Condoms (we use latex)
- Silicone toys (my favorites) and
- Plastic toys (another favorite).
- Anal, oral and vaginal use.

It is:
- Non toxic
- Hypoallergenic
- Non staining
- Glycerin free (this is of help if you are trying to avoid yeast infections, and yes, men occasionally get them too)
- L-Arginine free (L-arginine can increase lung inflammation and worsen asthma)
- Petrochemical free (over time, chemical agents can lead to liver, nerve and brain damage, birth defects, acute asthma, and cancer)

Lubricant (in general) is awesome for:
- Solo play, whether male for female
- Amazing hand jobs (again, any gender: I particularly like when my boyfriend uses his whole hand to massage my vulva rather than just fingers and this is just not a good idea without lots of lube.)
- Gentle ball and anus massages
- Very pleasant chest rubs
- Providing much-needed moisture in places and/or times where the body will just not do it: there are any number of causes other than insufficient foreplay that can lead to nether regions dryness. There is absolutely no reason why anyone -- even someone like me who gets quite wet during foreplay -- should deprive themselves of the wonderful occasional addition of lube.
Like all the water-based lubricants I've tried thus-far, this one dries up within about a minute or so of rubbing and starts to get sticky. You can reactivate the lubricant with a touch of water: I had a never-used travel-size shampoo bottle at home, so I filled it with water and kept it close. With that little added water, the lubricant stays active for several minutes.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • Victoria
    I am so tempted to make Penis Colada jokes and talk about how that's a yummy cocktail..heehee.

    Did you have to shower afterward or did the stickiness evaporate/absorb into the skin?

    Your review is excellent! Thanks Smile
  • Oggins
    Nice review! I have this in cherry vanilla and the smell is stronger than the taste on that one too. I love everything about it but it gets a bit sticky on us too. Nice tip about adding a bit of water to revitalize it! Thanks!
  • Bila
    We tried a glass dropping bottle before to reactivate the lube, but found that it was a pain in the ass, because the water didn't come out fast enough. You probably need something like half a teaspoon of water to reactivate. I suppose if I wasn't so darn clumsy, I would have been content with a glass of water nearby, but I'm very happy with the shampoo dispenser instead and I'd wholeheartedly recommend (eventually) heading to a pharmacy to get one if there are none already lying around your place.

    As for cleaning, I find that a wet washcloth followed by a dry washcloth works rather well in a hurry. Winking
  • Bila
    Oh! A misting water bottle would likely make a fantastic lube-refresher as well.
  • lexical
    LOL, Victoria! I'm totally gonna get this yummy lube with my next order! Thanks for reviewing!
  • Lady Neshamah
    thanks for the review
  • Eucaly
  • Ghost
    Thanks for the review!
  • Rod Ronald
    Thanks for the review
  • MK434
    Nice review!
  • IndependentlyHappy
    Nice review, and good attention to details. Thank you!
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