Is that one finger or two?!?!

I'll make it simple, buy this over any other water based lube. Great price, great product. Silky smooth with no "not so clean" feeling.
Silky smooth, long lasting, definitely NOT sticky.
Not silicone.
Rating by reviewer:
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When it absolutely has to be a water-based lubricant, Maximus is by far the best! Normally my wife and I like to use silicone lubricants for everything. This product however is a necessity if you're using silicone toys that react with silicone lubricants. When I say "react" I mean transforming your toy into a semi-solid that could potentially get stuck! I've heard that you can test your lubricant with your toy to see if there are and adverse reactions. I did this and it was definitely NOT compatible. Luckily it was just the base. However, the Maximus was perfect for what I needed. If you normally use silicone lubricants this is the closest you're gona get. There is a very, very, slight sticky-ness but nothing that will draw your attention away from you and your, um, activity!

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

I think I may have received a bad bottle of this lube. The product was cold when I received it so I'm pretty sure it altered the texture. It wasn't transparent, more like translucent and had the consistency of hair gel. After I squirted some in my hand it was kinda like snot. BUT! Once it warmed up it smoooothed right out. After I rubbed it around in my fingers until it was "dried" out, there was a slight residue but that's just me being picky. If you didn't know, you wouldn't know.

Taste / Aroma

As a man all I can say is it doesn't stink. Actually, it's odorless. Taste?!?!? Uh, haven't gotten that far yet. Maybe tonight (Valentine's Day)!


I tried it out with one of my new toys, the Tantus Ryder. Upon applying the lube to the Ryder, it didn't have the same "glaze" that a silicone lube would give you. It was more like wiping oil on a wet plate if you will. Again, I don't know if a different bottle would be better. Also, I'm used to silicone. Once I got myself and the toy all lubed up everything slid in juuuuust fine though. Well, maybe not just fine since this was my first plug but that had nothing to do with the lube. Of course I used LIBERAL amounts of Maximus! Actually, if I didn't have this particular lube there is no way it would have worked. I was a complete mess once it was in but all I did was grab some toilet paper and wipe myself off and all was good. I didn't need a wet rag or anything.

Depending on your use of the product, and the sheer volume used, I'd say this stuff will last for quite some time before melting away. I say melting away because that's what it seems to do. It doesn't get sticky and you don't stay greasy like silicone. Pretty neat if you ask me! I will still use silicone for everything else I can though because I like the "glaze"!


I love the pump on the bottle. Normally you have to buy the Jethro size to get the pump!

Personal comments

I'm excited to try this stuff on my wife tonight. I hope she can handle some of the things I got for us to use. Stay tuned for more insight.
Follow-up commentary
On a first note, the texture went back to the proper consistancy once the whole bottle warmed up. That's a good thing! I haven't had any problems with Maximus.

Secondly, when I applied this on my wife she said it burned really bad? I'm hoping someone else can help me with this. I was playing with her earlier in the evening and I had inserted a plastic toy in her with silicone lube prior to trying the water-based lube. Maybe there's an adverse reaction between the two. Sad to say, anal play was over at that point. Boo hoo. Maybe next time.
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