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This a great and easy to use product. Not much lube is needed and it can be easily reactivated with a drop of spit or water. No fragrance and easily washes off.

Maximus is a good lube with a variety of uses. Even though a bad experience with my ex-girlfriend resulted in me finding an alternative, I don't think it was the real cause and my experience with the lube personally both for anal toy play and masturbation left a positive opinion on the lube for me.

This lube has a feel like no other. The thick consistency keeps it in place without ever becoming sticky. I couldn't imagine participating in anal play without it ever again.

Maximus is a great lube for any toy and for anyone. I have yet to find a problem with this lubricant, and I will certainly reorder when it runs out. I've used it with multiple materials so far with great success, and I do not need to constantly reapply it due to its consistency.

Who wants to sit there and figure out which lubes are compatible with which toys, and how to wash the stuff out of your underwear, and "will it work for anal sex?" There's no hassle if you want it in the assle with Maximus.

If you need a lube that will get the job done then this will work. If you're looking for something long lasting this isn't the place to look.

Maximus comes in a pretty big bottle, and is thick enough to be used for anal play. It absorbs into the skin without leaving a weird residue, and lasts forever!

Maximus lived up to it's thickness claims, but unfortunately it's much too thick for us. In fact, it actually slows things down rather than make it easier. It can get a little stick and leaves us wanting to wash it off quickly. I think this is a characteristic of a lube this thick, so I'm not sure if it's just due to our preference. The bottle is generous at 8.25 ounces and he pump top is awesome in itself.

If you want a great product for vaginal or anal penetration, check out Maximus. The product lives up to the name for the Maximum amount of slick sensation one could have.

This stuff will for sure get the parts working together like you want them, and will last a fairly long time. For a water-based lube, it is by far the best I have used so far.

While this lube is definitely not for me, it may be for you. This product literally made me cry. Hopefully you will have a much better experience.

If you’re looking for a perfect “go-to” lube that has the perfect consistency for vaginal and anal sex, is safe for toys, and has a convenient pump which prevents mess; Maximus is the holy grail of lubes!

Maximus is a fantastic lubricant if you're looking for an almost all-in-one product. While it isn't great for oral and simply washes off in the shower, the variety of uses are amazing! This is one to go on the nightstand since it can be used for masturbation, vaginal sex, anal play, and is compatible with all toy material types. This long lasting, thick lubricant is sure to impress, no matter how you're using it!

If you have a lot of toys and are looking for a good anal lube, this will be a pretty good option for you. If you are looking for more of a multipurpose lubricant, I'd probably direct you towards something a little thinner and more versatile.

To sum it up, this product is great for all kinds of fun whether it's toy play, anal play, or good old fashioned hand jobs and intercourse. You will not be disappointed. Stay away from that sticky overpriced wannabe and go for an excellent quality lube to heighten all your pleasures and desires.

I strongly recommend this lube for all the anal lovers. It's smooth, it's thick, it has no smell and it will not irritate you.

This is one of the best lubes I've tried. The girlfriend agrees that it enhances pleasure for those times where we just want to get it on and need a quick fix without foreplay. Absolutely incredible lifetime during teasing sessions, masturbation, insertion of large objects, or "vigorous" play.

GREAT lube! Will definitely buy again - it is my all time go-to product from now on! Great for vaginal, anal, masturbation, toys & condoms. No smell to speak of, thick without being sticky and a bottle will last you FOREVER! Only down side is a somewhat unpleasant taste, so no oral after use.

This is a fabulous go to lube for any situation. However, the residue and burning issues should be thought of before purchase. If you tend to have reactions to some toys or products, this may not be for you. If not, then this may be perfect.

This lube is great and well worth the money. It is a reasonable price and contains a large amount of lube. A great bedroom addition for any couple. Smooth and thick a great lube for any number of uses.

This lube is amazing and feels totally natural! Is is a total bargain since it's not expensive and you get quite a bit in the bottle. However, this product does contain parabens, so if you are concerned about them, this product may not be for you!

While I was initially attracted to this product because of its great reviews, the ingredients have made using it impossible and I highly discourage anyone from purchasing or using this product, even if you aren't experiencing discomfort.

It's an awesome buy at less than $20. It really is the best lube for pegging, in my opinion, since it's thick, lasts a long time, and it stays on the toy nicely. It works equally well for vaginal penetration (and I would imagine anal, although I have yet to try it with that). Since it's odorless and tasteless, it's not a tragedy if it ends up in your mouth. It washes off nicely, and it doesn't stain. It also comes in a convenient pump bottle.

There's not much more that can be said about Maximus lubricant that hasn't already been said before in previous reviews. It's a great, multipurpose lube. It seems to work best in combination with a little natural moisture, but holds up perfectly well when used for anal due to its thicker consistency. Maximus is long lasting and most importantly, leaves no sticky residue behind!

For the price, this product is a great buy--definitely better than some other water-based lubes with a natural feel. It's easy use and provides easy glide.

I would definitely recommend this lube for anal play if the allergens in it don't affect you. I can honestly say I think it would make a great vaginal lube as well although I haven't used it in this manner yet.

In a sum up of this product - over priced for the pain you have to endure for the activity in which you bought it for.

This is a fantastic lube for all kinds of uses. It made possible some of my best experiences ever. This is likely the last lube I'll ever need to use.

This is probably one of the lubricants on the market with an incredibly easy dispenser to make your life easier. It takes away from the pain of having to use a lubricant so you can get back to your fun faster.

While the Maximus lubricant has proved wonderful for many users, it just didn't work out for me. I found that the lubricant was thick almost to a level of grossness and dried up just a little too quickly for my tastes. I would still say it's worth a try for most, but in the end, this was not the lube for me.

I can't find anything to complain about Maximus. It delivers everything it has promised and comes in a great bottle with pump dispenser to boot, which gives it bonus points, so I am giving it a 5. It is a thicker lube that is ideal for anal, vaginal penetration, masturbation or toys.

Having worked our way through many of the water-based lubes offered here on EF, we were excited to finally buy a bottle of Maximus. If it suits your body then it could well be the last of this type of lube you'll ever need. But keep a cold washcloth ready just in case you and it don't agree with each other...

Maximus is an incredible water based lube that is a bang for your buck (pun intended). It lasts a long time, and also blends into the skin nicely afterwards. This lube is the greatest water based lubricant on the market in my opinion. And it will work well for everyone who is looking for a lube that covers all the bases, if you know what I mean. I would recommend this lubricant to everyone!

After many attempts trying to find the "perfect" lube, this one is the closest it has come for me. Water-based and long-lasting, I'm able to use it with all toys and for any sexy session we're in the mood for. It has such an amazingly smooth and silky texture, as well as being non-sticky. This has become a favourite in the bedroom (and repurchased).

Anyone looking for a water based lube, this is the gold standard. It works wonders for most applications, and has a fantastic texture and viscosity. This will likely be the only water based lube I purchase from now on!

Maximus is my newest lube experiment. I want to keep trying new water based lubes and see which ones I will end u liking the best. This one is definitely on the list!! I love its ability to stay in place, add to your natural lube and lack of stickiness. Reapplying is minimal and the effects are long lasting--this is going to be a hard one to beat....

If you are looking for a good lubricant that does the job, you've found it. Maximus is quite a bit thicker than other basic lubes. Therefore, it is a great option for someone looking into a heavier all purpose lube.

I recently just ran out of this lubricant and in the short period I've been out of it, I've realized how much I preferred it over every other lube I have. I love Maximus for so many reasons. It doesn't irritate my skin (although it does have parabens which can cause allergic reactions so be wary), it's water-based, it isn't sticky but it still has a nice thick consistency, and it's the one thing that made anal bearable and then enjoyable.

Maximus is definitely a top-notch water-based lube! It's long-lasting, silky, smooth, and won't leave you greasy, oily, sticky, or "dried out." It's great for both men and women, and can be used during PIV sex, anal sex, masturbation, and with most toys.

For this product I am able to look past the parabens. It literally never dries out on me, and I find myself having to wipe it all off when I'm done because it's still wet! Ready for more! It's Bio-static to prevent infections and spreading of bacteria. What more could you want? If only it came in gallons... But, hey! It's still a pretty big bottle!

As someone who benefits from a little lube whether engaging in couples or solo play, this is my go-to product. It's a little thicker and sticks where you put it and it lasts longer without needing another application. A useful water based lubricant that's worth trying.

From my first experimentations with anal play to the present, I have always preferred Maximus. While the up front cost initially seemed high, I have found it to be well worth it. While exploring such a sensitive area, you want your/your partner's mind to be at ease, and with Maximus, it can be. Not having to frequently reapply it allows you to stay in the moment, which is exactly where you want to be.

Although the Maximus lube is on the pricier side this lube is well worth every dime. Maximus lube is thick, rich and luxurious. This lube is perfect for everyone and everything. It doesn't matter if you’re using it for vaginal play, or serious anal play. You don't have to worry about reapplying this lube. You'll only need to try this lube once and you will fall in love with it too.

I love this lube! I recommend it to anyone looking for a new lube. It has a short ingredient list, a great pump for easy dispensing. And it's thick enough for long hours of use without having to reapply every ten to twenty minutes.

Great lube. I would recommend this to anyone, especially those with toys that require water-based lubes. The only con I'd consider is the bad taste, which can sometimes be a real dealbreaker!

That Maximus guy must have been a go-getter! This lube has more substance than most of the guys I've dated, and more staying power too.

We have recommended this lube to several friends. We cannot sing its praises enough. We use this often and one bottle has lasted us a long time so far. It is definitely worth the money for this one. We will be sure to buy again once we start running low just to be sure we don't run out!

This item is totally worth the money if this is what you are looking for. Make sure your only requirements are a water-based, not sticky or tacky lube that will last for a while. If you are looking for something with a great smell, this product isn't for you because it has very little smell. If you want a great tasting or even palatable lube, then this product is not what you are looking for.

We really enjoyed this lube, especially for anal play. Not having to stop anal sex and reapply lube was a huge win for us, and the fact that the lube didn't get sticky or dry out was a plus. We didn't use the lube for vaginal sex, but have used it with toy play and anal play. Love the pump bottle, and the only con we found was that it doesn't taste as "good" as some other lubes we've tried.

Maximus is really the best all around lube you can get your hands on. It has no annoying smells or tastes and it wont dry up prematurely. It also does not get sticky after usage. It also a Bio-Static lube that helps prevent spreading of Bacteria, Fungi spores & Yeast infections. If could only be a better product if it was slightly cheaper and easier on people with sensitive skin. We highly recommend Maximus lube!

Maximus is one of the best water-based lubricants when it comes to anal, penile masturbation, and other dry sexual activities. It's thick, long-lasting, and it stays in place. It doesn't have any glycerin in it but it is loaded with parabens so people who are allergic to them should steer clear of this lubricant. For those of you who aren't, though, this is a lubricant worth buying. It's great for most anything, even if it does feel a little weird when used vaginally. I definitely recommend it.

This lube is totally worth it for vaginal and/or anal sex, look for something else if you want lube for oral.

Maximus has earned a reputation as one of the best lubes out there - and for good reason. As a water-based lube it won't degrade silicone products but it is as thick and long lasting as most silicone based lubes. The pump top nozzle still works great for getting it out of the bottle. Although it's not flavored or scented, it doesn't have a bad smell. However, some people may find that they have an adverse reaction to the paraben chemicals.

A very nice choice for those who want to see the quality and experience in one unit! Great pleasure and no negative feelings!

This is a great lube, well worth the price and something you can really trust your skin to. Once you try it, you'll probably never go back to a cheaper drugstore brand.

Maximus is the go-to lube for anal play! It's thick, slick, and dispensed quick! A little pricey, but worth every single cent.

This is the premium lube and well worth the price. Ounce for ounce it goes further than cheaper lubes, doesn't have any unpleasant residues and improves use of toys and intercourse. While the price is higher than other lubes, the cost of not owning Maximus is greater.

My hubby and I only use this lube in the bedroom and have now for two years. Its safe for our bodies and our toys. Safety first, then mind blowing orgasms after!

Aside from parabens, this is the "good stuff" that people talk about. This is the lubricant that makes you stop and say "wow". This is the key to comfortable, pleasurable, and painless anal sex. Go get it! We love it!

A nice versatile all purpose lube in my experience. For use with toys and sexual desires alike, this bottle will last a while with its easy to dispense pump system. This is my favorite go to lube!

If you are searching for a lube that works for a variety of situations, Maximus should be your go-to bottle.

I love, love, love this item. Personally, it's in my top three lubes. They are all tied for the top spot for different reasons. I love its lack of smell, and the way it feels. I mean, for a water based, I love this more than my toys sometimes. Seriously, this lube makes manual stimulation as awesome as it was when I just figured out what masturbation was. If you're alone or with your partner it is a good choice. However, just for everyone to know. It does have parabens.

Maximus is one of the best lubricants that I have tried so far. It is long lasting and stays where you place it, without leaving a sticky residue behind. Bodywise Limited created an amazing lubricant I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a great water based lube!

The notorious Maximus lubricant packs quite a surprise for being a water-based lubricant. It's best used for special occasions than everyday sexual activities.

If you want to train up to larger toys or larger body parts, a lube with a lot of cushion will be of great value to you. It's worth paying a little higher price for the comfort. Additionally, if plug retention is part of your pleasure seeking, the staying power of Maximus is an excellent choice.

Worthy of the name

The last lube you'll ever want to buy. Throw all the rest of them out, because now you have found the one you will use from now on. With 8.25 oz, it will last for quite a while too.

I think the product functions well, however I would not purchase this item again. The burning sensation really takes away from the whole experience. It should be pleasurable, not painful.

This thick water-based lubricant isn't my favorite, but if you're allergic to glycerin like me, it's one compromise that might work.

After hearing everyone rave about Maximus I had to order a bottle. After trying it for myself, I'm confused about all the fuss. I prefer thick lubes, but I'm just not a fan of the texture of Maximus. It performs pretty well for a water based lube, but doesn't last as long as my hybrids.

We use this on a variety of toys, from glass, silicone to plastic. With each product we have not had any issues with the consistency, unlike we've had with a few other brands of lube that we've used.

I really like this lube - it's thick but easy to spread, and works well for pretty much everything except oral - the taste is...unfortunate. Only reason to avoid it is if you've had issues with parabens before.

Maximus is a high quality lube with unique features that make it especially suited for anal sex. Plus a pump top! It can out-perform many other water based lubes on the market, but the paraben content can be a dealbreaker.

Maximus is the best of the water-based lubricants, in my opinion. It is quite great for penetrative use, anal or vaginal.

Maximus remains my favourite lubricant for anal, and though it isn't my favourite vaginal lube - that distinction goes to Liquid Silk - I have no aversion to using it if it's the first one that I grab out of the drawer, despite it's messiness. Just keep it away from your taste buds!

Like sticking things inside you? Like sticking your thing in other things? Grab some of this Maximus and you'll be sticking things everywhere. This lube raises the bar for a water-based formula and puts the others out there to shame. It's thick, slippery, and makes for an amazing anal lube. I'm tempted to throw out every other lube I own and only use this from now on. I didn't know a lube could be this awesome.

With over 1000 votes, this can easily be the most popular lube on EF. It has an excellent price/value/quantity ratio and will last for some time (the bottle that is, and the lube on you). Aside from its bad taste and some allergy concerns, it's still recommended to give it a try. It can become your go-to lube for regular sex!

All in all, when I first started using this lube I was really pleased with the texture and feel. Unfortunately, the fast drying time took away from those great qualities.

Maximus is awesome! I love this lube and own several bottles myself. I recommend this lube to anyone. Just don't lick it, yuck.

If you've felt a slight burning sensation upon insertion, don't even think about choosing Maximus. If you've never felt discomfort using lube, why risk it? If you've never used lube, don't make a bad start with something that could irritate you. Beginner excitement shouldn't be dampened in any way by a risky purchase.

If you want anal sex to be more comfortable and enjoyable with less interruptions for reapplying lube, then get some Maximus right away!

Maximus - Maximum Quality

This is an awesome lubricant. I have seriously purchased 3 more bottles just to keep them around, but I doubt I will run out any time soon. I will probably end up giving one or two bottles away as a gift. This is great for women prone to yeast infections or UTI's and I wish I had known about this stuff sooner! Perfect for everyone!

Maximus is a great, long-lasting, glycerine free, water based lube that I highly recommend to everyone. It has parabens so I would avoid this if you think it might be a problem. It is nice and thick and doesn't need to be reapplied which makes this a great alternative to silicone lubes. It has a nice smooth glide to it and doesn't become sticky, tacky, or stringy.

You want the best in which less is more? Then the Max is what you need. Given that the taste ain't the greatest, trust that it won't let you down in any play you got. Play and it'll play even harder, so who's up for a little game play??!?

Finally, I try living to the Max too!!!!

Don't let the bad taste of the Maximus deter you from purchasing this product. It is so easy to dispense the lube and it is so effective at doing what it must do. If I had to choose one waterbased lube for the rest of my life it would have to be the maximus. It is good all around for both anal and vaginal and it is safe with all toys. Again, I don't know why I waited so long to try it!

Use this product and you may not look at another. Have fun with whatever you intend to use this product for.

If you're looking for an anal lube that will work in a lot of different situations, buy Maximus. I haven't found anything better for it. If you're looking for a general purpose lube, or for something for a more specific kind of experience, you might shop around, but Maximus is a great place to start.

Maximus is, hands down, the best lube I have ever tried (out of about a dozen!). It satisfies everything I want from a lube, especially the complete lack of stickiness! It's also long lasting, perfectly thick, exceptionally slippery, and never stains.

I love this water based lubricant. It's thick, slippery, and smooth, and all without ever being greasy or sticky. Leave it on and let it soak into your skin or wash it off with a quick rinse; either way your clean up is fast and easy. The pump top makes for easy use!

Maximus is versatile and can be used with all toy materials. It's also perfect for vaginal and anal sex. It feels very natural and is a breeze to clean up. All in all, it is the perfect lube, as far as I'm concerned. If you're allergic to parabens though, you might want to avoid this one.

A pleasure to play with, easy to get just the right amount with the pump nozzle, and safe for use with any toys.

Most certainly worth the money! If you're looking for a lube that you don't have to reapply constantly and doesn't burn, this is the lube for you!

Give it a try and see if it is for you. Find out if you can tolerate the taste. (I could) The feeling of the lube was natural and did not leave a feeling of sticky residue. It did not leave me running for the bathroom right after to wash it off.

Maximus is a top-notch lube for everything. It is smooth, not sticky, long lasting, and easy to clean up. If you are a beginner to anal, try this lube out. Maximus is one of the best lubes.

Maximus by itself is too slippery for masturbation. You can't get a good grip! However, mixing Maximus with Cetaphil moisturizing lotion changes the experience entirely, luxurious sensation! Works well in the shower.

I love this lube, and will be buying some more. I will buy something else for hard anal play but this is a perfect, well-rounded, everyday lube.

I think this is item is definitely worth investing in. It's a great multi-purpose lube and can be used for any activity.

Maximus is a great, glycerin free, water based lube that I recommend to everyone, except those who have reactions to parabens. It makes things nice and slick, is easy to apply to toys and genitals and does not need to be reapplied often. It is great for vaginal and anal use and provides a nice amount of glide.

This item is 100% worth it. A great product and although it may not hold its water content, it's the best water-based lube out there. Take your sex to the MAX. Maximus lube is the way to do it.

This lube is flippin amazing, period. I would be happy if it simply didn't cause my skin to break out left and right! Not only does it pass that test with flying colors, but it provides as much long-lasting lubrication as I need AND is the perfect slippery texture for all kinds of fun. It gets super bonus points and cookies for not needing to be washed off.

This is the best lube I've ever bought. It's comfortable, body- and toy-safe, and doesn't cost a whole lot to purchase. In summary, you get a whole lot of bang for your buck here.

This is the greatest lube I've owned. The dispenser isn't messy or leaky, and the lube goes a long way and doesn't need to be reapplied. I will be buying more when I run out!

Maximus has truly won me over. Like anyone, he has his downfalls- parabens, and a bitter taste- but since they don't affect me I can see past them. If you're looking for something sweet to lick off of your partner's body, you'll want to find another lube. But, if you want a lube that truly exceeds at any task aside from oral, look no further than Maximus.

This is a great versatile lube. I would recommend it for any kind of play that doesn't involve using your mouth.

Maximus is a wonderful deal and a fantastic lubricant. It is not sticky. It lasts forever and is perfect for anal intercourse (as well as vaginal and masturbation). It's basic: clear, unscented and unflavored. And that is exactly why it is the most used item in my sex toy collection and lube collection as well. It was 100% worth the buy!

It's worth it because it lasts and doesn't make a huge mess while doing so. There isn't any weird after stickiness or greasiness. It makes the whole experience better when you don't have to worry about what the lube is going to do.

THE anal lube. An amazing product that will help you like no other during a booty call. The consistency is perfect and will last you for as long as you go.

This is a really great lube. We will be buying more. Light and long lasting with a very handy little pump on top of the bottle. No more messy tow handed pumping in between (insert whatever your doing here) in bed. Highly recommended.

This lube has become a favorite for anal sex. I am pleased it is water-based and my body has not had a negative reaction to this product. The thickness and durability is a must for butt play and the non-stickiness afterwards is much appreciated.

Frustrations regarding sticky, dried-up lube and the need to reapply go out the window, and there is literally no need for clean-up. Extremely pleasant to the touch, smooth and comfortable: for a natural anal experience, one need look no further then Maximus.

Thick, long-lasting lube that's great for anal play. My wife doesn't care for the consistency for vaginal use, but you might not be so squeamish about "gloopy" lube.

Buy this, buy it now. Your naughty bits - and those of your playmates - will thank you. It's the best all-around lube I've found.

This lubricant will be at my bedside for a while to come. The pump handle makes for awesomely easy dispensing. The water-based lube feels smooth, feels amazingly natural, and never left me feeling sticky or greasy. It's great for both vaginal and anal play and lasted me the whole session without reapplication!

Slippery goodness that kept me coming back - or rather, just coming! It has great stamina, is not sticky, and feels very comfortable.

Not the best or the cheapest lube on the market, but definitely worth the money! Good for sex and for toys as well.

Maximus, a little dab will do ya! This is a thick, slick and easy to dispense lube. It has a locking top and does not leak. It does not have a scent, but does leave a bitter aftertaste. Maximus works great for vaginal & anal sex use. It's also easy to clean off. Maximus is water-based which means that it is safe to use with all your toys and it's condom friendly. At an affordable price, this is now my go to lube!

Maximus is a sensual water based lubricant by Bodywise. It has a natural feel and is very similar to saliva. Maximus is a thicker, slick lubricant. A small amount works well for sex. It does dry and become sticky and flaky and should be washed off after use. Maximus is Glycerin free, but does contain Parabens.

Maximus has very quickly become my go-to lube. Because it is water based, I don't have to be careful as to what toys to use it with and can be washed off of skin, clothes, and most fabrics easily. It provides a great thick layer of slipperiness that I've never found in another lube without a runny consistency. Amazing for anal and great for any other kind of play you're into.

Maximus looks like a sweet deal because it is made of highly purified water and helps cut down on infections. But reapplication is needed as it dries fast and becomes flaky. Maximus is not a great lubricant for use with sex toys, but may be alright for someone wanting slickness during intercourse.

If you're looking for a basic, glycerin-free, water-based lube, Maximus will serve you well. It's excellent for vaginal sex and compatible with all toys. Plus you can make lots of silly jokes about the name.

Maximus is by far the best lube that I have ever used, and I would recommend it to everyone, especially if they were interested in anal play.

The main selling point for me was the antibacterial properties of this product, this is a huge incentive. I'm not personally aware of any other product that has this feature. The con that I listed, although it might turn some people off it REALLY isn't that big of a deal. I felt that I needed to be critical though being that this is a review and it is tough to come up with a negative for this product.

I'll make it simple, buy this over any other water based lube. Great price, great product. Silky smooth with no "not so clean" feeling.

One squirt of Maximus on your toy or body feels great and lasts long. The versatility of this product as a thicker water based lube combined with its ability to provide the maximum amount of lubrication for the maximum amount of time makes this product worth every penny. My wife and I turn to Maximus for all of our non-flavored lubrication needs.

After spending over a year looking for a good water based lube, I've found Maximus. I'm not going anywhere unless they come out with a Maximus II. There is a reason this lube has so many reviews, it rocks!

This is a great lube for those occasions where lube is needed. It's a clear, water-based liquid that isn't to watery or too thick, and it's always ready when you are.

A great all around lube that is long lasting, natural feeling and sure to be the most used lube in your collection.

Maximus is a super slick, long-lasting, body, toy and condom friendly lubricant perfect for vaginal and anal penetration as well as masturbation.

It's a high quality lube that makes anal more comfortable. Plus the presentation (the bottle) is kind of nice and elegant looking.

I can easily say after trying various brands of lubricant, ranging from KY to Astroglide, that this is the best you can get. Thick enough for versatility and comes off very easy and clean. Good for vaginal sex, anal sex and playing with some toys. Great with a fleshlight. There is no smell to be weary of. Pump is a great addition, no more mess when reapplying. You will not be disappointed, and it will last you very long (8.5 oz is a good amount of lube for fun times to come). Try it!

Maximus is a very good lubricant but I feel it is a bit too thick for vaginal sex and playtime with toys, and my husband doesn't like it for masturbation. But it is perfect for anal. And for that reason alone, I will replace it when it runs out.

Maximus is a thick water-based lubricant that stays slick during use. It is scentless and tasteless, although it does have a slightly bitter aftertaste. Maximus works great for both vaginal and anal sex, and is easy to clean off.

A great, all purpose water based lube that makes use with toys and sex that much sweeter. Just don't try putting the stuff anywhere near your mouth!

Excellent Lube that is a definite good buy. My new favorite lube for any occasion, that certainly does a great job of keeping everything slick.

You don't have to use much, so this can last you a long time. It is well worth the money! It works WONDERS trust me!

It works just like a great lube should! No nasty smell, a little goes a long way, and it's convenient.

Maximus is a very good water based lubricant. It is ideal for anal or vaginal sex and have a long lasting and a good glide. But it's taste is not very good.

I'm a real person that is into real sex. I like things that are logical and realistic in the bedroom! I want things to feel great and not become complicated. So strait to the point, this product gets the job done! It adds moisture wherever you think you need it and allows things to go smoothly. I would recommend this produce for both vaginal and anal sex.

Good lube, although some people might have some minor side effects due to the composition. A small (1 ounce) sample pack would be nice, to see if it is right for you.

Maximus is a thick lubricant, and as far as my body is concerned, it is great for anal play but not so great for vaginal play. Nothing will ever beat natural lubricant of course, but this is a decent substitute. Maximus is not a wise choice for small storage spaces, since it's a pump top. There is no obnoxious scent, but there is a bitter taste. So be sure to wash any area coated in Maximus, before sticking a tongue there. Maximus is also rather pricey.

The only unflavored lube for me, a perfect 10 if there where lube Olympics. I have purchased this product for friends.

This lube will not disappoint! It is a very slick, very smooth, very pleasing water-based lube, meant for use with toys and partners and is appropriate for vaginal and anal play. It is definitely a high quality lube that cannot be beat by any pharmacy brand lube available out there.

Maximus is on the top of my list for lube choices! Long lasting, non runny, and offers a smooth glide. Less messy than most lubes, great pump bottle design.

Maximus is one of the top water-based lubes for a reason: it's minimally irritating, maximally slick, stays where you need it, and it's easy to clean up.

Greatest Lube ever, Discovering this is what the crusaders would have felt like if they had actually returned with the Holy Grail.

Maximus is the best…lube...EVER. It’s perfect for every sexual activity you can dream up, and it lasts a looong time. It’s slick and just thick enough for anything you could want to use it for.

There's a reason it's called Maximus - it's the gladiator of all water-based lubes! I really enjoyed this lubricant. There's no odor or taste, and it's thick enough for anal play and not stringy or oddly textured. 5 stars!

This is an excellent choice for water-based lubes. Use it on multiple places wherever you need that smooth touch either by yourself or with your partner.

Maximus is an absolutely wonderful lubricant. It is water-based which means that it is safe to use with all your toys, condoms, whatever. It is nice and thick which makes it great for anal sex. It lasts a long time and doesn’t get gummy. It just works for whatever you want it to do. The only drawback for me is it isn’t great to use in the shower. Now, put down that bottle of Astroglide and go get yourself some real lube – Maximus.

This is a great lube for anyone wanting to do solo toys, or with other people. I recommand this for anal, with it's thick, gooey slow moving and long lasting. Clean up is a breeze and just a great buy.

The best anal lube on the market; great for long penetration sessions of any kind and body-friendly. A fantastic product well worth the money.

A thick gel lubricant that does exactly what it's suppose to do: reduce friction. And it does it for a such a long time that re-application will probably not be necessary.

I use Maximus everyday, every time I have sex, I love it that much! This is my favorite lube by far, try it and you'll see why.

Maximus is definitely a winner--thick, yet clean-feeling and good for your body! It is water-based and therefore latex and silicone compatible, and provides enough lasting lubrication for more vigorous play!

This lube is long lasting, smooth, and makes for great play out of the water. -And when done is very easy to clean up. This is the best anal lubricant, hands down. We won't ever use another.

Absolutely love this product for anal play. Great consistency and a little goes a long way. I've yet to find a better one.

A water-based lube that provides a thicker texture then most, perfect for heavier uses like anal play. It's safe to use on silicone toys and condoms and provides long lasting lubrication.

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