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I use Maximus everyday, every time I have sex, I love it that much! This is my favorite lube by far, try it and you'll see why.
Thick, great for anal play, long lasting, lasted through a 2 hour session
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After hearing so many great things about Maximus water based lube|Maximus, I decided to give it a try. I was not disappointed. Even after reading such great reviews about it, I was still surprised by how good this stuff really is. I don’t have a whole lot of experience with lubes that are very good quality. My favorite lube had been Astroglide|Astroglide review, but now that coveted spot is held by Maximus.

Anal sex|Expert Guide to Anal Sex - DVD had really been kind of bothersome. While I love anal sex, whether with a toy, finger, or my husband’s cock, it was still a little uncomfortable or messy. Either lube would disappear too quickly, or I’d have to use so much of it that it was messy and gross. With Maximus|Maximus review I put one tiny drop on the cock, one little drop on my anus, and I’m all set. I have had anal sex for over 45 minutes and not had to reapply or add water. In fact I have never had to reapply or add water during any session that I have used Maximus.

While this is the best anal lube I have ever used, I also love it for many other kinds of sex. While it has a gel like thickness to it, it spreads wonderfully and works quite well for everything besides oral. The taste is bitter and not pleasant in my mouth so I wouldn’t recommend it for oral, but anything else goes. My husband typically doesn’t like lube during masturbation, but found this quite pleasurable as it is slick feeling but doesn’t get messy. I like this for vaginal intercourse as well, so long as I use very little of it. Like I said before, it doesn’t take much of this stuff to be amazing. Works great for boob jobs too, and it doesn’t leave your breasts feeling sticky or oily when you’re done.

I love how this stuff dries. When we’re all done I don’t have to rush to the bathroom to clean up the lube before it gets sticky, because Maximus|Maximus review doesn’t get sticky. When it dries it disappears. There is no film, no sticky mess, no greasy feeling, nothing is left behind.

Because this is water based it is safe to use with condoms and all toys. Don’t plan on using this in a hot tub or bath though. Because it is water based it also washes away very easily with water. If you are planning on having sexy fun in the water, plan on using a silicone lube (just keep it away from your silicone toys!). Out of water, this is a very long lasting lube that doesn’t disappoint!

This comes in an 8.45 oz bottle with a pump. Yes a pump! I love this feature as you can get the perfect amount with one hand. No more fumbling with squeeze tubes in the dark. My bottle of Maximus sits on my nightstand because I use it every single day. I love this stuff!
Follow-up commentary
In the 3 months I've had this bottle of lube, I've tried many others. I can't find a lube to trump my bottle of Maximus though. Silicone lube is hailed as being far superior to water based lube, especially when it comes to anal play. How is it then, that silicone lube leaves me sore and uncomfortable after anal sex? I really don't like anal sex being uncomfortable, and I hate it when it becomes outright painful. I need little to no time to warm up for anal sex. With Maximus I just rub some on me, some on the toy or penis, and my butt greedily sucks it in. I tried it this way with silicone lube once, and I will never do it again. The only time anal sex has hurt so much, was my first anal experience when my boyfriend at the time forced himself on me without any lube. It is rare that anal sex is painful for me. I tried silicone lube again, this time with lots of massaging and foreplay and fingering, and once the penis was in, it only took a minute or two before I was uncomfortable and the pain was getting unbearable. Maximus can do more for me with one drop than silicone lube can with a tablespoon full. I have never had a painful or uncomfortable anal sex experience when I've used Maximus. Maximus is what I trust, Maximus is the only lube I allow in my butt, and rightfully so. Maximus isn't only good for anal sex; it works fantastic for vaginal sex or masturbation as well. My husband always asks for Maximus when I give him a hand job, and it's what he says works best with masturbator sleeves as well. Is stays slick for a long time and is thick enough that it doesn't run or drip. I thought he would prefer a thinner lube for hand jobs, but he said they are too messy and just end up in his pubic hair, causing him to reapply and the cycle continues. I could go on and on about how wonderful Maximus is, but I think I'll stop now. I chose to write this follow up review today because my bottle of Maximus has finally run dry. I have used this lube daily, sometimes 3-4 times per day, so I think 3 months is a good amount of time to last. I ordered a new bottle when there was only about an inch left in my old bottle and that was a couple weeks ago. I will always use Maximus and recommend it to others, because it really is THAT good.
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  • Contributor: Epiphora
    It is definitely thick. I personally prefer a thinner lube for non-anal intercourse. You're also right about the taste. It has a strange smell, too. It was my first lube and I have since moved on to O'My lube.
  • Contributor: Cock Wrangler
    Absolutely. I recommend this lube and/or Probe to everyone, I think it's one of the best I've ever tried. It also has a lower irritation-profile than most lubes out there!
  • Contributor: Bulma
    I really didn't have a problem with the thickness of this, I like that it doesn't really drip or run.  It is so annoying to get a little lube on your fingers just to have it run down your hand before you can get it applied.  I am still hunting for more lubes though, I've heard good things about the O'My line of lube though.  I'll definitely try them in the future.

    Thanks for the comments guys! 
  • Contributor: TryAnything
    Thanks for the excellent review. I plan to purchase Maximus as soon as my Astroglide runs out, which shouldn't be too long now with this exciting new anal toy I got in the mail yesterday!
  • Contributor: Bulma
    You're very welcome, and I think you'll be pleased with Maximus. I used Astroglide before buying this lube, and I will never go back to Astroglide, especially when it comes to anal play. I love the thickness of it and how well it stays in place and does the job right. Hope you love it :)
  • Contributor: Backseat Boohoo
    My best friend and his girlfriend--also a friend of mine--are interested in anal sex, but haven't had much success. Is this lube slick enough and long-lasting enough for people enjoying their first major anal experience? Also, how does it work with condoms? (I know they won't deteriorate, of course, I'm just wondering about the feeling.)
  • Contributor: Bulma
    It is quite slick, and long lasting. I've found that it reduces almost all of the friction and makes anal penetration completely comfortable (as long as it's not rushed of course). I have only had it wear out before me once, and that was about an hour of some good pounding to the backdoor. I ALWAYS use condoms for anal sex, my husband knows he don't get close to me without one on, and I've always been satisfied with how the lube works with them. It reduces all condom drag, and makes the condom less noticeable for me. I would recommend Maximus to anyone looking for a great anal lube, beginner or pro.
  • Contributor: Naughty boy
    I use this in combination with a lubricating gel. I apply the gel into my rectum and use this to wet the toy down before insertion. Works like a charm.
  • Contributor: Liz2
    Other then taste, this is my favorite lube. In the past, I reserved Maximus just for anal use but now use it for almost everything except oral.
    The pump bottle is so convenient. Doesn't spill or "get lost" in bed either.
  • Contributor: Bulma
    It is great stuff, I really love the pump bottle too. I recommend Maximus to everyone, it is that good :) I like the System Jo H2O Flavored for oral, tastes great but leaves no after taste.
  • Contributor: Meowmix
    Looks like I'll be trying this soon...
    Big smile
  • Contributor: butterflygirlxo
    Yes its a great lube
  • Contributor: titi
    Thanks for the review!
  • Contributor: lemony
    Excellent review. Sorry to hear about your painful experience with anal.
  • Contributor: dancer120
  • Contributor: MK434
    Great review!
  • Contributor: Harpina is gone
    Thanks for the review!
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