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This lube won't blow you away. It certainly didn't blow me away. In certain applications this lube will fail, such as hand jobs, anal sex, and any kind of massaging. However it will last a while during vaginal sex and I feel would be a good investment for those who sometimes need a little extra help in the lubrication department to get things started.
Good taste, glycerin and paraben free, doesn't leave you feeling sticky, won't stain sheets.
Doesn't last that long, contains aspartame.
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Sliquid Swirl is a water based lube that can be used many different ways. You can use it for vaginal sex, anal sex, oral sex, and theoretically for manual stimulation. It can be used by yourself or with a partner. Sliquid Swirl is a great way to add a bit of flavor to oral sex, but only for a short time as the flavor will disappear rather quickly.

I feel this product will work best for women who need a little extra lube to get things going in the beginning, or for those looking to just insert something (such as the smartballs) without doing much thrusting.

This lube will be safe with all condoms and toys.

People with allergies or sensitivities to aspartame should avoid this lube however, because that is one of the ingredients.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

I have a fairly limited experience with lubes, but this one has been a positive experience so far for the most part. The consistency was almost perfect, it wasn't too runny, and it wasn't too goopy. It came out of the bottle very easily without spilling everywhere because it was too runny. When I had about a nickel sized amount in my hand I could hold my hand palm down and not have any of it drip off.

It feels slightly sticky right after applying, but not enough to really be a bother. Once it wears out it leaves behind no residue whatsoever.

Taste / Aroma

I received the Blue Raspberry scented/flavored Sliquid Swirl. I think it smells fantastic. It's not overpowering by any means. Standing across a fairly small room you wouldn't be able to smell that I had just lathered my hands with it. It smells just like pretty much every blue raspberry thing I've ever come across, and it tastes just about the same. Fairly sweet, not that strong. You'll get the strongest amount of taste if you taste the lube itself before it's really been rubbed in, and even then it's not that strong. Something that did surprise me was the fact that even though this lube contains aspartame, it doesn't have that "diet" aftertaste that many products with aspartame in them do.


The performance was, well, kind of a fail. At least partially. I tried to give my fiance a hand job, and I kid you not, it took about 30 seconds before the amount I used had absorbed into our skin and it was like I hadn't used anything at all. I took that opportunity to attempt a blowjob and see how it tasted with his skin and the two flavors got along well, but after about 20 seconds the flavor was all gone.

My fiance attempted to use this for a solo session and gave up after about 6 minutes and 2 applications.

Something very nice about this lube is that it never once got sticky. I managed to get something resembling a film once when I used some on the condom he was wearing before we used this during vaginal sex, but this was taken care of by wiping my hand on a towel.

For clean up, we never felt the need to. While this lube doesn't last as long as others, it also doesn't get sticky or leave that "lube" feeling behind. My hands never felt gross after applying and neither did my vagina.

Should you feel the need to clean this off, a simple wipe down with a wet or damp cloth should do. There shouldn't be a huge need to shower to remove this lube.


Well I bought this from Eden, and if you do too it'll come as a not overly discreet bottle inside a plastic bag taped shut.

The bottle for the blue raspberry will be clear with a metallic-y blue cap and label. It will say "Swirl Intimate Lubricant" and "blue raspberry" on the 'front'.

To the left of the 'front' it tells you what Sliquid Swirl is:
- Sweet blueberry and raspberry swirl
- Water based and water soluble
- Glycerine free and Hypoallergenic
- Latex, rubber, and plastic friendly
- Non-toxic and non-staining
- Uniquely blended to emulate your body's own natural lubrication
- Formulated to last longer than most Hollywood marriages

Sliquid Swirl isn't:
- For use as a spermicide

They mention that it is slippery, and you should clean spills immediately with soap and water to prevent injury or embarrassing explanations.

To reactivate, either reapply or add water.

To the right of the 'front' is the ingredients list, an important disclaimer, and the [|website] and a phone number.

Ingrediends: Purified water, Plant cellulose, Polyquat 007, Blueberry and Raspberry flavoring, Aspartame, and DMDM Hydantoin. (100% Vegan)

Important disclaimer: Do not use if safety seal is broken/missing. Should any irritation occur, discontinue use at once. Keep out of children's reach.

Personal comments

I thought it was neat that this lube was 100% Vegan and had never been tested on animals.

I also feel as though this lube will work best for women who are good with their natural lubrication once they get going and just need a little jumpstart, or for a toy such as the smartballs or something similar where you're just inserting and not thrusting. You could use it for anal plugs as well.

While you can use this lube for anal sex or play, I would recommend against it, just because of how quickly it absorbs into the skin. You'd be much better off with a lube made specifically for anal use. However if you're just looking to add a little bit of flavor to a rimjob, this could be a useful product.


So as kind of gotten into above, this lube wasn't a huge winner with me. Well, it was and it wasn't at the same time. All the other reviews I read talk about how awesome this is for a water based lube and how long it lasts, and for me it only lasted more than a minute or two if I was using it vaginally, and this was only because my own natural lubrication reactivated the product.

It tasted just wonderful, which really surprised me after I read the ingredients list, because I don't think I've ever really had much of anything with aspartame in it that didn't have that "diet soda" aftertaste to it.

I really really liked the fact that even though it absorbed into my and my fiance's skin rather quickly, it was never ever sticky or gross, and I never felt like I had to go clean myself. This is great for those of us who like to just toss the condom and go to bed.

I've used this with a few toys and it didn't really feel like I was using lube, it felt like my own juices, which was really nice.

I had a hard time coming up with a rating for this lube on my own. I talked it over with my fiance and after we went back and forth for a little while we ended up agreeing on 3 stars. Neither of use were blown away, but we both enjoyed the taste and the feel while it lasted, and it never got gross.
Follow-up commentary
It still tastes good, it still works well for short sessions where I just need something quick to help me out, and neither of us are blown away by it, still.

It has been ignored somewhat lately, and hasn't been getting much use, but it hasn't gone bad and still works as well as it did when I bought it.
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