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When I first saw the Sweet Embrace, I noticed that it looked strikingly similar to the Vr2. I wondered if it would be an affordable alternative, or just a knockoff that couldn't live up to the original. Surprisingly, I ended up liking the Sweet Embrace more than the Vr2, thanks to it's firm, smooth material. I just wish I could combine the best features of both toys, and make this one rechargeable with separate controls as well.
Dual ended, material is smooth and hard, waterproof, simple to operate, vibration patterns.
Not rechargeable, motors not controlled separately, a bit thick for me.
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The Sweet Embrace is a double ended vibrator. Either end can be used internally or externally. Personally, I found the big end better for clitoral use, and the small end best for g-spot stimulation, but you can use it however you would like. I would recommend this toy to people who know they enjoy girth, but you could always just stick to inserting the small end if you prefer.

The Sweet Embrace could even be used anally, since the Provoke (the same toy but in a different colour) is marketed as an anal toy. However, I would only recommend inserting the small end anally while using the large end as a handle. If you insert the large end, the small end to accidentally slip inside your anus.

The Sweet Embrace is waterproof, so you can use it in the tub or shower.

Material / Texture

The Sweet Embrace is made from plastic, and has a smooth, velvety surface. Unlike the Vr2, the surface is uninterrupted by any annoying raised buttons or printing. The hard plastic makes it easy for me to apply firm pressure to my g-spot or clit, which I love. Plastic is a safe material, earning 8/10 on Eden's scale. It's non-porous, phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, and odourless. Unlike silicone, plastic toys can't be bleached or boiled for sterilization, but you can wipe it down with alcohol to kill bacteria. Plastic toys have the benefit of being compatible with any type of lubricant (water, silicone, or oil.)

Design / Shape / Size

As I mentioned, the thing that stood out to me most about the Sweet Embrace's design is how much it resembles the Vr2. Both are dual-ended, curved toys with a small end and a big end that each house a motor.

The Sweet Embrace is 1/2" shorter, coming in at 6 1/2" total length. The small end is slightly smaller than Vr2's, with a 3 1/4" circumference. The curved shape combined with the hard material allow for some excellent g-spot pressure. The large end of the Sweet Embrace is larger than the Vr2 (5 3/4" vs. 5") which may be a bonus for some, but made it a bit too large for insertion for me. The size combined with the blunt end made it impossible for me to insert it without pain. Luckily, the broad surface still works well for me clitorally.

The Sweet Embrace is hot pink, but if that doesn't float your boat, Evolved also makes the Provoke. It's exactly the same toy, except that they made it black and marketed it as a prostate massager. There's no reason the Provoke couldn't be used as a vaginal toy by women who prefer black.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Sweet Embrace is very simple to operate. There is a simple, flat button located in the center of the toy that controls both motors. Pressing it cycles through the 3 speeds and 4 vibration patterns:
1. Escalating
2. Long pulses
3. Short pulses
4. Short, short, short, long pulses

Holding the button turns the toy off. You can't lock the controls for travel, but that's unnecessary since all you need to do is take out the batteries.

The 2 motors are located in either end of the toy, and the vibrations carry throughout the toy.

The Sweet Embrace is reasonably quiet, and shouldn't be heard through a door. I have noticed that when it is held vertically, with the large end on the bottom there is a slight rattling sound. Even when it's not rattling, it's definitely louder than the Vr2.

The vibrations are of a medium frequency, neither very rumbly or very buzzy. The large end is more rumbly than the small end. They almost have a flickering quality to them. Not in a bad way, like they're cutting out, but in a way that makes it feel like the toy moves back and forth a bit more than some other vibrators do. Each end of the Sweet Embrace has deeper vibrations than the respective end of the Vr2, with the smaller end of the Sweet Embrace being almost equal in pitch to the large end of the Vr 2.

Like all Evolved toys, the Sweet Embrace is waterproof. I was able to submerge it with no issues.

Care and Maintenance

The Sweet Embrace can be easily washed with soap and water, since it's waterproof You can also wipe it down with alchol for a more thorough cleaning. It is compatible with any lube and won't react with other toys.

The Sweet Embrace runs on 2 AAA batteries. The battery compartment is different than any I've seen, but the batteries are easy to insert. Just pop 1 battery into the compartment located in either end of the toy, then twist the 2 sides together until the lines on the outside match up to show it's closed properly. There is a paper insert inside the compartments indicating the proper directions for the batteries. It should be left in for future reference, and to help prevent the batteries from rattling.


Unlike most of my other Evolved toys which arrived in tins, the Sweet Embrace came in a simple clear plastic container. It has a twist off bottom, and is easy to get into. It could work for storage since it's fairly sturdy and doesn't take up much more room than the toy itself. There is a small amount of information on the back of the package. It doesn't include detailed instructions, but the Sweet Embrace is pretty simple to operate and doesn't really require any.

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