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Gigi, Mi Amore.

Gigi is a great vibe. Compact, classy, and quality, without sacrificing functionality and practicality. It's rechargeable, has good strong vibrations, is made of high quality, lasting materials and has very few drawbacks. It is a worthwhile purchase.
Vibrations, functions, silk storage bag, rechargeable, classy packaging.
Control pad could be improved.
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The Gigi was made to make your G-spot do a standing O. (Ovation, that is.) It can also be used to stimulate the clit. Externally, the enlarged head is fabulous for stimulating more areas at once, and internally, reaches into just the right nooks and crannies. It isn't waterproof, but I think the functions and quality of the Gigi well make up for that.

I like to use it internally, buzzing or pulsing against my G, with a bullet or pocket rocket making my clit happy. Boy does that kind of play pay off.

Material / Texture

Holding the Gigi, right out of it's box, you can just tell it's a solid "pleasure object" designed to please. Luxuriously made, steadily strong vibrations, high quality material, it is a classic LELO product.

That said, the insertable part of Gigi is made of premium silicone (which is nonporous, has no taste or smell, and can be sterilized with 10% bleach) now, it isn't flexible or squeezable since there is a little powerhouse of a motor under the silicone. But, it does have a little give, and a silky soft amount of friction against the skin.

The non insertable part of Gigi, where the controls are based, is made of thick high quality plastic, which can get a little slippery with a handful of lube (the water based kind only please) but I haven't really had a problem with that.

Design / Shape / Size

The Gigi is just so cute... like a platinum fountain pen, a solid gold chefs knife, or an imported European sports car might be cute. It is small, it is pretty, and it can achieve great things. In fact, the only design flaw I could find was the placement of the control pad, it can very easily be pressed during use, changing the speed or function, but for the quality and design, this too can be worked around. It's kind of like the Vera Wang thing: you don't change the Gigi to work for you, you change the way you work for the Gigi.

That said, the Gigi is surprisingly small and compact. I think this makes it more easy to store secretly, because it's not this huge hunk of silicone to shove under your pillow, instead it takes up very little space. If found by someone, it could relatively easily be passed off as a temple or muscle massager. Although, when they decide they have to have one, and ask you where to get it... but that's a challenge for another time. Point is, Gigi scores pleasure points for being fairly discreet in appearance. (And for being rechargeable, can anyone say No More Batteries?)

Functions / Performance / Controls

Okay now for the messy part. Functioning and performance of the Gigi.

Lets start with shape. Gigi is small and slender, so insertion really isn't a big deal, and you can always use a bit of water-based lube if necessary. Many find that the hook shaped underside gets snagged on their pubic bone while thrusting with the Gigi, for me this can be lessened by angling the tip upwards so that most of the thrust is made with the flat head, and there is more room for pulling back out. However, everybody's anatomy is going to be different, and everybody's G is going to like different kinds (thrust/vibe) of stimulation, so whether the curved underside is going to present a problem, is your call.

Moving on to vibration strength. My clit is a power loving bitch, and when she isn't given a strong enough vibration of just the right frequency (not too high, not to deep) she makes an orgasm a lot of work to get to. I have the Elise as well and, while it is lovely, it provided vibrations at too deep a frequency for an easy orgasm. Maybe because Gigi is smaller, maybe because Gigi is shaped to be more clit-stimulation friendly, but I did not have those problems with it. The vibrations are strong, the functions feel nice because the vibrations are strong, and my clit gives me lovely orgasms because the vibrations are strong. Granted, I only use the strongest setting, but there are six lower ones to choose from. Factor in the five different functions and the possibilities are endless.

1. steady vibration (favorite cut to the chase function)
2. slow, punchy pulse
3. faster pulse
4. fluttery pulse
5. three second roller coaster (favorite teasing function)

As far as I can tell, what setting it's on when you turn it on, depends on what setting it was on when you shut it off (which you can do at any time by holding down the center of the control pad - I find punching the intensity all the way down is a more efficient emergency silencer) Speaking of silence, the vibrations, even at their most intense, don't create that much of a racket. With a couple of blankets, you wouldn't really hear much from across the room and even without the blankets you couldn't hear it through a closed door unless you held down on a solid surface.

Also, once you scroll up through the functions, you have to scroll back down, none of that revolving stuff. This is kind of a pain, but saves a lot of confusion too. The control pad is round, up and down controls function, left and right controls intensity. Play with it, and you'll get the hang of the controls in no time.

Care and Maintenance

Because Gigi is permanently dressed in silicone, you don't want to use silicone lube or you'll piss her off something fierce. No pissing off the pleasure object, or it will pack its bags and leave you for a more considerate lover; or melt. Neither are something you want to happen.

Gigi can be washed with a damp cloth and some gentle soap (just be careful of the recharging plug at the tip of the base), wiped down with toy cleaner, or sterilized with a wipe of 10% bleach solution. As long as you keep the hole for the charging plug clear of fluid, Gigi will provide you with pleasure for a long time. Don't forget about that 1 year warranty LELO provides either.

I store Gigi in the white silk drawstring bag that came with it, just in case, so contact with other silicone or materials don't mess up the silky finish.


LELO packaging is always classy and expensive looking. The outer shell always matches the color of the toy inside, clearly displaying information in several languages, and an actual size image of the product. Inside is a nice sturdy black box with LELO printed casually on the top, and if you have the room, it makes a great storage box. Inside of this, on a heavy plastic tray, sits the pleasure object, and beneath that an instructions manual, warranty booklet, silk drawstring storage bag, and wall outlet charger are all nestled.

Simplicity and quality all rolled up into a lovely package. Can't complain there, I'm a sucker for nice packaging, and it's my opinion that LELO sets a lofty standard and not much compares to it.
Follow-up commentary
Gigi is under my pillow as I type this. She is usually a solid backup. A second line of defense. The wingman to my LELO Nea. Sadly, I found the Nea buzzing lamely on the floor, chewed to oblivion the other day. The dog got her. So Gigi has taken over. Crisis averted. I have no complaints about Gigi. Super high quality product, has held up beautifully, still as lovely as the day I received the elegant black packaging and running strong.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • Carrie Ann
    Most reviews of the Gigi bore me half to death, after reading so many. But this one is amazingly interesting and fun to read. Good job!
  • Liz2
    Super and entertaining review! Guess because I love the Gigi so much, I can't pass up a review.
    Loved that you brought out the clit stim aspects of the Gigi. This has been passed over far too frequently.
    The Gigi one of my toys that I leave on my nightstand, so unintimidating but... Wow!!
  • Purple Foxglove
    Carrie Ann: Thank you! Big smile

    Liz2: I'm glad you say that because the reason it took me so long to order a Gigi was concern that the vibration wouldn't be enough to get me off clitorally, I am so glad I bought it anyways, it really does provide enough quality intensity.
  • ......
    Great review! It's hard keep it interesting with something that has been reviewed to death. But you did a great job!
  • Sammi
    Nice review!
  • Fuck it.
    This is really well-written and entertaining! Good job.
  • BuckeyeGal04
    Thanks for mentioning the vibration patterns.
  • IndependentlyHappy
    Thanks for the review!
  • *Camoprincess*
    Awe sorry about your Nea that the dog got but glad you had Gigi to replace her with. Thanks for the review
  • Lavendar
  • travelnurse
    Thanks for the info!
  • MK434
    Nice review! Thank you
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