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More than I imagined...In a good way

The Silly diver is one of the most extraordinary rabbit style vibrators that I've owned. I have about 7 in my collection and this one has become the top toy out of all those other ones. Between the power of the non jamming beads, the smoothness and safety of the silicone shaft and clitoral arm, and the strong, intense vibrations; you just can't go wrong! I absolutely adore my Silly diver!
*Large Girth
*May be very powerful for sensitive users.
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The Silly Diver rabbit vibrator by California exotics is by far the best rabbit that I've used to date. I used it solo and with a partner. Both times, the vibration and rotation were amazing to say the least. The intense vibrations from the clitoral arm were major. There was nothing weak about this toy, period. I received better use from this toy when I used it solo. It was great with a partner but my absolute favorite was by myself. I was able to adjust it to my personal level of pleasure and since I need a lot of stimulation in the clitoral area, it worked perfectly because this does provide powerful clitoral stimulation. I'm not exaggerating in any way about this toy.

The Silly Diver Vibrator is soft, sensual and made completely of pure silicone. It has a dolphin clitoral tickler with 7 functions of vibration, pulsation and escalation to make you or your partner go absolutely crazy with intense pleasure. With it's 3 speeds of shaft rotation this vibe is the complete package. Not only does it look and feel great but it's also waterproof so you can have a bit of fun in or out of the water! It has dolphin shaped tickler!

The Silly diver works for stimulating both your clitoris and G-spot all in one toy. This is absolutely one product that I love because instead of holding two toys and trying to manipulate them both, you have one toy held by one hand doing exactly what you need. It stimulates your clitoris by a dolphin shaped clitoral arm that has profound amounts of power. The tip or nose of the dolphin is very extreme. There is only one pleasure tip instead of two and this one pinpoints the exact spot and doesn't let up. Even with the dolphin vibrating and the rotations going at full speed, the toy does not lose power. It tends to keep up the same powerful pattern. At the lowest setting, the vibrations are still concentrated and significantly powerful. There are a few settings which I will explain below.

For internal pleasure, it stimulates the G-spot by its rotation that provides just the right amount of pressure on the g-spot. So you are simultaneously receiving clitoral and G-spot stimulation at the same time. For me, this toy provided both levels of stimulation that sent me over the edge in less than 5 minutes. This toy is not small in girth. I would not recommend to beginners that have never used girthy toys or large rabbit style vibrators unless they have been with a partner that is well endowed or used or toys with a larger circumference. The Silly diver would work great for someone who is a size or power queen. If you have a very sensitive clitoris, this toy may be too much for you. Even on the lowest setting, it has strong vibrations, so try at your own risk. I like a lot of power myself but I'm not a size queen. The size was a bit big for me. I used a lot of water based lube and took my time. I worked it in slowly to get myself used to it. To me, this toy was very large and I added quite a bit of water based lubricant to the toy as well to get it started.

The Silly diver is 100% silicone so don't use silicone lubricants on silicone toys because it will break down the material and damage your toy. Also, don't store silicone toys with other toys that are silicone. You run the risk of ruining both of them.

I did test this out in the water with no problems. I didn't submerge it but I did let water run on the shaft of the toy and it was splashed a few times, nothing happened. The packaging states that it's totally waterproof. This toy can be used in partner play, solo play, and more advanced play such as BDSM. The silly diver can be used in the bedroom, in a vehicle, pool, bath, shower, or any other place that you find suitable for your needs since it is waterproof and has held up well for me in the water.

My partner loved trying this out with me. It was a new experience for him to watch me in so much orgasmic bliss and all he had to do was hold the toy. I liked that when the clitoral vibrations got to be a bit too intense, I just told my partner to pull it out a little bit and it eased up on the power somewhat.

When I first received the toy, all that I had on hand were Rayovac batteries. I used these and it was very powerful but if you want the full effects of the Silly diver, be sure to buy a higher quality battery such as Duracell Ultra or Energizer brands. Once I put in the new Duracell batteries, the power surged through and became even more powerful. I'm so glad that I grabbed a pack of Duracell batteries. The toy takes 3 AA batteries. If you don't have any of those brands on hand but you know that this toy will be getting a lot of use, purchase some long lasting rechargeable batteries. I'm going to buy some as soon as I can! They really pay for themselves in the long run. The Duracell batteries have lasted a long time considering the usage of the toy. As strong as the vibrations are, I would have considered the batteries to be dead by now. Luckily, this isn't the case. The toy is still going strong on the same three batteries and I've used it for 3 days and about 2 times each day for a period of 5-10 minutes each time.

This toy has some noise to it. It's not the loudest rabbit that I have used but it's a bit loud. My partner faintly heard it through the bathroom door with no water running. Once I turned the water on, there was no sound heard through the door. I would imagine that some normal white noise sounds would drown this out. I keep a fan on in my room because it gets hot and my partner did not hear it over the fan on the lowest setting. You could always turn on a stereo or television if you were worried about someone hearing.

This toy could be usually anally. It doesn't have a true flared base, but the clitoral arm will stop it from going deep inside the cavity and getting lost. This could be used by any gender as it has multiple ways of stimulation.
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Material / Texture

The material of the silly diver is 100% silicone. Silicone is one of the absolute safest materials in sex toy land. The best part of all is that on the safety material scale of 1-10, it ranks the highest being a 10. There are a few other materials that rank as highly such as Stainless Steel, E-glass, tempered glass and Pyrex glass.
In recent years the use of silicone materials in sex toys has increased both because of the cheaper costs associated with silicone, as well as consumer demand for safer sex toys that are Phthalates free, BPA free, and can be sterilized to eliminate any potential bacteria.

Pure Silicone's key advantages are its safe, yet flexible material, where as most materials for adult toys such as vibrators that can't be fully sterilized are from such material as rubbers and plastics. Silicone retains a flexible composition, yet is non-porous, and many can be placed in the upper rack of dishwasher for simple care and cleaning.
With this being one of the safest materials out there, it made me like the product even more. Many consumers these days have allergies to certain materials used and they can have severe allergic reactions if a material that falls on the lowest scale is used. I'm really sensitive myself and I have began to only have an interest in safer materials. It is also easier to use because with the smooth material, it's easier to thrust in and out without a drag.

The handle is plastic which is an 8 on the material safety scale. The only plastic on the product is within and outside on the handle. There is no way for the handle to be inserted internally so this doesn't cause a health concern. The handle has some grooves that curve around the underside of the handle. These help in gripping the toy because of the size and weight. I will give the detailed information below. The plastic didn't slide out of my hands while wet because the grooves helped me to hold it easily and keep it stable. Although it did get slippery when lubricant was on the handle. The are 3 grooves that are half way down the handle in the back. These grooves are 1/2" long and 3/8" wide. The plastic is smooth and the grooves are not rough. The touch pad (control pad) is also plastic. The controls are all in one piece so there are no seams that will need to be cleaned out. The handle itself looks to be quite well made. The handle is a lighter color than the silicone shaft and clitoral arm.

The other material used is the stainless steel inside for the non jamming rotating beads. This again will cause no problems because of the 10 rating on the material safety scale and the rotating beads and mechanism are on the inside of the toy.

There was absolutely no smell upon opening the package and then once I removed it from the package and actually put the product up to my nose, there was nothing. This was great! No harmful smells and a safe material. I also licked the toy just for the review after I washed it, no taste there. I just can't convey how much I love silicone toys.

The silicone on the toy is a very smooth material. There is little to no drag to it. It feels luxurious and nothing like a cheap toy. The top of the toy has rib like ridges which give a good texture on my hand while rubbing them. Although on the inside, the ridges were hard to feel, even with a very snug fit. These did not change how the toy felt inside.

Design / Shape / Size

The Silly diver is a basic rabbit style vibrator with a lot of girth, power and size. They should have named it the Dolphin diver because the clitoral stimulator looks just like a dolphin.

The main thing that differs from this toy is the powerful and distinct clitoral stimulation. No other rabbit style vibe that I've tried to date has been this intense for me. This should be the selling point of this toy.

If you need maximum clitoral power and not a huge amount of g-spot stimulation, this is the toy for you. I would be surprised if someone thought that is wasn't powerful enough. With it being more for the clitoral power, I still felt the head of the toy rotating deeply. I'm not sure if I could have taken much more of a curve on his toy because of its size.

The silly diver is a bigger sized rabbit style vibrator. I have included the measurements below:

*Length - 10"

*Insertable Length - 5 1/2"

*Girth - 4 3/4" around at largest

*Width - 1 1/2" at widest

*Plastic handle cap Diameter -1 1/2"

*Plastic handle cap circumference - 4 3/4"

*Handle with control pad circumference -5 3/4"

*Silicone shaft length - 7 1/2"

*5”x 1.5”/ 12.75 cm x 3.75 cm (shaft)

*2”x 1.25”/ 5 cm x 3.25 cm (stimulator)

*Material -Silicone, ABS plastic

*Powered by - 3 x AA batteries

*Special Features - Waterproof, phthalate free, multi-speed, 7 function

*Color - Purple

The weight of the silly diver without batteries is: 12.4 oz.

The weight of the silly diver with batteries is: 14.9 oz.

This toy is made for more clitoral pleasure instead of just merely g-spot pleasure. There is no major curve near the tip for g-spot pleasure. If you are someone who may need more g-sot pressure, you may want to try the silly rabbit which I have linked below. The silly diver still hit my g-spot and gave me a great amount of satisfaction. There are several toys in the line from California Exotics, such as the silly rabbit [] and the silly rider [] I haven't experienced those but they all seem to be similar in appearance with their own special styles of teasing and pleasing.

I liked the dolphin look to this toy instead of the traditional rabbit style vibrators. I really liked the nose tip for extra stimulation. In the past, I've noticed that the rabbit ears sometimes tickled my labia and clitoris or was simply too long to fit correctly. With the single tip, this hasn't happened.

The rotation on this style was perfect for my anatomy. I was worried that it would rotate too wildly and begin to hurt because of my narrow size. This again wasn't the case. All of my fears were put to ease with this toy.

The stainless steel rotating beads inside don't jam and they are strong, they have a nice shiny finish as with any stainless steel, they look as if they were just polished. There are 3 rows of stainless steel beads. 24 total. These beads provide 3 levels of pleasurable shaft rotation. There is also a reverse function where the beads stop and start again in the other direction. This can provide a different feel from the textured ridges. The ridges near the top are the only textured areas on the toy. Everything else is completely flat, even on the dolphin stimulator, that is smooth as well. I like that the head of the toy is shaped more like a realistic head and not a animal. This makes it more appealing.

This toy is not a small size so if you wanted to take it for travel in a automobile, I would suggest to put it into a duffle bag or large backpack. It doesn't have a lock feature so be aware that if something gets put on top or shuffled around, it may be able to turn on with the batteries inside. I would go the extra mile and put it inside a hard plastic case and then inside the bag and remove the batteries just to be extra safe. I would only travel with it in a trunk because almost any adult will know what this is used for. If you remove the batteries and no on will be in your bag, you could take it anywhere you wanted. Just be sure to remember to take them out. the battery cradle can be taken out with the batteries still inside and they can be stored in the cradle outside of the toy. I don't usually keep batteries in my toys because sometimes batteries can corrode or leak and damage the toy.

If you feel like experimenting and you are a daring beginner, I would say Go for it! I usually tend to like the smaller girth rabbits but this one worked out for me and didn't cause pain. I started slowly because of the size and design and I found out that it worked perfectly. The climax was much more intense because of the size and extreme power.
    • Beginner
    • Partner play

Functions / Performance / Controls

The functions on the silly diver are extremely easy to manipulate. There are 4 buttons total and even though some sex toys can be confusing or annoying, this one was not. I didn't read any directions for the use of it because it didn't come with any. I guess we just had to wing it and hope that we could figure it out. I knew how to get it to work the way I wanted, even without any instructions. I will explain the use of the functions just because it's easier to understand.

There are 6 tiny, illuminated LED lights total on the control panel. There are 3 at the top and 3 at the bottom. These are shaped like tiny hearts.
The top 3 are for the shaft rotation. On the lowest setting, one lights up and stays solid, for the medium setting, 2 light up and stay solid. For the fastest setting and 3rd setting, all 3 stars light up and stay solid.

For the clitoral illumination, the first two settings which are low and medium vibrations; all 3 bottom lights blink together quickly. For the 3rd setting which is high vibrations, all 3 lights become solid.
The rest of the settings go with the lights. The patterns that I will describe below are in tune with the LED lighting. I like this function. It helps to light up the control pad when in a dark room. They are still bright enough to see in a well lit room.

The 7 functions are described below:

To turn on the silly diver, just push/press any of the buttons on the top or bottom of the control pad to start the vibration/rotation. You then choose your level of excitement from the following controls.

There are 4 buttons on the control pad. The top two controls that have an up arrow and a down arrow are for the shaft rotation, the up makes it go faster and the down makes it go slower.

The middle button is the button with two curved arrows, this button controls the reverse action. This is for if you want to quickly reverse the way the shaft is going for a different sensation.

The bottom button with the squiggly line is for all of the functions for the clitoral stimulation. All 7 functions are controlled with this one button.

Clitoral Stimulation

Push/Press Squiggly Button Once - Low Vibrations- Bzzz

Push/Press Squiggly Button Twice- Medium Vibrations- Bzzzzzzzzz

Push/Press Squiggly Button Three Times- High Vibrations- Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Push/Press Squiggly Button our Times- Medium Pulsating Vibrations - Bzzzzz Bzzzzz Bzzzzz- Repetitive

Push/Press Squiggly Button Five Times- Medium Pulsating up to Medium Speed Vibrations-Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Bzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Push/Press Squiggly Button Six Times- Low pulsations up to High Vibrations- Bzzzz Bzzzz BZZZZZZZZZZZ

Push/Press Squiggly Button Seven Times For:Bzz Bzzzz Bzzzz Bzz - Repetitive

Push/Press Squiggly button for 4 seconds to power off.

Rotation Controls

To turn on the slowest rotation of the silly diver's shaft, just press the left, up arrow once.

To turn on the medium rotation of the silly diver's shaft, just press the left, up arrow twice.

To turn on the fastest rotation of the silly diver's shaft, just press the left, up arrow three times.

To quickly go down a level, use the arrow button facing downwards and it will take you back to the lower setting.

The settings on this toy have to be some of the easiest that I have used. They are located at the perfect locations for my fingers. I have small hands and I could operate it with ease. I didn't have to fiddle around with it and take out the toy to get it how I wanted. I managed to do it all with one hand while in the bath tub. Test it out a few times before use just to familiarize yourself with how it works. I played around with it a bit just to get a feel for the controls. I held it upside down while I messed around with it. After all, that is the way that I would always be using it; so what better way to start? I watched the rotations and felt them with my hand. I tightened my hand around the beads to see if they would jam with pressure, they did not. All of the tests that I gave to this toy, it passed! This toy had it all. I just couldn't wait to put it inside of myself! My first time in the bath with this big boy was incredible!

I was careful in the bath because even though the toy packaging states that is is indeed waterproof; I read where a few people have lost their favorite toys because water seemed to get into the battery compartment somehow. When I took out the battery cradle, I noticed that there was no rubber O-ring inside to ensure that the water wouldn't get in. This worried me a bit but I put everything back in snugly and used it in the bath WITHOUT submerging it. I didn't submerge it because I didn't want to take the chance. So while we are talking about the battery compartment, I will explain how to put the batteries in.

The battery compartment is on the very bottom of the toy, on the plastic handle. While you have the toy in front of yourself, hold it where the clitoral arm is directly in front of you, on the top. Take the battery cover and turn it slightly to your left. You will feel the click to let you know that it was opened. If you have longer nails, this may be a bit of a struggle at first. I have longer nails and I thought of an easier way to open the cover:

I bent my index finger onto the cover and flattened the side of my thumb against it. I turned it to the left and there were no more problems. Now, I just needed to remember to do this next time. It's on more snugly because it is meant to be waterproof so it makes a nice tight seal.

Once you take the cover off, there is a battery cradle that slides out. The cradle is 2 1/4" long and 4" in circumference. On one side, it holds 2 batteries and they go in opposite of each other. On the other side, there is a place for one battery. At one end of the cradle, there are the two metal connectors coming off of one end, that touch against the metal connectors inside the toy. This cradle slides in and out easily. There is only one way to slide it inside so you won't waste time sliding it in different ways to find out that it was the wrong way. There are curved grooves and once you match it up, it slides right in. Don't shove it in against the connector. There's no need, it just sits perfectly near the cap. To put the cover back on, just grab it with your index finger bent and your thumb against it and make sure the largest part is on the bottom and the thinnest on top. Pick up the silly diver like I had you do before and place the cover onto the handle and turn right. You should feel it go into place and then you won't be able to budge it. This cover creates a good seal.
    • Easy to use
    • Long lasting power
    • Multiple settings

Care and Maintenance

I would suggest placing the silly diver in a storage pouch to keep it away from other silicone materials. As I mentioned above, it can ruin all toys involved if you just decide to toss them in a box on top of each other. Silicone toys don't play well together. The two materials together can cause damage to each other. Also with silicone lubricants; Do NOT use silicone lubricant on silicone toys. Use any other lubricant except that kind, please. We don't want to damage something that fills us with so much pleasure!

When I first used the silly diver, I cleaned it first. I always clean my toys before and after each use. I give them a thorough cleaning when I first receive them. With this being pure silicone, I used a 10% bleach solution, just to be sure that it was clean. To make a 10% bleach solution, you must have equal parts such as with using a measuring cup. I used my measuring cup and poured the water and the bleach into a big spray bottle.
Just make sure that whatever you use has 9 parts water and one part bleach. You can use 1/2 cups or Tablespoons. Just use whatever you have that can make equal parts. I clean my toys regularly and if my toy material can be cleaned with the 10% solution, I do it. Make sure to check your material to see if bleach can be used to clean it. Silicone can be cleaned with the 10% solution so it works out great for me. This is not intended to be cleaned in the dishwasher because the handle can become too hot and damage the inside electrical components.

I clean every crevice that I find and it's important to take note of areas with seams.
There are ridges near the top of the silly diver, these tend to hold some secretions so be sure to give them extra care while cleaning.
You could also put the silicone shaft and clitoral arm into boiling water for 1-3 minutes if held by the handle. Don't immerse the plastic handle into the boiling water as it can melt and damage the toy. You can clean with an antibacterial soap, spray or just a normal soap and warm water. The new wipes for sex toys are wonderful to use and the benefit of those is that you can use on your body as well for cleanup. Cleaning toys properly are essential for the health of our intimate areas and our bodies.

One of the most common ways to get a bacterial infection is to not clean your sex toys well.

You can also be exposed to harmful bacteria if you use it anally or close to the anus and then insert it into the vagina or near the urethra. That's why it's so important to clean them before and after each use.

I keep every toy that I own in its own packaging,whether it's a pouch, box or bag. You never know what toy will cause a reaction to another one and I don't want to take any chances. You can store your toy in a plastic bag, cloth bag, baggie, sex toy storage bag and so many more types of bags. You can find many storage options here []
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The silly diver arrived in a clear plastic package. The package was 12 " long and 4" wide. If you were looking to give this as a gift to someone, I would suggest placing it in something a little more sturdy so the toy doesn't get banged up.

On the packaging near the edges on the front, it looks as if there are clear bubbles printed all over the edges. On the top right corer it reads Soft, Sensual, Pure Silicone. Near the bottom middle, it reads Silly Diver. Down towards the right bottom corner, it reads 7 functions of vibration and pulsation and escalation. 3 speeds of shaft rotation. Totally waterproof. On the bottom left corner, it shows the California Exotics Novelties label and it also reads Waterproof.

On one side of the box, it reads Vibrator with clit stimulator in English and then 5 more languages for international use.

The other side of the box shows a lengthy picture of the Silly Diver and underneath the picture it reads Pure Silicone and has the California Exotic Novelties label and also reads Waterproof.

On the back of the package, it shows another photo of the Silly diver. On this photo, there are captions that show how the toy can be used:

At the ridges, it reads: Subtle ridges.

At the dolphin, it reads: Intense diving dolphin.

At the beads, it reads: 3 rows of non jamming pleasure beads.

At the base of the dolphin, it reads: Unscented superior silicone.

At the control panel,

it reads:

Illuminated LED lights.

3 speeds of shaft rotation.

Reverse rotation button.

7 functions of vibration, pulsation, escalation.

EZ load battery pack.

It also states to Hold power button for 4 seconds to power off

Underneath that writing, it reads silly Diver is designed for the total and unconditional goal of providing the ultimate in female stimulation. Now, it would be silly not to possess one!

Product registration:

At the bottom of the package, there is some useful information on the company that makes the toy.

Copyright 2011 by Californai Exotic Novelties, LLC Chino, CA.
Made in China. Uses 3AA batteries, not included. SOLD AS A NOVELTY ONLY. Material: Silicone (vibrator), Stainless steel (beads), ABS (Controller)
All rights reserved. The shape and appearance of this packaging is a trademark and trade dress of California Exotic Novelties, LLC.
Twist cap securely before use.
Wash before and after each use. Remove batteries when not in use. Always use a waterbased lubricant with this product for maximum pleasure.

This product is intended for a novelty use product only. For external use only. (We know this isn't the case) Any product use for medical purpose or for a use that has an adverse effect on any function of the body is prohibited.

The packaging is not discreet because it shows both the toy on the packaging and has a window to fully see the silly diver inside.
You can use for storage but the plastic is flimsy so don't sit anything on top of it because it could damage your toy. I would suggest to buy a case or pouch for it. You can recycle the plastic. The packaging is very informative. No instructions were received with the product.
    • Good for storage
    • Very informative

Personal comments

I was thoroughly pleased with the silly diver. This is the best rabbit style vibrator that I've used to date. I was very eager to use this and see what the difference was between this vibrator and some styles from other brands.
With the ease of use between operating it, to the function and controls; this has become my top vibrator. The toy just consumed me because I couldn't get enough of it. I used it several times for the first few days that I had it. I was never disappointed. The toy did what it was supposed to do with no flaws and it was incredibly easy to use. I'm completely satisfied.


My partner joined in on the fun and he loved how he could make me have a great orgasmic experience just by holding the toy. He didn't have to do any work or use his fingers. He really liked that. At first, he may have been intimidated by the rabbit doing so much for me that he wasn't able to do. Once he joined in and he could change the controls to his liking and put more pressure against the clitoris and make me scream, he started to like it. When he wanted to get a scream of pleasure out of me, he knew exactly which way to move the toy. This became fun for him. He's already asking about some different types so he can tease me with them.

I never knew that the silly diver would be so much fun for partner play as well as solo play.

I haven't tried this anally but it could work for someone who is experienced in anal play.
Follow-up commentary
I'm still digging the silly diver. He's everything that you look for in a rabbit style vibrator. The Silly Diver is powerful and he hits the right spots.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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