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The golden girl of G-spot vibrators

This toy is totally unique -- it provides a different sensation than any other g-spot toy I have tried, and I mean that in a very good way. It's also great for clit stimulation. It is definitely worth getting -- it exceeded my highest hopes!
Beautiful to look at and hold; very powerful motor; creates amazing g-spot orgasms.
High-pitched whine when you first turn the toy on; slightly awkward charging port.
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I have been eying the Gigi for over a year now, and finally decided to buy it. I am so happy to say that it exceeded my expectations!

I should mention that I own another toy by Lelo, the Elise, and I've been happy with that vibrator. However, the Elise was a bit too large to be comfortable for penetration all the time. The Gigi's more petite size is part of what attracted me to her. Also, I admit that I was struck by the consistency of the [|reviews for Gigi - I have never seen a sex toy get such unanimously positive reviews! I wanted to see if it lived up to all its accolades.

I also already own another toy that I can use for g-spot stimulation - the Pure Wand by N-joy. I think the Pure Wand is worth ten times its price; it is amazing. As I got ready to try the Gigi, a part of me wondered whether it would be good enough to compete with the Pure Wand in the G-spot stimulation department.

The Gigi was, of course, packaged beautifully. Its size makes it perfect for holding in my hand, and its curves just seem sexy to me. It comes fully charged, which is such a nice touch on the part of Lelo. I love not having to wait 12 hours to try out a new toy!

The shape of the little g-spot tip makes the Gigi an effective clit stimulator. The five modes are a nice combination of faster pulsations, slower pulsations, and some "up-and-down" kind of stuff. I should also mention that I like my vibrators to be powerful (I was a devotee of the Wahl Coil and Hitachi Wand, and am now an Eroscillator enthusiast), and I found the Gigi packed plenty of punch for me.

After warming up, I used some lube (non-silicone lube, because the Gigi is made of silicone and I want this toy to last!) to make sure that the Gigi wouldn't rub me the wrong way when I put it inside me. I had nothing to worry about, though -- the Gigi felt great as I pushed it inside me. Its size made it very comfortable. I did not have the "too full, stretching my vagina a little bit" feeling that I get with the Elise sometimes.

And the way the Gigi felt was amazing. The shape of the tip and the effect of having pulsations concentrated on my G-spot like that was unlike anything I've felt with any other toy. I settled on one of the pulsating rhythms, and the steady throbbing soon made me orgasm. It was awesome.

While I still love my Pure Wand, I think the Gigi will earn a place among my personal favorite toys. While toys like the Pure Wand work really well for putting steady pressure on the G-spot, the Gigi offers a different experience because of the strong vibrations that are all concentrated in that special tip.

Because I am a clean freak, I like being able to boil my toys. However, I don't think boiling would be a good idea for the Gigi, because it is not fully waterproof, and I would be afraid of damaging its motor. However, because it is medical-grade silicone, which is supposed to be incapable of harboring bacteria, I feel okay about just cleaning it with warm water. The booklet that accompanies the Gigi suggests cleaning it with warm water and antibacterial soap, so you could do that too (I personally don't use soap on my toys due to my vagina's sensitivity to soap). The little booklet also recommends drying the toy with a lint-free cloth, which is a great idea. I use one of those microfiber cloths that are sold for cleaning mirrors (I set aside this particular cloth especially for my sex toys), and it works very well. The booklet also reminded me to keep my toy in a "dust-free place" (for example, in its cute little box), which is a good idea, because silicone often attracts dust.

As others have mentioned, this toy does emit a slight high-pitched whine when I first turn it on, but I think either the whine goes away soon or I just become too distracted to notice it, because it didn't seem like a big deal to me at all. I also found the covering for the charging port to be a little difficult to get out, and thought that part could have been made slightly better. Those are my only minor quibbles, and they are decidedly minor. Overall, this toy gets five enthusiastic stars from me. Because of its petite size and user-friendly shape, it is a better toy for me than the Elise was.
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  • Victoria
    Great review. How was cleaning? Did you recharge it after each use? Thanks!
  • Nashville
    Better than the Elise? No wai! Smile I'm thinking maybe I should try the Gigi to see if your theory is correct.
  • Liz2
    Glad you liked the Gigi, I was so impressed and satisfied when I bought it. Liked your review. I have found that rechargeable vibes do have a whine" but I hardly notice it. Try the Pure Wand and the Gigi during the same session...Wow!!
  • Naughty Student
    It's such a nice color, a purple royal. Nice review!
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    You're right about unanimously positive reviews. Glad you enjoyed this. Every time I read a review, I want it a bit more.
  • Airlia
    Like Adriana - each time I read another review I just salivate over it all the more. Sigh one day it will be mine!
  • ~LaUr3n~
    I guess money does matter!
  • Desdimona
    In the pink: You definitely don't have to recharge it after each use. Lelo says that a 2-hour charge will provide up to 1.5 hours of power. So one charge could last you anywhere from three half-hour sessions or fifteen eight-minute sessions.

    For cleaning, I just wash the silicone part with warm water before and after each use, and dry it with a lint-free cloth (I use one of those microfiber cloths intended for dusting mirrors). The little booklet that comes with the toy recommends cleaning with warm water and antibacterial soap, but I avoid soap because of a personal fear of yeast infections. Also, the booklet suggests that you keep it in a dust-free place (for example, in its cute little box), because silicone can easily attract dust.
  • Epiphora
    I'm actually working on a review for my blog right now that is not absolutely glowing for the Gigi. mostly because I have the Ella and think it does the trick, but better. Gasp!
  • Fuck it.
    The more reviews I read, the more I remember this isn't waterproof.
    Would it kill them to make a waterproof model?
  • IndependentlyHappy
    Thanks for the review!
  • roskat
    I wish this was fully waterproof.
  • Aurora Borealis
  • MK434
    Great review!
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