Humor » Satire; Society » Humor; Body » Vagina, Sex ed: "For the love of God. Let my vagina sleep."
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For the love of God. Let my vagina sleep.

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Contributor: Zenagirl

What time is it? Hmmm, seems to be twat o'clock here.

Contributor: mudpie

This is so funny!

Contributor: nevadagrrl

I don't want to have to fish my alarm clock out of the toilet when I forget to hang onto it in the middle of the night...

Contributor: Etan Ben-Ami
Etan Ben-Ami  

A better bet is the camgirl alarm clock: you plug a Hitachi Magic Wand into a lamp/appliance timer, set the Hitachi on high, and tuck it under your pillow. Of course, you'll probably wake your partner by screaming and swearing when it goes off.

Contributor: meezerosity

Fabulous. I want one just to say I have it.

Contributor: ksparkles16

cool article

Contributor: iwantyouwantingme

My mom used to sing "rise and shine and give god the glory glory..." Imagine my feelings now...

Contributor: BexvanKoot

For the record, this is not an insertion device. It doesn't go inside your vagina.

Also, it's awesome.

Contributor: LLmama

I seriously laughed SO HARD.

Contributor: Tony Maggs
Tony Maggs  

Brilliant article. Enormous metal chickens, tiny vibrating roosters - I sense a theme here.

I'm the inventor, and re your sleep scientist question, just the opposite happens. The more you enjoy the feeling of waking up, the more likely you are to start your day in a great mood.

So which would you prefer, being woken by an irritating beep or gentle clitoral vibrations? DM me on twitter if you'd like a complimentary Little Rooster to review! I'm sure you'll have fun with the snorgasm function.

(And as others have noted, no part goes inside your vagina. And if you have to wake up at 5 am and your husband wants to sleep, Little Rooster is silent and won't wake him. Is there no end to the delights of this device?)

Little Rooster Store

Contributor: snowyslut

My god, what an awful(ly funny) idea.