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Video Proof that Men Stare at Women's Breasts

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We know. You're shocked. But the boob-cam doesn't lie.


Contributor: Hurricane Katrina

You know... it is not just guys who stare at a woman's chest either. I have learned that what I lack in lezdar in just looking at somebody... I can match up by wearing a very revealing top. Then watching what women look at my chest... and what women do not seem interested.

When that happens, if you are having it pointed out, "yeah... why am I not following those walking boobs. What was my own compelling reason to stay..." then a grope usually works, followed by an "oh." a turn around... and what not.

If you are pointing it out, and s?he tries to deny it, just look at h(im|er), "I... I knew you liked men better... I... wasn't sure... but when you didn't stare at those remarkably nice breasts--it kind of confirmed it to me." then look away and make a pouty face... or if s?he says yes, ask h(im|er) to compliment your breasts, "are they better than mine?" with maybe a bit of sly flirty look...

This is just something that can be solved (by either side) with merely a bit of flirty actions. Which honestly do more to HELP you two be closer than just having one pretend they have eyes for no other.

If you are a guy, dating another guy... then your guy staring at boobs will cause issues that I cannot hope to solve.