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Colonization of the Sacred Breast

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The powerful meanings breasts convey as life-givers and life-destroyers are varied and complex. There are the ‘good breasts’ that we associate with lactating mothers and the ‘bad breasts’ that kill us with cancer; in between we squeeze in the ‘naughty breasts’ of sexuality that, depending on perspective, can be bad, good or both.



Breastatorally: love it!

BTW in late November 2011 i'll be offering a webinar of my show Breasts! on their sacral symbolism around the world: ceremonial breastpots, breasted drums, mortars, furnaces, houses, doors and ladders; gold breastplates, votive plaques, figurines and megalithic statues that focus on the breasts. Date to be announced, on my Suppressed Histories Archives FB page.


I'm so glad you shared that info Max Dashu. I just may take you up on that offer!


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