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Colonization of the Sacred Breast

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The powerful meanings breasts convey as life-givers and life-destroyers are varied and complex. There are the ‘good breasts’ that we associate with lactating mothers and the ‘bad breasts’ that kill us with cancer; in between we squeeze in the ‘naughty breasts’ of sexuality that, depending on perspective, can be bad, good or both.


Contributor: Maxala

Breastatorally: love it!

BTW in late November 2011 i'll be offering a webinar of my show Breasts! on their sacral symbolism around the world: ceremonial breastpots, breasted drums, mortars, furnaces, houses, doors and ladders; gold breastplates, votive plaques, figurines and megalithic statues that focus on the breasts. Date to be announced, on my Suppressed Histories Archives FB page.

Contributor: Tinamarie Bernard

I'm so glad you shared that info Max Dashu. I just may take you up on that offer!