Health » Women; Sex & Society » Television, Women: "Milk Producers Find Out No One Thinks PMS is Very Funny"

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Milk Producers Find Out No One Thinks PMS is Very Funny

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Ads are pulled from airwaves. Want to alleviate symptoms? Try sex.


Contributor: Ansley

Talk about someone who just doesn't get it. I'm surprised he didn't have a ton of angry women knocking on his door, since ya know we're so irrational and all at that time of the month.

Contributor: neohiobiker

If your a male you never tire of PMS jokes WHY cause we're most always the target for a PMS women

Contributor: Amanda Kay
Amanda Kay  

Milk? I'll try it and see. As for sex makes things worse for me.

Contributor: Ivy Wilde

Horseback riding really helps me with cramps, so I suppose if you're doing it cowgirl style...