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Pageant Mom Gives Daughter Botox, Goes on TV, is Under Investigation

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She says it's safe; doctors and the rest of the world disagree.


Contributor: sarahbear

I get annoyed with pageant moms who drag their little girls to these shows and make them sit through hours of make-up, hair styling and traveling when the kids are obviously not that interested in doing it. I feel like that is going to give kids enough of a complex about beauty. Giving them dangerous injections and waxing her before she's even begun growing body hair? She has no idea what she's done to her daughter and how it's going to affect her as a teen and adult.

Contributor: LadyAurora

Apparently this was a hoax payed for by some trash mag in Britain. They checked out the daughter and she had no injections. The mother swore out a statement saying she was paid $200 to come forward with this story. All I can say is, unbelievable!