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What Do You Tell a Woman Who is Considering Abortion?

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UK doctors emphasize safety, divided on psychological advice.


Contributor: Matoira

Wow, I think it's twisted that they are telling women that. If a woman is on the fence, then she may seriously be considering keeping the child. If she is, then basically telling her "Having this baby is DANGEROUS! You should have an abortion!" is beyond screwed up.

As for that removing psychological trauma? Bull shit. My mother was hemorrhaging and in the middle of miscarrying after her boyfriend beat the hell out of her when she was 15. They told her that the best option was an "Emergency DNC". They told her that chances are, the baby wouldn't live anyways, it could kill her, and went on and on about the statistics of how badly damaging it could be to her.

She had the procedure done, and over 25 years later, she STILL has issues because of it.

I believe every woman has the right to choose, but taking such a serious issue, and basically making light of it, and making it the "healthier option" is sick and twisted. If anything, they should be telling women "You know, twenty years from now, you may still have some trauma from this. We suggest that if you do have the abortion, you get grief counseling to help you through any feelings you may have after words."

God forbid they act responsibly about it instead of just sugar coating the facts.