Jellyfish - strap-on dildo by Whipspider rubberworks - review by deceased


Strap-on dildo by Whipspider rubberworks

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A Jellyfish That Will Not Sting You

An exciting dildo. Doesn't look like any penis on earth, exquisite care was put into the details, color, and design. Did not fail to deliver.
Fabulous design, inconspicuous on a shelf or in a suitcase.
May be big for a newbie
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The Jellyfish is a unique dildo that does not look like anything at all in your collection! Its a multi-use toy that can be use hand held, strapped to a chair, or as a strap on dildo in a harness, or nicely displayed on your shelf next to your Tiki God bottle opener, your sea shells, and a little plastic hula dancer with a bobble-head. Of course, as good as it feels, you will want to give it some regular exercise instead of using it as a curio.

This is a big, juicy dildo standing 7 inches, the base is thick-a good inch. It has one of the most mushroom like bulbous heads I have ever seen, and mine has a slightly curved shaft, so when I inserted it-and it takes a bit of patience and even more lube if you are a more seasoned gal like me (read post menopausal). Wow, it really filled me up!! Its a good five and a half inches in circumference and the shaft is an inch and three quarters in diameter. (Using a harness, let me suggest a 2 inch stainless O ring) It hit my G spot, my F stop (only kidding camera buffs), my tonsils......and it felt so good my head hit the wall behind the bed. If you are using this on a partner, start slowly and use a lot of water based lube. He or she is not going to ask "Is it in yet?" They will know!!!

Material / Texture

The Jelly fish is premium silicone. Whipsider Rubberworks, who lovingly made this in Bangor Maine (Picture lobster boats, chilly air, Stephen King novel settings) suggest washing your Jelly fish with soap and water or boiling in a saucepan for three minutes and keeping it away from sharp object that could cut it.

Its firm but flexible, a slight bounce but no floppiness, you wouldn't want to pack with it(-well maybe you would as a big surprise) and it is extremely detail oriented and textured. The head of the dildo has a flower engraving on the tip instead of a urethral opening, the frenulum is kind of pleated, the shaft is a web of tentacles in varying thicknesses and tendrils in spiral like waves.

Design / Shape / Size

This is the most unique design I have seen since Divine Interventions in California brought out their line of blasphemous dildos. However, a Jellyfish is not an offensive design to the general public. Whipsider considers it an "interactive sculpture". It doesn't look like a real jelly fish, its far more attractive. The Jelly fish had an area of glow in the dark white at the tip, some pale pink gradiating into the head, the shaft was pink fading into lavender and turquoise. Its visually very pleasing to the eye as well.

The Jellyfish feels good in your hands (as well as other places), you just want to give the firm, thick shaft a good squeeze. Its soft to touch, it smells a bit like mineral spirits when I first removed it from its plastic baggy, but the smell was gone after a bath in Dial antibacterial soap. I was able to stretch a condom over it as well. The head being so large and mushroom like, I chose a large Trojan Magnum. I was still able to feel the intricate textures on the shaft as well.

It may be a bit much for beginners, especially those who want to take it anally (very textured and a thick flared base make the Jellyfish very tempting for a backdoor toy)


I liked everything about this toy, its looks, its unique design, the texture, the colors, the heft (its about a pound!) and its multifunction properties. They also make a version of the Jellyfish that accepts a silver bullet, my base had this are covered by a black seal of the company's insignia-thewhipsider spider.

Care and Maintenance

Antibacterial soap and water, toy cleanser or boiling it in a pot for three minutes should have this Jellyfish disinfected and ready to play again.


The toy comes in a plastic baggie with a white card with how to care for your new friend, a little about the company, and their web address.
Follow-up commentary
I bought a second one, and gave it as a gift. It's that good. It's large, adorable, glows in the dark without being radioactive, and it's premium silicone. What more could I want?
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  • Sammi
    This has been on my wishlist for a long time - it looks so cool.
    Good review!
  • Backseat Boohoo
    Really nice review!
  • her.royal.redness
    This looks... crazy. *Lol* Thanks for a great review!
  • imp
    This looks insanely like a whole lot of moaning fun! I love girthy toys, thanks for the review I have plonked it on my wishlist!
  • Naughty Student
    Everytime I read a review about this toys awesomeness it always decreases my apprehensiveness towards this toy, maybe one day it will make it to my wishlist...thanks for the review.
  • deceased
    It's worth investing in. You will have it forever, unless a jealous lover runs off with it!
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    This looks so fun but clean up looks.. fussy
  • Minxy
    Hello again,

    I have ?'s. I own the Tentacle, but I find the suction cup texture aggravates me more than it pleases. Is the texture on the Jellyfish just as aggressive? I know you said in your review that the Jellyfish hit your g-spot, but I'm curious as to how you would compare the Silky and the Jellyfish as far as g-spot stimulation goes?
  • deceased
    The Silky kicks jelly out of the Jellyfish in this department. I have so much love for my Silky that I have a spare in case his backbone breaks....
  • Minxy
    Thank you darlin. I love my Silky to death, I will never be without one if I can help it!
  • sixfootsex
    Great review! My favorite part was "glows in the dark without being radioactive"... but the info was excellent as well!
  • EvaChangeN
    great details!
  • Elliotstar
    Nice review!
  • Anjulie
    Great review!
  • Ghost
    Looks nuts! Love Whipspider.
  • Mew
  • Maxx
    Nice review
  • Greenleaf
    Thanks for the review!
  • Bullfroggy and Rose
    thanks for the review
  • Rory
    Nice review! Thanks!!
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