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Strap-on dildo by Whipspider rubberworks

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I Went Jelly Fishing

The Jellyfish is made of silicone, so you can boil it for cleaning purposes. This is great for those who want to use the Jellyfish and want to use the Jellyfish on a harness. It has a unique and whimsical design that is only appealing to some. The shaft is aligned with swirled and rippled texture that could be an issue for the extremely sensitive.
Safe material, unique design, flexible material, realistic feel, beautiful, and flared base.
Texture (for some) and a lint magnet.
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The Jellyfish is a dildo with a flared base. This flared base allows you to use this dildo anally and with a harness as well as vaginally. Due to the material being soft and flexible, you can thrust this dildo as much as you or your partner can take. The material also allows you to share the dildo, since sterilization is possible. This is great for those who own the dildo who want to use it on there harness. The whimsical design is brilliant and very eye catching to unique toy lovers, but the dildo will not appeal to all. The design is really appealing paired with the Pink Candy Minx Harness. This dildo is aligned with texture that can really juice up the vaginal walls and feel amazing on the anal walls as well. The texture appears heavy in the photos, but since it is made of a flexible and soft material it is not a firm texture. This texture will only effect those who are extremely sensitive. I recommend this dildo to everyone who it appeals to.

Material / Texture

The Jellyfish is made of hygienic Silicone. Silicone is a man made semi-organic polymer. It is a water, dirt, and bacteria repellent. This material can also withstand friction, so it won't deteriorate over time. With a safety rating of a 10 out of 10, silicone is always latex free, phthalates free, hypo-allergenic, and non-porous. Due to the non-porous nature of silicone, you can share this dildo without a condom, but for safety reasons you should use a condom or boil your dildo. This silicone is really squishy; I can even pinch it with my fingers. It is also very flexible, which is great for those who like hard thrust, so it won't bruise your cervix. It does have a realistic feel to it upon use. The silicone feels rubbery to the touch. It can rip easily, so you will want to watch out for sharp corners and store it away from toys that could damage it. Silicone is always a lint magnet and this is no exception, so be sure to wash it before and after every use.

The jellyfish has a head like top to create a popping sensation and it is heavily aligned with swirled texture. This texture is hardly felt upon use and will only matter to those who are extremely sensitive.

Design / Shape / Size

The Jellyfish stands 7" tall on its flared base. It starts off with a head top that is shaped like the body of a jellyfish. This head continues down to the shaft that has texture along it. The texture is coming off the jellyfish body like it is the tentacles. These ripple and swirl down the entire shaft and stop and the top of the flared base. The largest insertable circumference is located at the fullest place of the head. This is a 6" circumference or a 2" diameter. The rest of the shaft has about a 5" circumference or a 1.5" diameter. This varies depending on the thickness of the texture in that area, but it is all roughly 5" in circumference (1.5" diameter.)The flared base has a circumference of 8.25" or a diameter of 2.5". The size of the base is much larger than the dildo, so it works well as a stopper. The dildo is insertable up to 6", but that will vary person to person. The colors of the jelly fish are pink, purple, and blue. They all have a metallic shine to them. The pink seems to be what is glow in the dark. (This feature is hard to photograph.)

The design is very unique and beautiful. I love the colors, the texture, and the creature appearance. This dildo is one of a kind in my book. I also find it awesome that it glows in the dark.

This is dildo is travel friendly as long as you store it right. I am not sure it is discreet, since to me, it looks like a dildo, but maybe to someone who doesn't know dildos it would be discreet. The size is great for most users, but probably not for those who have never had penetration before.

Paired with O2 Flurry



The best quality about the Jellyfish is its appearance. However, another wonderful quality is how realistic it feels. I find this dildo just wonderful to use. To me, it feels a lot like my O2 Flurry. The texture is not firm, so it squishes down and is barely felt. But it is enough that it feels like veins. The head shape top is full at the base, so it can pop. And it also gives it a more realistic feel as well. I love that the squishy material can hold up to the hard thrust that I craved with this dildo. There are no cons for this toy from me aside from being a lint magnet, which I knew already, because I am a proud owner of the Tentacle Jr.

The Jellyfish has a flared base, so it can be used anally. I really like to use this toy anally and vaginally. I really can't tell you which one I like more. When I use this toy vaginally, it is initially hard to insert, but with a little lube I can get it in. I almost immediately crave hard thrusting. It makes my vaginal walls tingle and juice up really nicely. This toy makes me gush with vaginal juices every use. When I use it anally, it is roughly the same. I can feel the texture more anally than vaginally, but it still is not a firm rough texture. This texture rubs against the anal walls creating tingles. These tingles are not only present anally, but also vaginally because of the fullness of the size. I really love my Jellyfish.

It is also waterproof, since there are no controls or functions to worry about.

Care and Maintenance

Silicone is really easy to take care of by washing before and after with antibacterial soap and warm water. You can also put this on the top rack of your dish washer, use a toy cleaner, 10% bleach solution with water, or toy wipes. Should you want to sterilize it, you will want to boil it for 3-5 minutes. Be sure that you use a pan large enough to not allow the dildo to touch the pan. The texture can be difficult to clean, so be sure you clean in all the grooves.

Jellyfish is such a lint magnet that I recommend storing it in the Ziploc bag it came in. Then you will want to store it somewhere discreet. I store this dildo in my dresser along with many other dildos.

Silicone is compatible with water based lubes. Silicone based lubes can damage your silicone toys as well as storing them with other silicone toys and some other materials. Be sure to check the condom, prior to use on the Jellyfish, to make sure it uses a water based lube. Should you want to use a silicone based lube you can opt to spot test, but I recommend against that.
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