Alumina Motion - double ended dildo by Tantus - review by Red

Alumina Motion For Your Alumina Ocean

The Alumina Motion is a sophisticated and beautiful toy that can bring pleasure in so many different ways. Plus, it's customizable when interchanged with parts from other Alumina toys.
Multifunctional, double ended, body safe, smartly designed, customizable.
The small end could harm sensitive tissues if used too aggressively.
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The Alumina Motion is a talented object of delight and pleasure. It is able to pleasure using both its ends, and furthermore, it works fantastically as both an anal toy and a vaginal toy, AND it's suitable for a beginner or even an expert, as a result of it's graduated sizes, firmness, and possible insertable length.

Material / Texture

The Motion is made form high quality, aircraft grade aluminum. If you've never had the pleasure of paying with an aluminum toy, it's quite the experience. Aluminum is really, really hard, and smooth - but not glassy smooth. When I run my fingers along the Motion, it feels velvety and soft, but not frictionless and slippery. This is an important aspect, because when things get slippery (and oh yes, they will), the Motion is still easy to maintain control of because it's still easy to grip. On top of this, both the ends have graduated "bloops", which provide a nice hand hold as well. Being metal, the Motion takes on temperatures with ease, warming quickly to body temperature (or to warm water) and cooling just as easily when pulled from the body (or cooled with water). Finally, the weight of the Motion is slight - a fraction of what this toy would be were it made from steel - making it easy to use for long, extended play sessions without exhausting your wrist.

Design / Shape / Size

The Motion is a member of the Alumina line, all of which have this lego-like feature of being able to interchange the two ends with the ends from other alumina toys. The two ends of the Motion are internally threaded, and are married via a small screw piece, with a rubber o-ring acting as a seal/barrier to prevent the two ends from getting locked (too) tightly to one another.

The small end of the Motion features a tiny (pinky finger sized) and a small (thumb sized) bump, while the larger end has a medium (two fingers) sized one. These bumps are shaped such that they are tapered gradually for insertion, with a little less of a gradual taper for what will be the out stroke. As such, the toy glides into any orifice effortlessly, but feels more distinctly "poppy" on its way out. To me, the small end felt like a marriage of anal beads and a dildo - together, at last - while the larger end reminded me of... well... just any g-spotting toy, actually.


The Motion needs very little lube to get slippery, and when it gets slippery the slipperiness lasts and lasts. Which is a good thing - because this is the sort of you want to have long, leisurely sessions with. The small end, although delightful, does look a little scary and pokey - combined with the hardness of aluminum, it might look downright scary to some. But fear not - the Motion is a friend, not a foe. The small size makes it easy to maneuver *just so* - perhaps to stroke it along your vulva for clitoral stimulation, or to leisurely insert vaginally - pushing upwards, perhaps, so that it strokes the g-spot, or just twirling in small circles while gently thrusting to stimulate all the nerves around the sensitive vaginal entrance. Or perhaps allow it to travel farther south, and dipping it slowly and carefully into you asshole - bloop bloop - and out again - bloop bloop. Bliss.

The larger end is perfect for follow up when you've had your fill of the small end - the width of its head makes it easy to hit your g-spot, perhaps for a directed massage, or just some good old fashioned in and out action. Just be careful not to smash it onto your pubic bone if you start thrusting with gusto! And of course, the larger end is a wonderful step up from the smaller end for anal stimulation - popping it in and out and in and out will make your toes curl in ecstasy, and effectively warms the ass up to larger toys, or perhaps, something fleshy and attached to a partner.

Care and Maintenance

Aluminum is non porous, so it can be effectively sanitized with a bath in 10% bleach, a trip through the dishwasher, or a boil for seven minutes. Do note, however, the rubber o-ring is (clearly) rubber, and is actually porous, and cannot be sanitized. This is an important point to keep in mind if you are using the Alumina for deep thrusting vaginally with yourself and a non-fluid bonded friend. Use some common sense, and remember - o-rings are dirt cheap. Don't skimp out on safety.

For casual cleaning, soap and water will do just fine to keep the Motion friendly - just be sure and separate all the pieces to completely dry - the rubber o-ring is not a perfect moisture barrier on this toy (nor is it intended to be) and so, if washed when assembled water can get trapped inside the internal threads of the attachment point.

Personal comments

The first few times I played with this toy, I only used it vaginally and I was not so much a fan. For me, it doesn't really do anything with a basic in and out thrust. Once I started experimenting with twirling it in circles, and being a bit more aggressive with how I pushed it across my g-spot....well, lets just say, my eyes shot open wide as my toes started curling in ecstasy. And taking this toy anal was perhaps, the smartest thing I have ever done - so glorious! Just be careful - the "flares" on this toy are many, but they are slight - it would not be appropriate to push this toy in deep, especially big end first, lest a hungry asshole sucks in the smaller bumps mistakenly.
Follow-up commentary
Of course I still like this toy - how could I not? It's beautifully sleek, cool, sterile, attractive and oh-so-delicious in it's swooping lines. This is a toy to will to future generations; a toy archeologists looking into your civilization will giggle over; a toy to really put an end to buying more toys.

Such a thing could be dangerous if it were not meant for one thing: pleasure.

The motion's finish has dulled over time (with boiling). I woonder if it's a patina effect, or just the deposition of minerals from being boiled in hard water? The dulling is uniform over all, and just looks....brushed. I would never have noticed it had I not got a new alumina toy - brand new, the finish gleams. After many many boils, it simply appears evenly brushed. This is especially excellent because the purple colour is effectively hiding the wear. I have another aluminum toy from another company and it shows it age like you wouldn't believe, and I'm convinced it's the purple anodizing that is protecting the motion from looking similarly daggy.

Whatever it is - bravo to Tantus! What an excellent toy.
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