Ladies, Forget the Fingers- Use This Instead.

The Motion is an equal opportunity toy. Gone are the days where pink, purple, or fuchsia (whatever the hell color this is) toys are designated purely for women. I'm sure a vagina would benefit from the rocky mountain slopes and the arrowhead tips, but this was well received for anal play and seems birthed strictly for that purpose.
Exceptional quality, inventive design.
Toy can hurt if you're not careful.
Rating by reviewer:
useful review
I'm a novice when it comes to anal play and anal toys, I couldn't differentiate between a probe and a butt plug if you put them in a line up. I do however know what looks interesting and what might get the job done. The Motion is the toy you want every woman to slip into your ass when she's giving you a blow job. The sleek anodized aluminum finish slides effortlessly into your ass as opposed to rough, calloused fingers or dangerously sharp french tip nails.

The small arrowhead tip is the perfect design to allow for easy insertion, with just a little bit of lube, your ass will willingly take this without any resistance. However, once you get past the tip and towards the teardrop lump nearing the center of this thinner segment, the ride changes from smooth to bumpy- consider it a quick but nasty pothole that tests your shocks but doesn't damage them. Once over this lump, the girth tapers significantly into an hourglass design and this is a good place for your partner to stop pushing and allow the toy to remain where it is. She can take her hands off of the Alumina Motion and put them back on your cock for a very involved hand job or move them to your mattress so that she's able to support her body while giving you a blow job.

The opposing segment, while looking voluminous, is easier to handle. It's thicker of course but the curves are less defined, the arrowhead has a soft edge instead of a sharp edge. Once you've inserted the bulky head, the smooth shaft dips down and for the most part stays at a consistent thickness. This end, once past the head, can easily be moved slowly in and out. I could feel my asshole quivering with what could only be trepidation and avid approval of the arrowhead rocking inside, nearing my prostate. I can't say it directly touched it but it did come close, regardless, my orgasm was strong and the feeling of my body pushing out the solid mass of aluminum provided for liquid sensations.

The most important thing to point out is while the Motion is almost 9" (8 3/4" to be exact) and though there's a larger arrowhead on the opposing end that may prevent the toy from slipping in entirely, it's important to have a partner watching your asshole at all times to make sure the toy stays where it should. My wife loves to, there's always been a power struggle in our relationship and playing around with my ass and my toys is just another way for her to assert control over me. I don't mind, I'll gladly sit back and enjoy the ride, it's just one more time I can be lazy and have her unknowingly do all the work.
I have to note that if you're new to anal play or your partner just goes buck wild, it's important to know your limits. Aluminum is not a forgiving material, it does not offer padding or grace so being careful is crucial. One night my wife took it upon herself to ram this back and forth while I was cumming and the next day I was sore as hell. I walked a little funny, had guys at work asking me what was wrong and just relied on the ole "War Injury" as my fallback. True story. Know your limits and if you're with a partner ask them if it feels good, don't try to go beyond your/their comfort zone because the day after sucks. What may feel good today hurts like fuck tomorrow.
Care and Cleaning is easy. All parts except for the rubber divider can be boiled, it can also be washed by hand with soap, or tossed in your dishwasher without soap. Tantus has already provided a fairly plain black box so storage is a no-brainer.
Follow-up commentary
The Alumina has been a constant companion to myself and (I say this begrudgingly), my wife. The interchangeable parts make this an invaluable sex toy because you can customize your pleasure. Whatever appetite you have, Tantus has done a tremendous job of trying to satisfy it.
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  • Contributor: Victoria
    Brilliant review! You made me laugh so much reading this - and the review is informative! Awesome. Thanks!
  • Contributor: Jimbo Jones
    I'm curious, you aren't the first to say that the o-ring where the two pieces fit together is made of rubber, but is that stated somewhere in the literature? I could not seem to find any indication of the material properties of that o-ring. I kind of figured since Tantus makes silicone toys that maybe they would make the o-ring out of silicone, but I have no real basis for that assumption either. Thanks for the great review.
  • Contributor: Epiphora
    Excellent review. I have this, might have to try it in my ass at some point.
  • Contributor: ToyingCouple
    Very good review Joe, now I know what my man's thinking when I'm in charge!
    These aluminum toys certainly have spiked our interest. Tongue out
    Do you think that the paint finish will hold up on the Motion?
  • Contributor: Average Joe
    In the Pink, thank you for the compliment.
  • Contributor: Average Joe
    Jimbo, it feels like rubber and I used to make these particular types in a factory when I was a teenager.
  • Contributor: Average Joe
    Epiphora you should. It's great for the ass.
  • Contributor: Average Joe
    Toy, it seems more like a stain or that it's burned onto the aluminum. I've dropped it into the sink and nothing has chipped off of it, just small superficial scratches on the surface.
  • Contributor: Roxy
    I am really enjoying your review, you have a great writing style. I am thinking about getting this for some ass play with my husband. I am curious, did you useit on your wife?
  • Contributor: KinkyShay
    Excellent review. Thanks!
  • Contributor: Fruity
    nice job.
  • Contributor: Ghost
    I'd like to try the whole set.
  • Contributor: anonymouse58
    Hilarious and wonderful review! Thanks!
  • Contributor: KinkyNicki92
    Haha! this was an entertaining and informative review. Thanks!
  • Contributor: souviet
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