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The Motion of the Ocean

The Motion proves that the Aluminum line is one to invest in. As with all Tantus toys I've had the pleasure to try, the Motion is a dildo that is well worth its price tag. This dildo is gorgeous and both segments make for incredible anal and vaginal play.
Incredible, high-quality design.
Pointed ends may irritate your cervix.
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I love the Revolve Dildo by Tantus, when I finally got my claws into the Motion dildo, a deeper love for Tantus toys grew inside of me. Their aeronautical aluminum line is inspired, creative, and sexually ingenious. Their toys are crafted insanely well with beautiful shapes and solid structure.

The Motion is the "evil sister" of the Revolve. The Revolve has smooth lines and a completely fluid shape whereas the Motion has blunt, jagged edges and wavy textures. Instead of rounded tips, the Motion has sharp triangular points, a feature that really separates this dildo from the others of the Alumina line. This double ended dildo is crafted lovingly out of the same weightless anodized aluminum but has a heavier feel to it. Comparatively, at its widest point the Motion seems to not fulfill the same specs girth-wise as it is a little thinner than the Revolve, the Motion is also about a half an inch longer, and the double arrowed tip of the larger end offers more girth than the balled end of the Revolve. While the Revolve is fluid, the Motion is too- however, as the Revolve is more like a calm sea, the Motion is the storm with crashing waves and curling riptides.

The pointed tip of the smaller end makes for easy anal insertion, it seems as if this smaller end was created with the ass in mind. By either your hand or the hand of a lover, this triangular tip glides in easily. Once past the tip, the toy dips down and then graduates up into a rounded bump, past this bump the toy tapers and that's where it is able to rest once nestled inside your ass. With a slow hand I pulled the toy out, the ripples make for sensations I'd never found in another toy; coupled with the weight of the aluminum as well as its ability to mimic my body temperature it made for sophisticated and sensual anal play. Adding silicone lubricant into the mix I was in heaven. It was easy to thrust the toy despite it's textured ridges, easy in and easy out. As I say with all toys that do not have a flared base, it's important to use caution when using these anally as there's nothing to prevent them from slipping entirely into your ass.

The tapered, larger, aerodynamic segment made for quick thrusts as the dildo wasn't met by any vaginal resistance. The shape of this particular end, coupled with an abundant use of silicone lubricant and the smooth texture of the aluminum made for FAST thrusting. I was able to move the dildo back and forth effortlessly and very, very quickly- so quickly, my wrist soon cramped up and grew tired. I do suggest heeding a little caution when thrusting either end of the dildo if you have a sensitive cervix, I managed to thrust just a little bit too deep and too hard and ended up irritating my cervix- the pointed ends seem almost dangerous in that respect. What I like most about this larger end is that the small dip separating the large tipped end and the body of the toy makes it almost seem like a head of a cock, albeit a pointy one.

The Motion is a stand-out in the Alumina line. While I love the Revolve, the Motion brings something a little different to the table, a little bit of a new flavor to savor. Being able to interchange the Motion with the Revolve lets me create the perfect toy and allows me the freedom to do as I please. This is a dildo that most certainly warrants its price tag and makes me want to invest completely in the entire Alumina line.
To clean the toy you can either wash it with soap and water, boil it, or throw it in the top rack of a dishwasher without soap. As well as having versatile cleaning options, you can also use all types of lubricants.
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  • CaptainBunnyKilla
    Very entertaining review, as always. Smile I think I'll save up for this one!
  • Dame Demi
    The only reason I haven't ordered one of these yet is that I can't decide between the Motion and the Revolve...
  • Nashville
    Thanks Toygirl Smile
  • Nashville
    DD, I say get them both! If I had to choose between the two I recommend the Revolve. Yes, the Motion is great but the Revolve.. it's in a league of its own.
  • Not Here Anymore f/k/a Happy Lady
    So now that you have 2 of these have you interchanged the pieces yet?

    The bigger end does look like it could do some damage, but still.... yum. Winking
  • Airlia
    I thought it might be slightly uncomfortable. Also completely petrified of hurting my cervix!! I think I might choose the revolve instead - definitely helped me make the choice!
  • Victoria
    Fabulous review! Thanks so much for the comparison - that was a great way to illustrate your points! Let us know how the Frankenstein motion-revolve toy turns out Smile
  • Nashville
    Happy, I'll put them together and take pics for ya! Smile Deal?
  • Nashville
    Sienna, the Revolve is the way to go if you're afraid of hurting your cervix.
  • Nashville
    Thank you In the Pink!
  • queertastic
    Thanks so much for this review, Sleeping Dreamer. I'm eager to try this toy out! I'll definently be saving up for it.
  • Nashville
    All of the Alumina toys are great, the Motion is a little extra special tho Smile It goes beyonds soft lines and fluid curvatures, this is perhaps, the black sheep or the "wild sister" of the bunch.
  • Pumpkin Lady
    Very descriptive well written review! Always a pleasure to read.
  • Nashville
    Thank you very much Pumpkin!
  • ~LaUr3n~
    I still have not had the pleasure of experimenting with this material. Great review!
  • Fruity
    nice review.
  • mmmmm
    Thanks for the review
  • KinkyNicki92
    Thanks for the review!
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