Alumina Motion - double ended dildo by Tantus - review by sophie2229

This motion passed with flying colors!

The Motion is a fantastic toy. Perfect for G-spotting and heavy thrusting, this toy will leave you breathless. Suitable for beginning and advanced users, the Motion is likely to become a staple in your special box for years to come.
Easy to angle, great at hitting the g-spot, large and small ends are suitable for most.
Be careful about hitting the cervix too hard, as it could get irritated over time.
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extremely useful review


The Motion, a member of the Alumina line by Tantus, can be used either vaginally or anally. Be careful when using this toy anally because it is completely solid. Also make sure to have a firm grip on the external end because this toy does not have a flared base.

Also, it can be rubbed against the clitoris for a unique experience. The ripples and the pointy end make for some very interesting sensations! If you are going to use this toy anally, be sure to sterilize it before bringing it anywhere near the vagina.

The larger end of this dildo is clearly meant for G-spotting. The precision of the point allows hard direct stimulation on the G-spot. Although the Motion has a definite presence, it is not as large as the Flow, making it easier to angle in the vaginal canal. Those adverse to really large dildos might like this toy better than the Flow because of its smaller size. I want to emphasize that I said "smaller size" meaning smaller size relative to the Flow. This is not a "small dildo" by any means. Although the small end of the Motion could be considered small.

Like all toys in the Alumina line, the Motion consists of two halves that can be screwed together. There is a removable black o-ring between the two halves, which prevents any unnecessary friction between the two pieces. Be careful to keep track of this o-ring! I've already misplaced it a few times.

All toys in the Alumina line are also excellent for temperature play. I love running my Motion under warm water just before use. It's a great way to relax my vagina after a long day! A warm Motion also feels really nice against tired/sore muscles. I like to lay my warm Motion on its side and roll it over my calves and thighs.

The two halves of this dildo can also be interchanged with the halves from all other dildos in the Alumina line, exponentially increasing the pleasure possibilities. Purchasing multiple toys from the Alumina line will allow you to design your ideal dildo, assuming it's not already the Motion (or another pre-made toy in the line).
    • Relaxation/alone time

Material / Texture

Like all toys in the Alumina line, the Motion is hand-crafted and made out of 100% pure aeronautic grade aluminum which was anodized to increase resistance to corrosion. There is also an o-ring between the two halves that is made out of a rubber/plastic/soft material (clearly I'm a terrible guesser...). This material has slightly more texture than glass, however it is extremely smooth!

Since this toy is made out of aluminum aka a heavy metal, it is completely inelastic. This means that if you have an aversion to unyielding toys, then steer clear of the Motion. However, if you LOVE rigid toys, then you are pretty much guaranteed to love the Motion. Just be careful because it could chip a tooth, so no playing baseball with this one!

As a bonus, the Motion is compatible with all lubricants!

Design / Shape / Size

The Alumina Motion was designed for an intense G-spot experience. It's slightly thinner size (again compared to the Flow, it is still pretty substantial by almost all standards) makes it easy to maneuver in the vagina. And its points/waves are very stimulating. It can be angled relatively easily to hit your G-spot. With a length of approximately 8.75", the Motion is likely to be a big hit.

This toy is non-phallic. It looks more like a double-sided arrow. Although clearly they serve different purposes - unless you're trying to hit a bulls-eye on your G-spot! I think most users will be happy with the size. Those on the smaller end will definitely appreciate its girth, and those who prefer larger objects will likely be pleased with maneuverability.

At its largest point, the Motion has a diameter of 4.25". The smaller end has a maximal diameter of 3.25". It also weighs approximately 1 pound.


The Motion performed as expected. I used this toy after the Alumina Flow (by Tantus) and I was extremely pleased! As I expected this toy had a little more room to breathe, but it still filled up my vagina. I should note that I didn't have that same "bursting at the seams" feeling as I did with my Flow. This toy is really good at hitting the g-spot. I can't comment on this toy anally because I haven't used it in that fashion.

I've found that the smaller end makes an EXCELLENT handle. Although the small grooves are clearly designed for anal penetration, they make fabulous finger-holders. The ribbed nature of the design ensures that the handle won't slip out of my hand, even if it is covered in lube. My fingers also can cradle these loops, which means that I can thrust this toy without using my entire hand! I do have fairly small fingers/hands so others might disagree with this assessment.

I've had this toy for about a week now and I have yet to try its interchangeable design. I really don't know why though.

Care and Maintenance

The Motion, and all other toys in the Alumina line, can be sterilized via boiling. Soap and water, or your favorite toy cleaner, should also suffice. This toy can also be cleaned on the top rack of a dishwasher.

When you do clean it, it is best to clean each individual piece separately. Some liquid did get caught between the two halves, but it was easily cleaned when the pieces were separated. Since the curves of this toy are extremely fluid, nothing gets trapped on the surface of the toy.

Make sure to let the inside aka the screw dry completely before storing this toy to prevent bacteria growth/rusting.


All toys in the Alumina line come in a sleek, simplistic black box. The box for the motion has a silver outline of the toy on its cover. The name "Motion", the "Alumina" logo and the Tantus seal are displayed class-ily at the bottom of the box. This is an extremely unassuming container. Anyone who finds it around the house will probably assume that it's some fancy kitchen toy or something (unless they know what Tantus is).

Inside the Motion is housed in a fitted foam holder. The Motion is covered by a foam insert. I recommend storing your Motion in this box when it's not in use. The foam really provides excellent padding for this toy. It also successfully protects the Motion from the elements.

Remember to always store your Motion when it is completely dry. Although it does have an anodized surface, water is never "good" for metal toys, although I cannot give any scientific proof that water will damage this toy either.

Personal comments

I'm trying to decide which toy I like better - the Motion or the Flow. And I can't. Although they have many obvious similarities, they produce very different sensations. The Flow is a very very filling and satisfying dildo, but it doesn't have the many edges of the Motion. I did figure out how to thrust fairly quickly with the Flow, however the Motion is simply a better dildo if you prefer this kind of stimulation. So I'm at a loss. Ideally I would say that you should get both of them, but this might not be feasible given their sizable price tags.


The Motion did give me the maneuverability that I craved after using the Flow. This toy is an effective G-spotter. I should warn that the head of the toy can hit the cervix. Given its pointy nature, and the weight of the toy, you should be careful not to irritate your cervix (if your cervix is sensitive etc.). Personally I love it when I hit my cervix, and I haven't had an issue regarding irritation.

I highly recommend this product! I know that my enthusiasm comes across slightly better in my review of the Flow, but I'm really tired! It's been a looong week and I need to get some sleep.

Oh and I haven't really used the smaller end. It seemed fine, but I really don't like using small toys for vaginal stimulation. But if you're worried about the size of this thing then remember you can use the small end too!
Follow-up commentary
I don't really use the Motion, but I still like it a lot. For whatever reason I usually prefer rounder toys, but the Motion always provides when I'm looking to switch it up a little.
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