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The Alumina Motion Wonderfully Grooves to the Motion of My Ocean

The Alumina Motion is a wonderful start to a beautiful aluminum sex toy relationship. It will have you enjoying the motion of your ocean more than you ever thought possible. The larger end provides a rush of pleasure sensations that will just make you melt, while the smaller end serves as a smooth and gentler finish to what will surely be an amazing experience. The Alumina Motion will make you moan, melt, and pass out with ecstasy again and again, and again.
Gorgeous aluminum, lovely color, can be sterilized, double ended, can be used anally and vaginally.
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extremely useful review
The Alumina Motion is as addictive as chocolate. It is by far the most elegant and exotic toy that I’ve ever seen... or owned. I love how it is shaped with such lovely curves that could make just any pussy pulsate at first sight. It’s complemented with an luminous shine, an anodized finish, and made from gorgeous stainless purple aluminum. Its unique and dramatic double-ended design and shape just screams beauty and ecstasy from the moment you open its custom-made box. At first impression, you would think that this playmate could act as a weapon, but it’s so light, not nearly as heavy as steel, and is sleek, firm, and sustains warm and cold temperatures longer than steel as well (from my observation, it could sustain warm and cold temperatures for up to half an hour or longer). The unique advantage to owning and collecting Tantus’s new line of Alumina sex toys is that you can twist the toy(s) apart and interchange its segments with another Alumina product (such as the Alumina Flow|Tantus Alumina Flow, Alumina Revolve|Tantus Alumina Revolve, and Alumina Pace|Tantus Alumina Pace). I’d say that it is worth owning the entire Alumina line so you can truly experience the amazing pleasures of wonderful, delightful, and oh so seductive aluminum.

I can’t stress enough how utterly amazing the design of the Alumina Motion is. One end is thick and bulbous, and then the thick shaft elongates down to two tinier bulbs. Either ends can be inserted vaginally and anally while also serving as an amazing clitoral or overall tantalizing body massager, an excellent handle, and even a juicer (come to think of it, this toy looks like something that was made for juicing lemons or stirring tea).

I had the Alumina Motion soak in warm water for a couple of seconds; it didn’t take long for the temperature to entirely bathe the toy with warmth. I rubbed the tiny ended tip against my nipples, along the curves of my body, to my belly button, and then to my clitoris. I cooed and moaned at the wonderful sensations my entire body felt from the warmth of the aluminum, trembling at how sensual and erotic it made me feel inside. It was glorious.

When I slipped the largest end of the Alumina Motion into my vagina, it slid in nicely, welcoming my pussy with girth that was just right, not too big, and not too small. My vagina walls immediately pulsated to the smoothness and firmness of the bulb, and even more so when my pussy engulfed the shaft. Unlike steel, the weight didn’t sink into my pussy, and yet I could feel this satisfying and amazing pressure well up inside me as I thrust it in and out. Smooth and fluidly, the Motion firmly stimulated every quivering, pulsating, shivering core of my pleasure zones as my pussy gripped onto its shape and size. It didn’t take long before I came, and not surprisingly, the Motion was covered with my juices. When I inserted the smaller ended inside my pussy, I found that it accommodated to my body even more, causing a multitude of sensations, making me burst. The girth is obviously lesser than that of the larger end, but its entrance into my vagina was just as easy, just as smooth, and just as sexually invigorating. I felt that the smaller end went deeper inside of me, touching spots in my pussy that I normally feel with my fingers. Another personal quirk for me is how the Motion is just long enough for me to thrust it in and out of me with my feet, my soles gripping firmly onto the sides as I let the magic of aluminum captivate me into a constant erotic explosion.

Anally, the Motion was oh so powerful and stimulating. I prefer the larger end to go inside my anus over the smaller end, but either way, both places hit the spot. Just be sure that you insert the Motion in slowly when using it anally; it is very firm and hard, so just be sure to be nice and gentle to the toosh, and you'll be in for a wonderful anal ride.

This toy is as flawless as any product can get. Aluminum is just as lovely as steel, but none can compete against the other. For the price, I don’t know why or how anybody would turn this playmate down. It is so amazing that it will make you feel absolutely spoiled without feeling guilty.
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  • Jimbo Jones
    The mental picture of a woman using her feet to manipulate a dildo in and out is a new one to me and very erotic. One would need to be more flexible than me. I guess that's where all that yoga comes in handy. Plus, I'm sure that it frees up your hands for use on other areas. Excellent review, once again!
  • Nashville
    Would you say you can use this anally by yourself? Especially considering once the larger end is in there's really nothing left to stop it from slipping in completely? My husband loves my Revolve so I always have to be there with him to supervise and make sure nothing embarrassing happens, lol.
  • Foxxy Kitty
    Sleeping Dreamer- I can definitely use this anally by myself. I'm seasoned enough in anal play to not have anything embarassing happen lol, as for my partner that's another story, so i'd have to keep my eye on him lol.

    Jimbo- Thanks! Performing yoga for six or so years has definitely paid off for me; it opens up remarkable ways to make my body more flexible, lubricated, and creative. ;) I'd definitely recommend it, if not for being toned and fit, for flexible sex!
  • Airlia
    You wrote a compelling review - I don't have aluminium toys yet so it seems interesting. What type of lubrication do you use with it?
  • Becca
    Hmm, I was already pretty sold on this toy just by looking at it, but this review actually made me want to make sure I buy it very soon. I've never tried and aluminum toy before!
  • Alt
    Plus, with this thing almost being 9 inches of stiff metal, I cannot see how this toy would get lost anywhere, or even slip in completely.
  • Lady Neshamah
    great review
  • Ghost
    I'd like to try the whole set.
  • mmmmm
    Thanks for the review
  • Real or memorex
    Thanks for the great review.
  • KinkyNicki92
    Very interesting! thanks for sharing!
  • souviet
  • eroticmutt
    Thank you for the review
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