A great, amazingly realistic feeling toy for those who are craving girth. If you are even remotely thinking about trying a toy on the larger side you have to try the Holmes UR3. Size Queens will absolutely adore the size of this wonderful toy.
Girth & size, soft & realistic feeling material, suction cup.
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extremely useful review


First impressions:

The Holmes dildo is big....very big. It is also heavy, but that is a result of its massive size. You may think that there is no way that this would fit as you look at the toys size and then look at what your planning on inserting it into, but with patience and a liberal amount of lube it can be done. The size and weight of this toy makes it difficult to handle alone, so it is position limited in how you use it unless you have a partner to help you. For solo use, it is difficult for me to wrap my hands around it, so about the only positions I can really use it in are on my back or it suction cupped to the floor with me riding it. If you are laying on your back during solo use it may be difficult to insert because if the weight and size which makes it awkward to handle, so you may want to switch to riding it until become accustomed to letting this beast slide into your pussy.


Before using this large of a toy for the first time I would recommend starting out with something smaller for a warm up session. Then liberally apply lube to the Holmes dildo, to the interior your vagina and your inner and outer lips to make the dildo slide in easier and provide comfort. You may then consider suctioning the dildo to the floor because it will allow gravity, the lube, and your weight bearing down on it to work together to make penetration easier. Use: First time using the dildo users will most likely have difficulty inserting this toy in until they pass the head of the dildo through to their inner vaginal canal, at that point it slides it in until it reaches bottom so to speak. Don't be surprised if you can't get the whole thing in, I know I can only get 7 to 8 inches. With thrusting you may get a squishing sound, especially if you use a lot of lube. The more you experience this toy the more enjoyable it has becomes to use and insert; I found it to be extremely difficult at first, but now after a few times my body has become accustomed to its massive girth so insertion is a lot easier. I haven’t found this toy to be really versatile – the toy is simply too big and heavy to stick to places like mirrors or the side of shower walls. You may also want to add a little lube to the underside of the suction cup to provide added staying power otherwise if there is vacuum loss it falls over easily. As far as performing oral on this toy it is pretty much impossible for me as I can’t get my mouth around it at all.


Feelings that I noticed when using the Holmes dildo was the immense pressure against my g-spot and the tightness my outer and inner lips of my vagina as they encompassed the girthy toy. There was a bit if stinging pain on first insertion, but that quickly resides as you relax with it and feel the immense fullness that this toy provides. Once you start thrusting with the dildo you may notice that your outer lips drag on the dildo, but it isn't by any means uncomfortable and as long as they are lubed you should enjoy the added stimulation. One thing that I totally unexpected was that my clitoris was being stimulated …which I think may be a result of the girth of this toy being so big that it pulls the clitoris towards it during inward thrusting. Another thing that you may get from thrusting is the overwhelming desire to squirt (aka female ejaculation)…which is most likely caused by the immense pressure that this toy exerts against the g-spot. One more thing…it probably won’t take you very long to cum with this beast, and when you do be prepared and hold on because they are intense!
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Material / Texture

I have one other UR3 toy from Doc Johnson in my collection, and the two toys feel exactly the same to the touch. The UR3 material has a distinctively sweet odor. The material is soft, realistic feeling and warms to the touch. You can feel the veins distinctively on it. One thing you will notice, especially if you don't use a condom with it is that it has the tendency to dry you out, so lube is a must. This toy is definitely not for beginners because of its massive size. During use, it does have a small amount of give to it so it is able conform to your body and squeeze into all of the right places which it has no problem of touching :) .

Design / Shape / Size

As with every review, I try to be as accurate as possible and provide more detailed measurements that what is normally available. Length and circumference are great measurements to have, but more detailed specs are usually required to to know if a new toy is actually going to fit inside. So I measure all my toys at various locations, including the head, middle, base, widest point, and lengths. These measurements thus provide information about how well the toy will initially slip in and what to expect size wise for the remaining insertable length. I have also chosen to include the measurement of volume. Volume is only useful for determining how wide a toy will feel. You might ask what's the point of measuring volume when we can measure width, but in some cases, width is misleading because a toy might have a non-constant diameter, or its head might be much wider than its shaft, or it could have a funky shape. Volume measurements take care of all that. I have measured the volume for the first six inches of the toy plus the total insertable volume. The rationale behind this measurement is that it can be difficult and/or painful to insert more than 6" of sex toy into you, especially since sex toys are not as flexible as a human penis. Toys which are long and thin may look impressive, but you won't feel it. By measuring the volume of the first 6", we can get a pretty good idea of how big a toy will really feel when you try to use it, and have a more useful tool when comparing toys of different sizes.

Head- 7.25
Middle- 7.6
Base- 7.5

Total insertable- 9.75
Total length- 13

1st six inches- 428 mL or
Total insertable- 810 mL or

Volume comparisons:

Ultra Skin UR3 8" realistic
1st six inches- 265 mL
Total insertable - 340 mL

Ultimate Decadent Indulgence
Total insertable- 127 mL

Average Human Penis
Total insertable- 180 mL

Soda Can
Total insertable- 420 mL


This dildo has a target audience that pretty much craves one thing...SIZE! This audience will undoubtedly enjoy this toys girth to its fullest potential. I found the girth and stretching that is required for use to be an amazing experience which is definitely the best aspect of this toy. Other features that I love about the UR3 Holmes dildo is the material...I love love love the feel of this amazing material because it feels so similar to real skin. Lows for the toy is pretty much limited to its suction cup which is often fails when it is used. I however did find that it sticks to super smooth (wet surfaces help) surfaces such as the bottom of the bathtub, but don't bother sticking it to the bathtub/shower wall because there is no way that it will stay because if its weight.

Care and Maintenance

Before first use, I recommend washing the toy thoroughly with a mild anti-bacterial soap and water to remove the smell and the paint (paint will eventually wear off, but might as well get rid of it now). For clean up, I like to use anti-bacterial soap and water. After it is clean I apply the powder (cornstarch) which makes it all nice and soft again. I personally store it in a zip lock bag that has been powder-coated inside. One thing you must do is keep it stored in a cool dry place because heat and dampness will cause deformity and potential bacterial growth. I also recommend powdering it liberally with the powder to help keep lint off of it and to prevent it from feeling sticky. If you are in a relationship where your toy is being shared, it is recommend that you use a condom on the toy...of *note*, normal sized condoms will in no way work for this dildo because they are simply too small, I would recommend Trojan Magnum XL. Lube is a must for this toy (I recommend water based), especially because of the size and material of the toy which can cause chaffing.

Personal comments

Although not an every session toy, I have come to crave the fullness that this toy provides and I lust for it after use because I feel utterly empty without it inside of me. I can't also say enough of how great the UR3 material is because of its lifelike qualities. Some may say that the realistic toys are a hassle because of the upkeep required, but I think the feeling of this toy is far superior to other materials.

Other Thoughts and Tips:

-You will be sore after using the Holmes dildo if you have never used anything this big.
-Walking may seem a bit awkward for a few days.
-I have found that taking a warm bath before using the Holmes helps because it relaxes the PC muscles and the vagina...almost makes it more elastic and stretchy.
-You might as well lather your whole crotch in lube because you will need it :)
-Empty your bladder before use because it will make it easier and more comfortable.
-Don't be afraid of the size or girth, you can do it! Take your time, use lots of lube,and a can do attitude.
-If you feel like you are going to pee (unless you haven't emptied your bladder), don't stop because you may be on your way to female ejaculation or squirting, which is a mind-blowing experience.


My boyfriend and I ordered this online after I decided that I wanted to try something bigger than the UR3 ultra-skin cock by Doc Johnson. When I got it in the mail and opened it I was shocked to see how big it was because I didn't expect that an extra 1.5" in girth would appear to be so much bigger than the 6 inches of girth the UR3 ultra-skin cock 8 inch. I subsequently washed it to remove the paint and smell from the toy and then placed it on the nightstand with the UR3 8 inch ultra-realistic, staring at the size difference thinking that there was no way that something that big would fit into my pussy. I undressed and grabbed a small hand held mirror to get started. I took the the two dildos off of the night stand and brought them to the bed with me along with the mirror and some Maximus lube. Sitting in bed with pillows supporting my back, I had the mirror in one hand and the Holmes dildo in the other. I placed the head of the Holmes dildo at the entrance of my pussy and judging by the image in the mirror there would be no way that the massive girth of this toy would fit into my small pussy opening. Even though the girth of the Holmes dildo left me unsure as to whether or not it would fit inside me, I was determined that I was going to get my moneys worth and that I was not going to give up using this massive toy.

I started out using the small by comparison UR3 8 inch to get my body ready for the massive stretching of my pussy that was about to take place. Warmed up, I grabbed a small dressing mirror, placed it on the floor by my bed, and suction cupped the Holmes dildo to it....I wanted to see the interaction between Holmes and my pussy. I took the lube and then applied an extra large amount to the Holmes and then applied some more to myself. I then faced the bed and lowered by body down onto the head of this massive toy. Looking in the mirror I could see that only a small portion of the head of the dildo was in my pussy. I pressed more of my weight onto it and could feel my pussy slowly opening up. The pressure of the head of this toy in my pussy became greater as it entered it delved deeper. By now I could see that the lips of my pussy were being pulled in which caused some irritation...time for some more lube. After appling lube to my outer lips and pretty much my whole crotch, I started again. The pressure was becoming super intense and almost painful as I nearly got the whole head of the Holmes inside of me. Getting past the head was difficult because it seemed like my pussy wouldn't open up anymore. I kept up with the downward pressure and tried to relax as much as possible. I then let up on the pressure and reapplied it more forcefully with nearly all of my body weight pushing down. Gyrating my hips, I soon felt a popping feeling and I was in a state of ecstasy and slight felt as though my eyes had popped out of my head, but it felt sooo sooo good. Looking down at the mirror I could see that there was about 6 inches of this massive toy inside of me. It felt as though I was a shish kabob, but this was an extremely pleasurable feeling.

I gently started riding the Holmes allowing my pussy to enjoy the pleasure of its pussy lips being dragged inward and outward with each stroke. With deeper strokes I soon noticed a new clitoris was being stimulated because of the immense girth of this toy. I could feel my G-spot also rubbing along the shaft and head of the toy, it felt so good that there was no way it hell that I would stop. The buildup of excitement continued as my breathing hastened. A sensation that I had to pee soon came on me, but I was too close to orgasm to stop. I was soon pushed over the edge and had the hardest orgasm in my was like a whole body experience and my PC muscles have never clenched so hard. I felt my pussy expelling odd yet satisfying sensation. I had never been so wet in my life, it was though I had a quarter of bottle of lube spilling out of myself. The mirror and Holmes was covered with my juices. Coming down off the high that the Holmes provided me, I eased myself off of it and soon felt empty...I missed the size of this toy inside of me.
Follow-up commentary
After the initial shock of this toy, I've gotten a bit more used to the size. As I said before, this is something that could make you sore if you are not used to it. The same goes for not using it frequently. One thing I have noticed as I used this toy more is that it seems drier than other toys and can result in chafing sensations if not enough lube is used. If you are prepared or curious about large sizes, this toy can provide intense stimulation to both the g spot and clitoris when positioned correctly. It is best used with a partner who is not intimidated and willing to help out with a warm up ;) Due to the overall size and weight, this is pretty hard to use on your own (or at least it was for me) unless you have a strap or harness system.
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  • Contributor: spiced
    Thanks for an excellent, detailed review. I know from experience that this won't work for me (I just use porous toys for oral, and I can't take over 2 1/4 inches girth in my mouth). Kind of makes me wish I had a vagina!
  • Contributor: headgirl
    this is very detailed im very impressed i wanted this b4 now i want it even more the size and fullness is what i crave
  • Contributor: ChubbyNerd
  • Contributor: Jiz and Kimber
    Excellent review ! thanks for sharing all of those details I don't think this will work for me yet , but someday it sure will >
  • Contributor: Sextoyuser
    Makes me wish I could take something that large.
  • Contributor: Svenson
    Dang, awesome review. Very thorough.
    Reading your experience with it almost made me wish I had a vagina instead lol It seems like women can get a lot more satisfaction than men can
  • Contributor: EdwardCullen
    Thanks for the review.
  • Contributor: OH&W, Lovebears
    Super review with details. Don’t see reviews like this often
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