With enough lube almost anything will fit!

This is not a toy for everyday use and its way too big for most people. However, if you really love size then this is the perfect toy for you! The UR3 material is amazing and must be felt to be believed.
EPIC SIZE! Feels amazing. Soft and comfortable. Surprisingly easy to control.
Too big for most. Color fades. Needs powdered. Requires condoms.
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This is my second adventure with UR3 products. Prior to this toy I’d used the Jeff Stryker UR3 dildo. I love the Stryker dildo but it left me feeling like I could possibly take more. Enter John Holmes. Now I’m going to state the obvious… this dildo is absolutely massive! The idea that something this size can belong to a real person defies belief! I love it, but it’s not for everyone. If you've never tried really big dildos before I recommend starting with something a bit smaller like the Stryker dildo. If you know you’re comfortable with toys of this size, then it doesn't get much better than John Holmes, and the UR3 material is absolutely amazing! Dildos like this are like Ferrari, they do one thing very, very well but isn't for everyday use. What they lack in versatility they make up for with extreme performance. It also requires a higher degree of care and maintenance. It must be kept in the bag it comes in because the surface is very sensitive to coming into contact with other materials - so don’t let it come into contact with other toys. It includes powder that needs to be applied in order to prevent the skin from becoming sticky. I recommend using cornstarch rather than the included talc powder. Clean it thoroughly before and after each use!

The surface feels smooth and soft, like the skin on a real penis. You can see veins under the skin and they feel very realistic. The shaft feels fleshy and comfortable. It is a little softer than a real penis, but because of its girth this is a very good thing! Materials with less give to them can hurt more going in. This dildo allows wherever you put the dildo in to adjust more comfortably to the extreme size. It is still plenty ridged for penetrating tight spaces. It is easy to control when using solo, manually and with a strap-on. UR3 dildos don’t seem to feel cold like rubber and jelly toys can. The John Holmes dildo is also very attractive, and the color is very well done. The color on the head and veins do fade with use, but it’s still an attractive flesh color. The suction cup is handy when fixing it to something, but it doesn't hold well enough to support the full weight of the dildo.

Condoms are an absolute must have when using UR3 products, both anally and vaginally, and especially if you share your toys. It makes cleanup a snap and prevents bacteria from getting on the toy. The bad thing about John Holme’s cock is that you must use Magnum XL sized condoms. Those little Magnum ones will break when you put it on or while you ride it. This makes using the toy more costly than smaller toys, but don’t let it put you off. It’s worth it! Use plenty of lube! ID millennium seems to work very well. For safety's sake I advise against using any kind of numbing agent. With a toy this massive you need to take great care not to hurt yourself and therefore you must be able to feel what’s going on. That said, I sometimes like to use a small amount Anal Eze to take the edge off the first penetration. It works for me, but everyone is different and I can also use the toy without it. If you can’t do it without a numbing agent - don’t try it with one!
Being penetrated by this dildo is a very intense experience! It’s worth noting that I enjoy more intense sensations. It feels great to me but another person might just find it painful. At first anal penetration has to be very slow! The taper of the head makes initial insertion relatively comfortable. Once the head is all the way inside it can be a bit shocking until my body adjusts to the girth. Beyond the head the shaft gradually grows slightly thicker but once I get the head inside the shaft isn't a problem. When a partner controls the dildo, it makes penetration easier when I bear down on it. It also helps to move it inside slowly with short back and forth motions and each time pushing it a little bit deeper. I can’t take the entire shaft and I’m not sure anyone should try either. About 7 inches is my limit so far. I love the feeling of my insides stretching to accommodate this monster! Once it’s inside me my muscles usually don’t have any problem relaxing. Before long it becomes easy for it to slide in and out. It feels fabulous when it glides in and out in long slow motions, but I also love it what its thrust in and out good and hard. Despite the size it doesn't make me sore during or afterward. The only sensation I've felt after using John is a loose, scrambled sensation that lasts several hours, but it’s not unwelcome at all. I've never had any problem using this dildo and never felt any unpleasant degree of pain.
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