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O2 Adam ~ I Had 2 Have Him!

Move over Cyberskin - there's a new cock in town! Not only is this guy molded from non-porous silicone, but he has a dual density that creates the realism of a human penis. If Tantus would make some size queen dildos in their superb O2 material I believe they would take over my life-like boys!
~ Realistic feel in texture and density
~ Silicone
~ Sterilizable
~ Firm but pliable
~ If anything it could be more girthy
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review

After trying one Vixskin dildo and not being a fan at all of the dual layer effect, I was a little concerned as to whether O2 silicone would have the same results. But Adam's superb shape kept me drooling – at least visually. After breezing over him in my wishlist for 7 months each time I placed an order, I finally took the plunge and bought him. One of the best choices I have made since joining Eden!


The O2 Adam is gorgeously crafted in 100% premium platinum silicone for Tantus. There is absolutely no odor or taste to this dildo. He is completely non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, phthalates and latex free which earns him a safety rating of 10. To keep your new toy in tip top condition always use a water based lubricant as silicone lubes or oils may result in the breaking down of the material. A small patch test could be done on an unobvious area such as the base, if you want to try a silicone lube. Although silicone can be sterilized, if you intend to share Adam with someone you're not fluid bonded with in the same session I recommend using a condom. If you use the lubricated type, be sure to check they are water based.


I chose the caramel which Tantus actually refers to as cocoa. The color in person is extremely different to the shade on the product page. Even my images show up a lot darker than what it actually is. The O2 material is all about dual density which creates a realistic feeling penis. It features a firm muscle core with a shallow soft outer coating. The shaft has a smooth matte appearance which creates slight drag across your skin. The head on the other hand is very squishy and has a very smooth shiny surface. Fairly large raised veins stand out along the length of the shaft, but I don't notice then much when inserted.


Adam is a realistic penis shaped dildo with an upward curve which leads to a head that is slightly larger in diameter than the shaft. Instead of a scrotum, he sports a flat o-ring compatible base which makes him more comfortable to wear in a harness. This also makes him perfect for using in the Liberator Wing or Pulse for hands free fun.

My measurements: Adam has a full length of 8” with 7 ½” being insertable and a circumference of 5”. Naturally the insertable length will depend on how you chose to hold the dildo during usage.
I chose to measure Adam on the outer curved side, rather than how Eden's length is taken.


One of the beauties with silicone is that you have a wider range of options when it comes to cleaning. It can be sterilized by placing in the top shelf of the dishwasher without soap powder, boil or wipe down with a 10% bleach solution. I personally would give it at least a rinse off afterwards to make sure there's no residue. In between sterilizing simply wash Adam with anti-bacterial soap, toy cleaner or wipes.
Just like most other silicone toys, O2 will collect lint like it's going out of fashion, so allowing it to dry in a protected place with help to keep it clean til next usage.

My Adam arrived in a flimsy see through plastic box providing a clear view of your new dildo. No discretion at all here. The front features little snippets about the toy, such as “100% ultra-premium platinum silicone” and “Feels real – squeeze me!”. The back has a solid color background and general information about all the Tantus toys. Inside the box is a clamshell type of packaging which is molded perfectly to keep Adam snug and secure. Unfortunately there is no pouch or booklets of any kind. You could use the packaging for storage if you have plenty of room, but it's not made to last.

Due to his size Adam really can be enjoyed by everyone – beginners, advanced, girls, guys and same sex partners due to the harness abilities. He might be a little intimidating for some because of his realistic shape. Keep this one all to yourself or share with a partner for DP fun or pegging. The flat base makes it a great choice for using in one of the Liberator pieces – Wing, Pulse or BonBon.


I was somewhat disappointed by the color when I dug into my Eden package, cause I was hoping for the gorgeous shade in the product image. But after the first test run with him, we formed a true love affair and haven't looked back. Now it wouldn't matter if he was orange with purple polka dots, he performs perfectly!

Even though I'm a size queen and prefer 5 ½” and above in circumference, Adam was more than able to fully satisfy me. He truly does feel like a penis when you're thrusting away. I'm also very fond of upward curved dildos as they fit my anatomy naturally.

I'm so impressed with O2 silicone, I grabbed O2 Mikey only days after trying Adam. Now I'm hoping Tantus bring out more of these wonderful dildos and perhaps in a couple of larger girths.

One piece of advice – don't use teeth on O2 material. I have a habit of chewing (not to do damage, but just cause it feels nice) on some of my Cyberskin dildos. With such a squishy head, I couldn't help but have a little nibble. Unfortunately this has left very tiny indents in the head and also the shaft. They aren't hugely noticeable, but I won't be doing that to my future O2 dildos!

I love my Adam so much he gets a full 5 stars.
Follow-up commentary
I have always been a Cyberskin lover and a size queen on top of that. But O2 Adam has moved to the head of the line in the dildo shelf! He just feels real with the dual layers and although he is smaller than what I'm use to, he is able to more than satisfy me.

I love Adam!
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • indiglo
    Great review! I appreciate your thoughts on the O2 compared to the VixSkin. I'm planning on getting a VixSkin toy and this one in my next order - I'm looking forward to comparing them myself! Thanks so much
  • Shellz31

    I'm actually ordering my 2nd VixSkin (apart from Mr Right) dildo in my next order so I can figure out if it's the material that doesn't gel with me or if it was just Johnny VixSkin that I had a problem with. I'm hoping it was Johnny cause everyone seems to love VixSkin and they have some great dildos.
    I like the feel of Mr Right, but it has to be Johnny's shape that I had an issues with. Which is strange cause I have others who are far bigger and similar sort of shape and I love them. Buggers me.
  • pinkzombie
    Nice review!
  • Shellz31
  • Greenleaf
    Thank you for the review! I had wondered how he'd work with a BonBon!
  • jeangel246
    Thanks for the review
  • 3d3n1
    Isn't it nice to get away from a poor material like Cyberskin to a quality dual density silicone toy?

    On a side note - I'm a Vixskin fan, but didn't really like Johnny either. But Bandit, Goodfella, and Lonestar on the other hand...
  • Bullfroggy and Rose
    thanks for the review
  • sugar&spikes
    thanks for the review!
  • ashboo32
  • Mr. John
    A very well done review. Thanks you!
  • dannorth
    good review!
  • eri86
    Thank you.
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