O2 Adam - realistic dildo by Tantus - review by Clandestine

Big, beautiful, but perhaps a bit much.

Adam may throw a learning curve, though he is a curve worth mastering. He can provide plenty of fun and is made of long-lasting silicone. The dual-density material is plush and stimulating all at once.
Since Adam is pricey and not for beginners, I would recommend against buying Adam early on in your sex toy timeline. If you have the money and experience to spare, however, go for it!
Realistic, Nicely curved, Filling, Plush surface, Secure base
High price tag, Might be too big for some
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The Adam O2 dual-density silicone dildo from Tantus (a great company) is a versatile product suited well to both anal and vaginal use with its wide, flared base and ergonomic curve. One could use this toy orally as well if they so desired, especially as it is beautifully soft. It is lengthy, girthy and has a plush exterior that differs from the usual firmness of most silicone products. Because of its size, it may be difficult to accomodate right away; some warm-up is necessary, and in terms of anal use, caution should be used in spite of the plush nature of the toy. I was personally a little overzealous the first time I used the Adam as I expected it to be cushiony and to accomodate for me. Alas, it still made its presence very known to my butt, and I had to take a few steps back to properly warm up.

Anal or vaginal use of this toy generally can proceed as follows:

1. Retrieve the toy from wherever you may store it. Cleaning it before use is recommended; gentle soap and water is adequate unless it is to be used on someone other than the previous user. In such a case, sterilisation via boiling or dishwasher is essential.

2. Apply adequate lubricant to the toy and to the orifice to be penetrated. Silicone lubricant is not recommended as it can deteriorate the surface of silicone toys; I have heard that dual-density silicone is more susceptible to this degradation, but I am unsure of whether it is true. If you must use silicone lubricant, do a test swatch on the underside of the flange of the toy and see if it becomes gummy or tacky within a few seconds. In such a case, the toy is incompatible with the lubricant. It is best to stick with water based lubricant.

3. Apply a condom to the toy if you wish. It makes cleanup easier and allows for more sanitary sharing. I still recommend cleaning the Adam if it is to be shared in such a way. Better safe than sorry! Speaking of sorry, you would do well to ensure the condom is not lubricated with a silicone formation, as many of them are nowadays.

4. Relax, as always. This toy is not small, and you don't want any surprises. Manual warm up, or preparing yourself with a smaller toy first may be a good idea.

5. Slowly use the toy as you would normally, gripping it by the wide base. Stop if you feel pain or discomfort. If it persists, cease use for the time being. Never go faster or further than what makes you comfortable. If using this toy with a partner, be sure that you are both communicating effectively in terms of what feels good and what does not.

6. After use, clean as soon as possible with soap and water, and proceed to boiling or placing in the dishwasher if necessary. A 10% bleach solution wipe-down is a good way to ensure removal of bacteria, but always wash the toy after performing the same.

7. Allow to air-dry, or dry with a lint-free cloth. Silicone is quite good at attracting dust and lint, and you don't want to feel like you're cleaning out the dryer the next time you take this toy out of storage. Storage in an airtight container is a plus. Like all toys, keep it away from direct sources of heat, preferably in a cool and dark place. Silicone is tough, but it does like to be cared for.

Once you get to know this toy, you will probably like to use it often. It is good for solo or partner play, and can be attached to an O-ring harness. I cannot properly evaluate the effectiveness of this, as I have only used it solo, but the base is strong and wide so there shouldn't be any issues.
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    • Anal
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Material / Texture

Ahh, Tantus. A remarkable company with remarkable products. It would only make sense if they were made of a remarkable material, and they are. Tantus toys, including the O2 Adam, are made of premium-grade pure silicone that boasts durability, hygiene and a lovely texture. The Adam is no exception, and goes beyond standard silicone in its dual-density formation. The core is made of typical, more-rigid silicone, and is surrounded by an outer layer of varied-thickness softer silicone. This makes the toy a very multi-dimensional one that even feels more realistic when being used (matching the rather realistic appearance). The surface texture varies between a slick, shiny head to a velvety, matte shaft with veins. The matte surface continues to the base of the flange, the underside of which is shiny like the toy's head. This allows for limited suction on smooth surfaces, which may be of use for a degree of hands-free use.

As for smell, the toy had no smell when I first opened the package. However, after several uses (anally), there was a lingering smell that I could only describe as "mildly butt-esque". It wasn't unpleasant, but it wasn't pleasant either. Certainly not scented candle-quality. This smell didn't go away with repeated washings in very hot water or boiling for that matter, but allowing Adam to air out for a while did reduce it. I thought I would add this to my review, as silicone is supposed to retain no odours... But I often find that it does. Be warned!
    • Flexible
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all

Design / Shape / Size

Adam is, as you may very well agree, a beautiful toy reminiscent of an actual penis. Perhaps a rather large penis... Quite large, really. Let's just say that it's pretty big, yes? I am afraid that my eyes were bigger than my butt when I ordered this toy... But that improved over time.

...Let's get back on track! Just a quick rundown of the toy from top to bottom: The slick head comes complete with a shallow, sculpted urethral opening and a frenulum, and the corona is pronounced before the shaft begins. The veins are fun to play with but too soft to be terribly noticeable during use (or at least for me). The length of the shaft is curved nicely, which makes it effective at targeting the best spots. I found it rather stimulating. Once again, the base is wide and easy to grip and the very bottom has limited suction ability.

Going back to the size, I believe it is quite above-average. Again, it was uncomfortable the first few times I used it. Anally speaking (as I am without a vagina), it took some getting used to. I would wager that it is even fairly big for vaginal use; its length and girth warrant slow progression and caution to avoid bruising and discomfort.

The toy, like I said before, is realistic in appearance. It is certainly not discreet; people will recognize that it goes beyond being phallic and is simply penile in appearance. I would say it is only travel friendly if you are traveling alone or with people who don't care about large, disembodied silicone phalluses in your suitcase.
    • Ergonomic
    • Realistic


Performance Pros:

- Excellent texture, feels realistic when warmed by body heat.

- Very filling and satisfying size.

- Dual-density silicone that feels great.

- Fantastic curve and thick head.

- Some degree of suction in base.

Performance Cons:

- Quite large, not beginner-friendly.

- Incompatible with silicone lubricant.

- Retains some odours (or at least in my case).
    • Large
    • Not discreet at all
    • Powerful

Care and Maintenance

As the Adam is made of premium silicone, it has all of the typical features of the material, including that of care and cleaning.

Cleaning is simple; soap and warm water, possibly a soft cloth, and you're set. To sanitize, the usual 10% bleach wipe-down followed by a second washing, popping it in the dishwasher (no soap... or dishes) or boiling it for 5-10 minutes are all adequate. Again, be sure to sanitize when you are going to share the toy. Being silicone, it is a very hygienic material.

I will mention once more my experience of it retaining a distinct odour after several uses. Again, the only remedy that worked for me was a lengthy airing out, and only to some degree. Perhaps it would be ideal to cover the Adam when you plan to use it anally?

Storage is not a big deal. A plastic container with a lid or a specially designed toy box are all fine. Just be sure to store it away from direct heat sources and light (because I'm paranoid about these things) and away from silicone lubricants, which will break down the material (unless testing shows otherwise). Keeping it in a container will help it to attract as little lint as possible, but you will probably need to at least rinse it before the next use. Lint fairies are crafty little sprites.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


Tantus packaging, including Adam's, generally consists of a clear plastic case with colourful designs on the front, the name of the toy and occasionally some features (such as the "feels real" endorsement on Adam's box). The inside is typically a pair of molded thin plastic panels that hug the toy and support it for good display. Because of the clarity of packaging, it is quite indiscreet.

While it makes for a good display in a store, and can be used just fine for gift giving, it makes poor storage, being made of thin plastic which is difficult to reassemble into its original state. I would recommend finding a different method of storage. I had read at one point that Tantus has planned to reduce the amount of plastic in their packaging by going for plastic baggies instead, but I can see why they would choose the shelf appeal of an upright plastic box.

As far as I can tell, no detailed instructions are included. This tends to be the norm for most sex toys as they are sold as "novelties". Luckily, there are plenty of supportive people online (such as Edenfantasys!) who will be glad to share techniques if necessary.
    • Good shelf appeal
    • Not discreet

Personal comments

Again, I would like to stress that this toy might be too big for beginners on any front. Anally speaking, warm-up and preparation are necessary for a toy with this girth and length. Veterans to the craft may not feel the same way, but I want to reinforce caution as it is quite easy to buy a toy bigger than you can handle right away.

The dual-density silicone was a feeling like no other, however. One really comes to appreciate it both in hand and in orifice. It felt fleshy and realistic, and was fun to just squeeze and play with. The curve is a great feature and works ergonomically for a person of any sex.


My first time using the O2 Adam was a bit disappointing, I will admit. It was no fault of the toy's, however, but my own. Having been able to take smaller toys with relative ease, I might have gotten caught up in the moment and tried to jump right in. Not the best idea in retrospect. No permanent injuries were sustained, but it was uncomfortable and rather an instant turn-off. Just too much at once.

Fast forward to the third or fourth time and beyond, however, and I found myself enjoying Adam much more. Plenty of lubrication and patience allowed me to work up to the whole length, eventually being able to thrust quickly. I tried some hands-free riding by using the slight suction of the base but found it unreliable; it was still pretty good for a toy that was not made specifically to stick to surfaces, however. I found myself spending lots of time in one session with Adam. I typically only use one toy at any one time, but even if I didn't, I would have found him dominating the competition numerous times.

In terms of stimulation, it was the best in the anal region and the prostate. I think the varied thickness of the softer exterior silicone made it more stimulating to anal nerve endings during penetration. The curve hit the prostate on the way in and out, but went beyond it when inserted as far as the base. (This can only be expected, however, as Adam is long and the prostate lives only a few inches inside of one's butt, generally.)
Follow-up commentary
While I liked it before, I found the O2 Adam to be a bit too big for my tastes.
Since then, I have grown more accustomed to toys of greater length and girth, and find this one to be excellent. I still can't get over how nice the O2 silicone feels in the hand and in action, and the curved shaft delivers time and time again.
In spite of my previous complaints, I have really come to like this toy.
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