O2 Adam - realistic dildo by Tantus - review by ghalik

Adam is Eager to Please

Adam is a practically perfect dildo and my favorite of its size. It's a little larger than "average" but is a comfortable size for me and probably most, excluding penetration novices. It's realistic but not so realistic it's creepy. The curve and corona combine to give fabulous but gentle internal stimulation. The dual density of Adam is very nice and overall it seems extremely well designed and made. I highly recommend Adam to all who can use a dildo its size!
Delicious dual density silicone
Perfect curve
Firm harness compatible base
Soft but not floppy
Base may be uncomfortable in minimalistic harnesses due to firmness
Lint magnet
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Adam is one of five in Tantus' line of semi-realistic, dual density silicone dildos Tantus calls O2. Dual density means there is a softer layer of silicone on top of a firmer silicone core, giving it a more realistic feel than single density silicone toys. Adam is a "middle brother" in terms of size and comes in three flesh tones: Cream, Caramel, Mocha (discontinued), and Black. Adam is an excellent dildo for those seeking a slightly larger than the average penis but not "big" dildo. It's perfect for vaginal use but can also be used for anal as long as you know you can take the size. The curve (it's the only O2 dildo with a significant curve) and the fact that it retains its curve during use make it perfect for G- or P-spot stimulation. The silicone has no unpleasant taste or smell, making Adam a good choice for oral sex or practice. It's also really fun to put in your mouth! But I must warn you that you will probably have an urge to bite the squishy head which is not a good idea.

The O2 material makes it a really nice choice for use with a partner because the softness of the outer layer reduces the likelihood of bruising if the giver is not 100% in tune with the receiver. The squishy head makes an accidental cervical jab a lot less painful than it is with harder materials like glass, metal or hard silicone. Some people also find that they can take a larger size toy more comfortably with a soft material like Adam than with a hard toy such as glass. So if Adam seems just a little too big for you, you might give it a try to see if that's true for you.

The base of the dildo is great for use in a harness because it's very firm which gives the dildo a very secure, firm attachment. The base is also comfortable for manual use with or without a partner. Adam is anal safe with or without a harness because of the flared base.

Because of the size, I can't recommend Adam for those who are beginners to penetration.

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    • Anal
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Material / Texture

Adam is 100% silicone, but made of two types of silicone: the inner part is much harder than the squishier outer layer. This is supposed to make it feel very realistic to a human penis. Not being into people with a penis, I can't vouch for how well Adam achieves this realism, but I can say that it feels really nice! The soft silicone outer layer is not the same thickness everywhere on the dildo which makes some places squishier than others. The head in particular is very soft and plush because the hard core does not extend all the way to the tip. The areas on the entire underside and all the way around beside the base are also quite squishy, having a layer about 1/4 inch thick of the softer silicone. The area with the thinnest layer of squish (about 1/8 inch) is the two inches on the "top"/anterior from the end of the glans corona to the middle of the shaft. The base has only a micro layer of the softer layer which makes it hard and just maintains the matte finish feeling of the shaft. The bottom of the base has no outer layer and is very hard. The inner core makes it feel quite firm and I find it a lot less "floppy" than most Vixskin dildos. It's very difficult to bend completely in half, and nearly impossible to do it fighting the curve. I think this firmness is a slightly positive or neutral aspect, but some might prefer a floppier dildo. I know one or two people who have found O2 dildos (not Adam in particular) a little too firm.

Here is a quick 'n' dirty approximation of where the inner core is located:

The outer layer feels a tiny bit sticky due to the composition of the silicone (it contains polydimethylsiloxane, a.k.a. dimethicone, the main ingredient of Silly Putty). The stickiness combined with the natural electrostatic property of all silicone combine to make Adam a serious lint magnet. It only feels sticky when it's dry and it has a bit of drag on the surface. The head is shiny and has a little less drag and is very slick when wet or lubed. This makes the shiny head really handy for insertion. The shaft is matte and has a bit more drag than the head but is quite slick when wet or lubed.

The silicone Tantus uses is completely body safe because it's medical grade. It's one of the highest quality silicones on the adult toy market. The material does have a mild smell to me, but I'm one of those people who can smell everything. For example, I can smell glass. To me the smell is not at all unpleasant, just a distinctive silicone smell (which is actually similar to that of glass). I think that most people are not able to smell this because everyone says silicone is completely odorless so take my opinion with a grain of salt.
    • Not porous at all

Design / Shape / Size

The curve of Adam was a main selling point for me. I have a soft spot for perky dildos that point upwards in a harness. Adam does droop a little bit in a harness but it still points upward a little. It retains some of its curve even when gravity is fighting it. Adam also retains its curve when inserted, which is really great for A-spot, G-spot, or P-spot stimulation. If using in a harness (or hand), you can rotate Adam to point in any direction you like. This is really great for getting G- or P-spot stimulation with practically any position. Try doing that with a penis!

The design is what I would call semi-realistic–it's made to look like a flesh-toned dildo, not a penis. This is one of the main differences between Vixskin (the main competitor of O2, and one of the most popular dual density materials) and O2. Adam doesn't have hyper-realistic veining or coloring but it does have all the main anatomical features of a human penis. It might pass a squeeze test through clothing, but once you whip Adam out, it looks like a dildo. Adam has a glans with defined corona, a frenulum, a urethral "opening," a defined corpus spongiosum (the squishy underside), and light veining. These are all achieved purely through the silicone molding and not from any external coloring. The urethra appears to be carved out post-molding, but I am only guessing. The only features I can actually feel during use are the corona, which gives a mild popping sensation, and the dichotomy between the shiny glans and matte shaft. These aren't very noticeable to me though. If you're a texture-phobe, the mild texture of Adam shouldn't bother you.

Compared to Vixskin (which obviously varies from dildo to dildo, this is just a generalization), I find that Vixskin has more realism in the form of superficial texture and is floppier/more flexible because the inner core is thinner and/or softer and the soft outer layer is thicker. Vixskin has a lot more tiny details in the outer layer that make it look very realistic. Vixskin is designed to look as realistic as possible, while O2 is just designed to feel good. These also make the surface a little more textured which adds to the drag factor.

Adam's size is definitely bigger than the average human penis (supposedly 5-6 inches long and 4-5 inches in circumference when erect). Because of this I would recommend Adam to people who are familiar with the size of objects they are comfortable penetrating with and not to penetration novices.

Length: 7.5" including curve, 7" straight from bottom of base to tip
Insertable length: 7.25" including curve, 6.5" straight from end of shaft to tip
Maximum girth: 5" circumference, 1.6" diameter (at glans corona)
Minimum girth: 4.75" circumference, 1.5" diameter (entire shaft)
Base width: 2.5" diameter
    • Semi-realistic


Adam performs excellently for me. The base is very firm, which is great for harness use in harnesses that don't put the base of the dildo on your flesh. I find that the base is probably a bit too firm and unyielding for comfort in minimalistic harnesses. I also find it a little uncomfortable to grasp tightly in my hand for long periods of time. However, these little "problems" haven't actually been a problem for me because I don't use minimalistic harnesses and I don't grasp the bases of dildos for manual use. However, if you do either of these things you might want to keep the firmness of the base in mind.

In a SpareParts Joque harness, Adam feels great. Since the Joque doesn't put the base right next to your skin I don't have any issue with the firmness of the base becoming uncomfortable. Adam fits securely and the weight feels good. If the head is pointed up in the harness, the curve does straighten out a little bit because of gravity, but it's not droopy. As mentioned, Adam doesn't flop around much unless you're doing jumping jacks or something. Joque's o-ring does have to stretch a little to accommodate Adam so you should avoid leaving it in the Joque because it could possibly stretch the o-ring permanently. In harnesses with interchangeable o-rings, you'll probably want a 1.5" ring.

Adam feels really lovely when you give it a hot water bath just before use. You can also use ice water or put it in the fridge or freezer if you prefer a chillier experience. The temperature dissipates more quickly than with a material such as steel, but it's still nice.
    • Harness compatible

Care and Maintenance

Since Adam is entirely silicone with no vibrating components, it's very easy to clean and sterilize. I recommend washing with unscented dish soap and warm water for routine maintenance, but you can also use toy cleansers or wipes on Adam, they just won't get off all the lint it attracts! You can sterilize Adam between uses (and should if you ever share it with someone or use it both anally and vaginally) by either boiling in water for several minutes or soaking for a few minutes in a 1:10 bleach:water solution. If you don't feel like washing and sterilizing, you can use condoms with Adam as long as they don't have a lubricant with silicone components.

Adam is compatible with water- and oil-based lubricants, though oil lube is inadvisable for vaginal use. You should not use silicone lubricants with silicone toys. That said, I tested and used Sliquid Silk, which contains dimethicone, with no problems. If you must use a lubricant containing silicone with Adam, be sure to test it first in an inconspicuous spot to see if any reaction occurs.

I store Adam in a drawer with the rest of my toys. I don't think anyone would want to use the packaging for storage because it's bulky and hard to open. If you want to store it inside something, I'd recommend a food-grade plastic bag. Cloth will leave lint on it. There have been reports of the O2 material getting stained from storage contacting dyed fabric, so keep it away from things that could stain it. Also keep it away from contact with toys of lesser quality materials.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


Adam is packaged in Tantus' usual clear plastic clamshell inside a plastic box. It's fairly sturdy, but not very discreet or good for storage. It's very easy to see Adam inside the packaging and the box has a bit of information about it printed on the outside, so it's not ideal for gifting if you want to be discreet. It's not sexy packaging, neither in the tacky-nude-girls-pictures sort of way or the luxury-box-with-bow sort of way. None of it is recyclable, which is my main complaint. It seems quite wasteful to use so much plastic for packaging that's just going to be thrown away.
    • Not discreet

Personal comments

Here is a comparison photo of Adam and Mark, the smallest O2 dildo.

Mikey, Adam's older brother, is more squat and a little fatter. Then Luke and Max are the rather large O2 older brothers. Both have balls and are less ideal for harness use. I really like the O2 material and would love to see some more in the line!


Using Adam requires a bit of warm-up for me but the results are totally worth it! Adam is one of the most pleasantly intense dildos I've ever tried. I've had some of the most intense orgasms of my life with Adam and the feelings I get after using it are unique to any other toy. It gives me a very intense natural high similar to that of subspace after a BDSM scene. I have to be in the right mood to use Adam and I need at least a few hours to recover from the endorphin rush. I know this sounds totally over the top and silly, but it's true! Obviously, this is an entirely personal experience, but it makes me very confident in recommending it to others.

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