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Unique almost to a fault

While I don't love it or hate it, if I had to choose one side I would side against it and suggest the Njoy Pure Wand instead. Silicone over glass is unique, but I can't figure out the real benefits of it.
Unique design, pretty if you like girly colors
Typical glass/silicone cleaning options are negated, silicone is draggy
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I wanted to review the Key Comet Wand because of the similarity to my beloved Pure Wand. The combination of glass and silicone was also a unique draw. But I found that the minor size difference in length, plus the difference in the curvature, drew enough differences between the two g-spotting toys.

When it comes to curved dildos like this though there are two ways to measure, just like there are two ways to measure the distance between two addresses: Straight across they are the same, 8 inches. But the true tip-to-tip tells another story and shows how much more curved the Pure Wand is: The Comet G is about 9.5 inches where the Pure Wand is a little over 11 inches. The widest width on both is that large bulbed end, at 1.5 inches. But where the Pure Wand is a true double-sided dildo offering you two differently sized ends to use, the Comet G Wand is only usable one way.

Now the tip-to-tip length may not seem important at first, but I found after my second use that it does matter to me. I have short arms and a fat buddha belly; the C-curve plus the length of the Pure Wand is about the most ergonomic and easy-to-use design for me, hands down. The Comet G is mostly C-shaped, but that bulb on the handle tips back in a weird subtle S-shape. The handle tip also is more “fiddlehead fern” than true bulb and I found that it was a lot harder to keep a good grip on it than the Pure Wand. I found myself really needing that extra 1.5 inches and the easier-to-grip bulb of the Pure Wand. I was able to finally get good g-spot stimulation and orgasm with the Comet better than most other dildos, the clumsy grip means that I will still reach for the Pure Wand despite its heft. Speaking of weight, the Comet G is 9.5 ounces where the Pure Wand is 1 pound 8.75 ounces – nearly a pound heavier.

The material is the big draw of the Key Comet - silicone *over* glass. The silicone is silky smooth at first, but offers no plushness. It also creates quite a bit of drag. I don't normally use lube, and I had to for this toy. There is also a demarcation line between silicone and glass that likes to collect fluids and lube, and it can be hard to clean. Especially if you got lube on the handle, it's very hard to clean. The metal Key logo glued into the glass handle is the only part of this toy that makes it unable to be boiled to clean or put in the dishwasher. Otherwise, the silicone and glass were almost perfect for that.

There are slight ridges in the design of the Key Comet, but I don't feel that they add anything to the experience. The pink color I have is a dusty rose; the glass handle is a pale pink to match. All of the colors have a pastel glass matching handle - the blue might be harder to tell, since it is a more subtle blue glass, but none are clear. The box is black and whatever color your dildo is; you could use it for storage but it’s not a subtle and sturdy box like many luxury makers go for. You slide off the top portion of the box to reveal a book-style box inside; the Comet G Wand is nestled in foam which has a ribbon tab to lift up where the storage bag and manual is found. The storage bag is made from the same material that We-Vibe uses – a kinda stiff, crinkly water-resistant fabric that feels cheap (unlike the satin that most luxury toy makers use). The storage bag isn’t padded. All in all, I’m not impressed by the packaging or storage bag.
All in all, I'm not really impressed. I feel that covering the glass partially with silicone allows for those who are intimidated by the supposed fragility of glass to own their first glass piece. But since the glass is only on the handle, it is only there for show - you'll never experience the uniqueness that is using a glass dildo.

I can't love the material. I also can't help but compare this to the Pure Wand and in every aspect it falls short. They are different enough that you could own both and like them both, or like the Key Comet if the Pure Wand wasn't awesome for you. But if you adore the Pure Wand for the material, the heft, the balance, the size, the ease in which it glides in and out of you? You likely wouldn't love the Comet G. If you are a person who uses lube, and lots of it, every time you play, then you may feel differently. I'm too lazy to use lube, since I normally don't require it. If weight is a factor, and the Pure Wand is too heavy for you, the Comet G will be a lot easier to manage.

(Also, please forgive the disjointed and not-as-thorough-as-usual review - I simply couldn't choose the extended format and I had to cut way back on my words to fit into this style!)
Follow-up commentary
I still prefer my Njoy Pure Wand for non-vibratory g-spot stimulation. I just can't manage to love this no matter what.
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    Thank you for sharing. Negative reviews are always appreciated.
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    Well there goes the idea to buy it lol! But seriously thanks for the review. Saw this on and it seemed perfect but now....Welll granted I hate the idea of any metal inside me the Njoy Pure Wand does seem like a hell of a much better choice hands down
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