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Worked For Him, Not For Her

Acute works well as either a stepping stone to larger sizes or for those who like smaller sized dildos. The firm material makes it feel a bit larger than the actual size, so be mindful of that. For my G spot, this was a total fail. I also found the texture to be overwhelming. For my husband, it worked out a lot better. We were able to hit his P spot with this, but never able to get a full orgasm from it. We ultimately moved on to larger sizes, but this was good while it lasted.
Firm material, Good size, Curved shape, Base works well in harness
Texture more intense than it appears, Curve may not be enough for some
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Acute is a silicone dildo by Tantus. It can be used vaginally or anally due to the flared base. The flared base also means this dildo is harness ready. It features a slight curve that allows for G or P spot stimulation. It has light ridges on it for added sensation. The material is firm yet flexible and should work for a variety of users. It's not the smallest dildo but certainly not the largest either. If you're getting this for anal play you may want to have a little experience under your belt first. For vaginal use, those who have experienced penetration before should be okay.

This dildo is perfect for solo use or partner play. It can be used as part of foreplay or in a harness for pegging or female/female penetration. It can also be combined with an external vibrator during solo use or simply used alone. The base makes a great handle for thrusting purposes.

You can purchase this in midnight purple, purple, or pearl white. I have the midnight purple color. It's a beautiful color with swirls of deep almost black purple and a lighter but still dark purple.

Material / Texture

Acute is made of silicone. This puts it at a ten on the safety scale. It is non-porous and phthalates free.

Tantus is known for their high quality silicone. The silicone on Acute is firm but flexible. If you try to squeeze it inward, it pushes hard back against the hand. You can get it to push in, but it takes quite a bit of effort (at least for me). Despite its firmness, it can be bent in half, giving it flexibility. It's far from floppy due to the firmness, however. If you shake it around it maintains an upright position. To get it to the bent in position, you have to force it that way. It will pop immediately back to its original shape when you let go. This firm quality is very noticeable during use as it does not give to the body at all.

The silicone has a good bit of drag to it. My finger doesn't exactly hop along it, but it doesn't glide along the body either. When I run my finger down the shaft, it feels like there is a resistance to it that makes it hard to do so. Lube is recommended when using this toy. Once lube is applied, the drag is not noticeable during use.

There is a light sweet silicone smell to the material. There is no taste to it.

There is a very light ribbing to the inside of the shaft. On the inside the material comes out just a little bit in an almost wave like pattern. These waves are such a little bit of size difference from the base of the shaft that they are hardly visible, especially on the dark colored purple. The head is bulged outward, which is more of a size difference from the base. Although it seems like the bulged head would be more noticeable, I found that the waved design was more noticeable in use than the head. This could present an issues for more texture sensitive users in combination with the firm material.

The material itself is firm which adds to the stimulation. Even though the size isn't overly larger, the firmness lends itself more to intermediate users than a brand new user. That doesn't mean someone new to toys couldn't use this, however. I would say this would be better as a starter vaginal toy than a starter anal toy. Anally, this would likely be too firm in combination with the size for a very first toy. The added texture might also be a bit much, though isn't overwhelming unless you're texture sensitive. It would be a good second or third one.

Design / Shape / Size

Acute comes in at 6" total length as per the product page and my measurements. The product page lists the insertable length at 5". I measured out about 5.25" to the shaft leaving a little space before the base. This is about where we were able to insert up to, so I feel like this would be a more accurate insertable length measurement. The diameter at the widest point is 1.25" as per the product page and my measurements. This is at the head of the toy. At the shaft the diameter is 1 1/8". The base is 2.5".

Here you can see it in my hand for size reference:

For me, this was a good size. I tend to prefer smaller sized toys (1"-1.5" in diameter), so the 1.25" worked well. I will say that the firm material made this feel larger than the actual measurements in comparison to 1.25" of a softer material or a plushy silicone. The length was good and left me enough room at the end to use for a handle.

We really got this for use during pegging. This was the second dildo that we used. My husband really liked the size of this for a second toy. It was a nice stepping stone to larger toys. It would have been too big for him to use as a first toy. The ultimate word on this was that it ended up not being big enough to satisfy long term, but served the purpose of getting him more comfortable with the next size up.

The size will work well for those who like smaller to average sized toys. Since the firm material makes it feel larger, it will work for those that normally like something a little bit larger than the listed size. It won't work well for those that need something extra small or extra large. For those who aren't seeking to go up in size, this could work well as a regular dildo that will last long term.

The Acute features a slight curve to the shaft for G or P spotting. The curve is done from the base to angle the toy. It's not a curve in the center like some toys have. I'll go into how this worked in the Performance section.

While it's not realistic in color, it is phallic in shape. I don't think there will be any question of what this is used for. As such, hiding this will be your best bet if you don't want someone to know about it. It's small size means that it won't be too difficult to hide away. You can travel with it easily.


So you get two opinions on this one since both my husband and I have tried this. It was primarily purchased for pegging, but I did test it out first for the review.

For me, the size was just right. While it felt bigger than I expected, it worked out well for me. I did have some issues with it though. The light texture on it was very uncomfortable for me. I'm somewhat texture sensitive and the firm material with the texture on this set me off. It looks like it's really light and I suppose that it is, but it just didn't work out well. Every time I would thrust I could feel the ridges like speed bumps in me and it was just sort of painful.

I also couldn't hit my G spot with this. I couldn't even come close to it. The curve is very slight and I need more intense curves to get near my spot. Even when I put this at the best angle I could get it to, I could not get any pressure to my G spot.

For my husband, this worked out much better. He said he could get a lot of pressure on his P spot when we used this. He said it got contact and maintained it well. He said the ribbing wasn't all that noticeable, so that gives you an idea of how mileage may vary widely with this depending on sensitivity. He was never able to get a full on P spot orgasm from this, however. Our best guess on this is due to the size. My husband seems to have the best luck with P spot orgasms with larger sizes, so the 1.25" of this just might not have been large enough to do it. He still found it to be very pleasurable while using it.

For use during pegging, my only complaint is that the length could be a little longer. When thrusting, the 6" didn't feel like enough to get a good range of movement. A lot of times I felt like if I thrusted too much that it would pop out. I don't seem to get this feeling with my longer toys. I'd say another 1"-1.5" would have made a big improvement.

I was really worried about the base since it's small and kind of oval instead of a full circle. I thought that the smaller sides would pop out of the O ring. This didn't happen. In fact, the smaller base was very comfortable to wear in a harness. It didn't press up against my body in an uncomfortable way like some of the larger bases can do.

The base isn't a suction cup. You can get it to stick a little if it's wet, but don't rely on that for actual use.

Care and Maintenance

The silicone material is easy to care for. You can wash it with soap and water or toy cleaner. You can also boil it for three minutes to sanitize it. You should do this if you are sharing between partners or going from anal to vaginal use.

You should use only water based lubes with this toy. Silicone lubes can damage the material. I did want to note that my husband is partial to silicone and insisted on using a hybrid with this for a while (Sliquid Silk) with no adverse effects. I would say to do a spot test if you want to do something like this and really wouldn't recommend it if you can avoid it.

You can store this in the box that it comes in, though this is not ideal for storage. A pouch or baggie will be your best bet for storage.


Acute comes in traditional Tantus packaging. It is a clear box that the toy can be visibly seen through. The front says "100% ultra premium platinum silicone non-toxic hypoallergenic phthalate free" with the Tantus logo beneath it. It also says "The world's best soft toys for adults. One side has "What makes Tantus toys the best..." with three bullet points on being safe, high quality, and pleasurable. The other side has information in three languages. The back has information on Tantus.

The packaging is not discreet due to the toy being visible and the wording. It could be used for storage, but the box doesn't hold its shape all that way so it's not ideal. If you don't mind the lack of discreetness, it could be used for a gift.

Personal comments

I probably wouldn't recommend this as a first toy, but as a second or third it's a good buy. The silicone is high quality and body safe. If you're texture sensitive, be mindful that the texture is more intense than it appears. For G spotting I found it ineffective, but I also have a G spot that is picky. If your G or P spot is particular, the curve may not be enough for you. If lighter curves work for your body, this could work well. It also won't work if you need larger sizes, but can be a good warm up or stepping stone to those larger sizes.


While we ended up graduating from the Acute, we used it for a longer period of time than we did our Silk Medium. My husband really liked this one for P spot stimulation even though he never managed a full on P spot orgasm from it. As it turns out, larger sizes are what do it for him, and Acute just wasn't enough to do the trick. The curve worked well for him though and the ribbing didn't seem to bother him at all.

Vaginally, this was a pretty big fail for me. Since we didn't get it for that, I wasn't very upset by it. I was surprised at how intense the texture felt given that it's barely noticeable to the eye or hand.

Even though this one sits in a drawer now in lieu of larger toys, I'm happy we got it. It was a great stepping stone from the Silk Medium to our now normal use dildo (O2 Flurry). We also used it for a while as a warm up to the Flurry before we began using Flurry as our starter.

I'm also really happy with the way it performed in the harness, especially given the smaller base. I really expected it to pop out every second.

I would give this one five stars if it worked a tiny bit better and could make my husband orgasm. Since we were never able to get there with this one, the ranking for him would be 4.5. He liked it enough to give it just below the 5 star rating even without orgasm. Vaginally, this was a total bust and something I would never use again. So I'm going with four stars on this one overall.
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