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Hard Choices

Overall, the Gigi is a great toy; however, we feel that for us it's probably $100 dollars we could have saved. Being that internal use for us is somewhat uncomfortable, we think that we can accomplish the same external tasks with a toy that costs far less. We were looking forward to the g-spot benefit of this toy, but for us (for reasons mentioned earlier) it fell short.
Excellent quality, variety of patterns and speeds, phthalates free, travel lock.
Hard and unforgiving.
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When researching our first g-spot vibe, a few things were must haves:
1. Phthalates free
2. Excellent design and function
3. Lots of positive reviews

The Gigi excels at all of these things, but for reasons we'll discuss, we think it's just not for us.

Let's start with the POSITIVES:
The pictures online really don't do this toy justice; you have to physically handle this beautiful toy to understand it's quality. It's silicone is so soft and feels as if you were running your fingers over the most luxurious velvet you've ever experienced. Every feature is well thought-out. The Gigi is also presented in a box that is as artfully designed as the toy itself, which may sound silly, but it just reinforces the quality of this wonderful masterpiece.

Secondly, the vibration controls are well laid out. A simple up and down arrow to select your function, and a +/- toggle to select your speed. There are a couple negatives about the control that we'll mention later.

Thirdly - LOVE the travel function!! I don't know about you, but something about carting a wheeled, vibrating mass of suitcase onto an airplane just makes for more questions than we're prepared to answer that inquisitive stranger seated next to us.

Lastly, the charger is very modern and simple to use. The light surrounding the control lets you know when it's charged, and then you can store it discreetly in your area of choice. You can even leave it in the drawer to charge where it looks like nothing more than a cell-phone hooked up to the wall socket.

The Gigi is too rigid for comfortable insertion in our opinion. We understand that the toy is designed like this for a specific purpose, but for us it just wasn't comfortable. This is the main reason that we gave the toy 3-stars. Keep in mind that this is just personal experience from a skinny woman!! Different body frames may be more accommodating to Gigi's features.

Secondly, the controls are somewhat small, and VERY slippery when wet. It's tough to select your vibration speed and pattern when the shaft wants to jump out of your hand!

The only other possible negative would be the price, but this thing is built so well that we have a hard time faulting it for that.

We should also mention that we originally thought there would be cleanliness issues with the chrome-colored collar that separates the silicone shaft of the toy from the smooth plastic handle. The edges of the collar seem like they would collect bacteria around and underneath them, but this has not proven to be a problem. We clean the toy with antibacterial soap and water after each use.
Wife: The biggest negative for me was Gigi's rigidity. I am pretty small and somewhat tight. Getting the Gigi inserted was no problem, but if I moved it in a slightly wrong way, I would feel the ridge of the toy bump up against my pelvic bone, which was not comfortable. This is obviously my own fault, and not the toy's, but i just couldn't get comfortable with it.

Dame Demi is right when she states in her review that this is definitely not a thrusting toy. That may have been where things went wrong in my experience. After a few hard contacts with Gigi's unforgiving structure, internal use was not as appealing. I feel bad because that is supposed to be the highlight of this toy, and I'm probably missing out! Anyway, it does wonders for clitoral stimulation and my husband like it when I use it on his balls which makes it fun.

If I position it just right, I can feel a vibration from the shaft of his cock, which also makes for a good time! I realize that I'm not that experienced with toys yet, and maybe that was the downfall of this one for me. I will try to update my review if things change, but for now I'll just keep the Gigi on the outside.

Husband: I thought the quality of this toy was unsurpassed by anything I have seen. I wish my wife could enjoy the benefits that it was designed to give, but for now, she hasn't been able to. Aside from that setback, I love all the different vibration patterns and speeds. It adds that extra dimension during our lovemaking, and I've even used it on myself during solo sessions thinking about my wife!

I don't like how the surface of the controls get slippery when my hands are wet, and when this happens, the size of the controls is all the more frustrating. I find the controls to be somewhat small and I think it's difficult to hit the specific button that you're trying to select. Keep in mind, I do not have large finders! With wet fingers, I think the toy is difficult to hold onto also, especially when the water-based lube you're using finds its way down the shaft.
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  • LiftedUp
    Blessed Union,
    Great first review! You guys really are off to a good start! Your descriptions of personal use, positives of the toy, and even it's downfalls are informative. My only suggestion would be to include some more details on the toy's specifics such as the various functions of the gigi (pulsating, versus constant vibration, versus "rollercoaster" or "ramping" vibrations, etc..), as well as some info on cleaning and maintenance, and material safety.

    All in all a great start, and I look forward to seeing some more great review from you guys! Thanks for sharing!
  • MarriedWithSexToys
    You mention a charger in your review, does this mean the Gigi comes with its own rechargeable battery? If so how long does it take to fully charge the Gigi? Is the rechargeable battery replaceable?
    Thanks for a great review.
  • Carrie Ann
    I'm a chunky girl and have the same issues with the gigi catching on my pubic bone. I think it has more to do with interior anatomy than being fat or skinny, big or small. It actually seems to be the biggest complaint from non gigi lovers.
  • Blessed Union
    Thank you all for your comments!

    LiftedUp - Thank you for your kind words and constructive feedback! It is much appreciated. We look forward to being a part of the Eden Community too, and we hope our reviews are a helpful addition to the many fine reviews posted here.

    MarriedWST - The Gigi absolutely does come with a charger! I checked out Lelo's Website, and they say the Gigi should take about 2 hours to charge; however, ours only takes about 1 1/2 hrs. The rechargeable battery is permanently installed inside the toy. As for the battery being replaceable, I'm not sure. Lelo's Website does not give any indication that it is, and I don't see an option to order a new one. Because of this, I would assume that once the battery goes dead, the toy is finished. We've had ours for almost a year though, and we've not had any battery issues yet. Also, there's a 1-year warranty on the toy, so if you do happen to run into any problems, you can feel confident that it will be replaced. I hope this helps! Thanks for your comment and compliment on our review!

    Carrie Ann - Thanks for taking the time to write! We've read your reviews and highly respect your opinions!! I believe you're right - interior anatomy has more to do with my issue than anything else. I'm glad to hear that someone else has had a similar experience. I hope I wasn't derogatory with my skinny comment, I just thought that might be my issue.

    Thanks again to you all for taking the time to write!
  • Sammi
    Nice first review!
  • Fuck it.
    I'm skinny and don't have trouble with toys others do, so I'm just reiterating that internal anatomy and your body size don't correlate.
  • Ghost
    Looks awesome.
  • IndependentlyHappy
    Thanks for the honest review!
  • Dobby101
  • mmmmm
    Thanks for the review!
  • Mikemanz
    good review
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