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Not A Miracle, But Liked It All The Same

While the vibrations are only moderate, I still ended up liking Gigi. The size ended up being just right for thrusting. I couldn't get a G spot orgasm from this, but I think many women will be able to granted that they have a G spot that is closer to the front and has responded well to most G spot toys. The silicone is high quality and the four button control makes me a happy girl. The only other thing that I would change is to make this waterproof.
Small size
Velvety silicone
Four button control
Weaker vibrations
Not waterproof
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Gigi is one of Lelo's G spot centric vibrators. The curved body and angled head make it ideal for G spotting and it's smaller size lends itself to thrusting for those that prefer such a size. The head can also be used for external stimulation on the clitoris, nipples, or anywhere else. It should not be used anally as it does not have a flared base.

Gigi is perfect for either solo or partner play. I found it just as pleasurable to use either way. It's great for foreplay and if you find you like the vibrations on your clit it's small size wouldn't get too much in the way during sex.

Material / Texture

Gigi is made of silicone for insertable half and PC-ABS plastic for the controller. Silicone comes in at a 10 on the saftey scale. The silicone of Gigi is wrapped around a harder surface and has no give to it. It has a velvety, almost powdery finish to it. There is next to no drag on it. If I run my fingers down it, they don't jump but slide easily across it. It's completely seamless, so the seam sensitive among you will be able to use this will no issues. It feels almost like a smooth but powdery pebble. It is, however, very unforgiving. Those that like a plushier silicone should look elsewhere. The harder feel to this does lend itself well to the intended purpose of the vibrator. There is no added texture to the silicone, just a smooth surface.

There is no taste to the silicone of Gigi. There is a slight silicone smell, but you have to bring it to your nose to notice it.

Beginners and advanced users should like the silicone featured on Gigi. It's a more velvety silicone so even the luxury vibrator enthusiasts should be pleased with this.

Design / Shape / Size

Gigi is on the smaller end of vibrators, at a total length of 6.5 inches of which 3.5 are insertable. It is 1 inch wide.

Gigi fits nicely in my hand, which is my personal test for if something will be too large for me. I tend to like my vibrators on the smaller end though.

Personally, I found this to be a perfect size. It was just thick enough so I could feel it but not so thick that I felt stretched out. It doesn't give an overly full feeling. The issue that I can think of with the size is that those who have a further back G spot may not be able to reach it with Gigi. Because the price of this is higher, I would recommend beginners find something cheaper to play around with to determine where their G spot is before buying this. If it's closer to the front, then you should be fine with this vibrator.

The head of Gigi is angled and flattened for G spotting and the body is curved. It's about average curve for a G spot toy so if you've been able to use other G spot toys with success, this will likely work for you as well. The basic concept is that the flattened, wider head will apply more pressure to the G spot.

Again on this, I would recommend beginners try some cheaper vibrators before investing in this one. If you find that the typical G spot vibrator head produces a G spot orgasm, Gigi will work fine. If you have a G spot that is harder to stimulate, this probably won't work any better than a typical G spot vibrator.

To me, Gigi looks like a vibrator. I don't think anyone could mistake it for anything else. The curve is pretty traditional. It is smaller though, so hiding it shouldn't pose too much of a problem.

Functions / Performance / Controls

At the base of Gigi, there is a circular controller with four buttons that operate the speeds and patterns. There is a plus sign, a minus sign, an up arrow, and a down arrow. The plus and minus operate the power of the vibrations and the arrows scroll through the patterns. I really appreciate when these are separated out because I'm not a fan of patterns and I hate accidentally scrolling to one trying to turn a vibrator up. You can also lock Gigi by pressing the entire controller area for five seconds.

The plus and minus work on a press and hold control. Pressing the plus once will not do anything, you have to actually hold it down. It's a little hard to tell how many speeds there actually are because of this. I count out somewhere between three or four. The plus button is also the on button. To turn Gigi off, you have to scroll back through all the speeds by holding down the minus sign.

The vibrations offer a fairly nice range on the low to moderate end of vibrations. I would say you can get this as low as one vroom and as high as a mid level three vroom. If you need a lot of power, Gigi won't get you there. I think this is the one area I would really like an improvement in Gigi. I tend to like a lot of power and a level three vibrator is on the disappointing side, especially at a higher price range. On the plus side, the vibrations are not at all buzzy. They aren't the rumbliest of the rumbly either, but I would still classify them on the rumbly rather than buzzy side.

Gigi offers five different patterns including the steady vibration mode. After the steady vibration mode there are three pulse patterns that range from slow to moderate speed. To get to these press and hold the up arrow for about one second and release. The last pattern goes through the speeds. It isn't jerky so you can't feel the jump from speed to speed.

I'm not a huge fan of press and hold because I find it difficult to use during use, but luckily I tend to get things to high and keep them there so it's not a huge deal. If you like to change things up a lot, you may have to take this away from your body to change the settings. The buttons are easy to press but not so easy that I was changing things when I was using it.

The vibrations seem strongest at the tip but radiate down very nicely. They can be felt pretty evenly through the shaft of the vibrator. They don't transfer through to the control base so my hand never went numb during use, even after extended periods of time.

Gigi is very quiet, almost inaudible when held next to me. The slight noise it does make can be muffled through covers and cannot be heard through a closed door. It's not completely silent, but can be made to be if necessary.

Sadly, Gigi is not waterproof. Another downfall, in my opinion. This, especially in the beautiful aqua color, would have made a great shower toy.

Gigi will need a two hour charge before use which will provide for four hours of use. The charger connects through a flap at the very base of the vibrator.

Care and Maintenance

As a non-waterproof vibrator, care must be taken when cleaning Gigi. I spray mine down with a toy cleaner and wipe down with a dry rag. You could also use a damp cloth with toy cleaner or soap. Just don't run it under water and make sure not to get the charging port wet.

The silicone does not attract lint or dust easily, so in that sense, Gigi is easier to care for than other silicone toys.

Silicone lube should not be used with Gigi. Water based only. Silicone lubes can potentially break down the silicone material and then you'd have wasted all that money!

I store mine in original packaging because Lelo packaging is too pretty to be thrown away. If the packaging is too bulky for you, then you can always pick up a pouch to store it in. Make sure not to store this next to other silicone toys. Again, silicone doesn't get along with other silicones and shouldn't be put together.


Oh, Lelo packaging! How I love you! Lelo packaging is one of my favorites. There's nothing I like better than nice packaging. I know it's something silly, but I feel like if I spend a decent amount of money, you can at least make the box look nice.

The outer box of Gigi is the same beautiful aqua color as the vibrator itself. The front simply says "Lelo." The back has a picture of Gigi by itself. The side features some specs in multiple languages. Inside this box is the actual holding box, which is a luxurious black box with "Lelo" written on it. There's nothing else on the box so it's very discreet.

Inside the black box, Gigi is placed inside a velvety cutout that holds the vibrator perfectly. There is a little square next to it that covers the instruction manual, some information on the warrantee (1 year regular, 10 year satisfaction), and a Lelo lube.

The instruction manual is one of the less confusing Lelo manuals I've run across. A lot of times they put way too much information and it gives me a headache. They sometimes make the controls seem more confusing than what they actually are. They didn't do that as much with the Gigi, which is nice.

I think the packaging is ideal for gift giving and storage, though I would have appreciated a pouch for good measure since the box is rather large.

Personal comments

If most G spot toys have worked for you, the Gigi will be a good luxury investment. If you're looking for a magic answer because other G spot toys have failed, this one won't be any different. I would just be sure you know what works for you before buying this because it's not like it's a $20 vibrator. If you know that the shape and milder vibrations have worked for you in the past, then this is a great step up vibrator and I would highly recommend it.


I have a picky G spot. It's close to the front, so I was able to hit it with Gigi. However, the curve of the shaft wasn't quite enough to get me to a G spot orgasm. I'm not going to hold it against Gigi since the Pure Wand is really the only thing that works for me. I knew that going into this and was more getting it as a traditional vibrator with a curve for me.

Despite the fact that I can't create a great G spot orgasm from Gigi, I still really like it. I think my like of this comes from the size, the silicone, and the rumbly side vibrations because generally a weaker vibrator would annoy me more than please me. However, I was willing to forgive the shortcomings of the weak vibrations because this was just such a great toy for thrusting with. I was able to vigorously thrust with this and not cause any discomfort. Wider or larger vibrators will often start to pain me after short periods of thrusting, if I can manage to thrust with them at all. Since I was able to actually use this AND orgasm with it, I'm happy.

In order to get said orgasm, I did have to pair this with a clit vibe because the internal vibrations weren't strong enough to get me anywhere by themselves. If I spent thirty or forty five minutes thrusting with this alone, maybe I could have made it happen, but I just don't have that kind of patience. For me, this isn't a stand alone.

I was also able to use this with my husband, who often can be a little too enthusiastic when he thrusts. Since this was just the right size, he was able to thrust away without me having to yank him away from me for getting too excited.

All in all, I do wish this was stronger and waterproof. Nevertheless, I can see myself using this a lot, especially during foreplay.

On a side note, my son calls my mom "Gigi" so I debated long and hard on getting this because the idea of sticking something with my mom's name inside me squeaked me out in a very serious way. I'm happy I managed to get over it, but it still kinda bugs me when my husband jokes and says "grab your mom." UGH.
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