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Lusterous Lychee

Are you one of those people stuck in the past, using massage oils on your dry skin? Well worry no more! This body dew leaves your skin soft and shiny, but it doesn't leak all over and you don't have to try and juggle the bottle while getting it all over trying to apply it. As long as you aren't looking for a lotion, you will be impressed with this product.
Improves skin tone, smells great, a little goes a long way, brings out tattoos, softens skin
Rubs off, isn't best for use as a lotion, not best for travel
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This cool product by Body Boudoir is listed as being a "Body dew," which is just their fancy term for a body oil. According to the bottle, this product is intended to make your skin more radiant and soft, moisturize and replenish, make your skin feel more supple, and enhance your sex appeal with pheromones.

I find that this is an amazing product to use on my skin, and I really love using it on my legs when I plan on wearing a shorter skirt or going swimming. It really helps the skin look fresher (not so 'wintery' like it is this time of year) and it really helps to bring out the colors in my tattoo.

You also can use this as a whole-body moisturizer, but the scent may get a bit overwhelming and it does tend to leave a bit of an oily layer for a bit where you rubbed it in. I would recommend doing more 'spot maintenance' with this product or saving it for when you want to look your best.

This product really isn't intended for using as a lubricant or to slick up your bodies during sex, but it would do a fairly good job at this if you didn't mind applying a lot. You should never get this in any orifices and remember kids, condoms and oils don't mix.

The ingredients are as follows:

Isopropyl Palmitate, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower) Seed Oil, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Copuline-alike, Copulandrone, Reconstitued Andronone, Retinyl Palmitata (Vitamin A), Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), BHT, Fragrance (Parfum)

While none of these are common things that people are sensitive to, as with all beauty products you should do a spot test on a small area of skin before you decide to spray this on and hit the beach.
    • Bridal gift
    • Mood enhancer
    • Sex

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

This body oil sprays on in a very straight, not very misted line. It then leaves a small 'puddle' on your skin that you need to spread out with your hands and fingers. When you first spray this and it's in a very concentrated area and is 'pooled,' it's only a tad bit thicker than water and is very runny. Once you start to spread it out, however, it gets a lot less drippy and doesn't run down or off your skin at all.

One you have it all spread out evenly, it does feel slick on your skin for about an hour after you put it on. I think that if you have very dry skin it may take less time, but I have medium skin and it absorbs well enough for me to be able to wear it on a daily basis. It does wipe off of your skin a tad bit before your skin absorbs most of it.

After application it definitely leaves my skin with an oily layer on top, enough that it gets on my fingers when touching it. If you can't stand having your skin or hands be oily this is not the product for you, because that's going to happen when you apply it.

After it absorbs it doesn't feel sticky or tacky at all, but rather leaves your skin feeling soft and a bit slicker than before application. If you get it wet it doesn't gain stickiness, but rather becomes more slick. It's a very sexy consistency, and I love the way it makes my skin feel.

Here is a picture showing the color of the product in the bottle
Body Dew Color
And here I am trying to show how shiny it makes my skin
Body Dew Shiney
    • Oily
    • Slick
    • Thin

Taste / Aroma

The first time I sprayed this onto my skin I was not really in the 'reviewing' mood and was just trying it out real fast before I ran out the door. Me any my boyfriend both agreed that it was 'fruity' and 'tropical' in scent, but that was about all that it got the first use.

After that I used it again and really smelled it while rubbing it in. That's when it hit me; it smells like lychee! Now, because I live in a desert and am a poor college student, I have had no interaction with fresh lychee. I dislike the round fruits at Chinese buffets that taste like canned blandness, but I used to love getting lychee bits (at least they claimed they were real fruit) on the bottom of my Boba Teas.

My main experience with lychee in scent and flavor was when my friends and I would go down to the world market and buy "Guumies." These are small bags of chewy, Japanese treats that we somehow convinced our parents to buy. This smells EXACTLY like those candies. Because I can't vouch for how fresh lychee smells, I love the sweet, fruity candies that this reminds me of.

Even though this smells like the candies of my youth, you shouldn't eat this product. It leaves a bitter taste in my mouth and it leaves a horrible, greasy sensation long after the flavor fades. Because of this I wouldn't recommend this for a massage if you plan on kissing or licking your partners skin very often.

For the first hour after applying this the scent is very strong, almost like a perfume. After it fades and the oil absorbs into your skin it takes another hour or so to be undetectable. This is not a good product for those who hate scents or get headaches easily from strong fruity/tropical smells.
    • Bad taste
    • Light taste
    • Strong smell


This body oil performs very well at some things, but it really has some very specific uses. Body oils, though a lot of them smell delicious, aren't meant to be used as perfumes and aren't intended to make you smell strongly and for an extended period of time. They also aren't really meant to be used like a regular lotion.

What they ARE meant for, though, is toning your body, evening skin tone, and making your skin look like it's got it's own natural glow like those women in conditioner and Venus razor blade commercials. I personally find that this product is the most effective on my legs.

This would be an ideal product if you love wearing shorter skirts or heading to the beach and want to look like a toned, tan person without having to use any expensive skin care products. It doesn't darken your skin, per se, but it gets rid of that ashy layer that tends to make your skin look pasty and it really helps to even out any blotchy skin.

I also think that this is a perfect product for showing off any 'ink' that you feel deserves some attention. After a winter cooped up in boots and socks my new ankle tattoo is a bit ashy itself and, unless I'm fresh out of the shower, looks 'okay.' This stuff? It brings out the color like crazy! I feel like it really is a great way to show off any body art and make it look fantastic.

This product washes off easily with soap and water, but if you don't like it I wouldn't recommend just trying to wipe it off with a towel because it will still leave a significant amount behind. When I applied this before jumping into the pool it washed off after about a 10 minute swim. Because of this it's more for the "Beach bunny" character than the "surfer."

My main concern with this product is how long the layer of oil stays on your skin. It comes off if you decide to run your fingers along it, and if you applied too much it may stain light colored or delicate fabrics. For the benefit of shiny sexy legs, though? It's so worth it.


This product comes in a large bottle, and Eden ships it wrapped in a tied plastic baggie. This is a great shipping method because, while this product didn't leak in transit to my house, I have certainly had products leak that could have made a mess of the other things I'd ordered.

The bottle for this is pretty large compared to the average body spray or skin care product. It is completely cylindrical and taper off to give you a place to grab. It's very 'stylish,' if you care what your bottles look like. It also has a wide, shiny label that wraps around the entire bottle. It doesn't have any naked women or lewd sayings, but it does say that the product features pheromones.

The only complaint that I have with this bottle is that whenever it falls over on my desk (where it's been in my face telling me to review it) the plastic cap that covers the sprayer falls off and rolls onto the floor. Because of that (and the fact that oil products leak often on me) I wouldn't really trust this to just be tossed in with the rest of my luggage.

You get a LOT of oil in this bottle, as well. After using it daily and applying it generously before swimming I can say that the level doesn't look like it's gone down at all. As long as you don't drench yourself in this product every day, I will bet that this will last me at least 4 or 5 months.

Body Dew
    • Easy to use / dispense
    • Very informative packaging
    • Would make a nice gift

Special Features

While this product has great effects on your skin, I just want to highlight that this would be a nice product if you just wanted to keep things slick on you and your partners skin. It seems like something that would be great to apply to your chests, but that afterwards wouldn't leave a huge oily mess.

Though I haven't been able to test this either (have you ever seen the one bathtub in the dorms? You don't want to, trust me) it seems like it would be a great product to pour into your bathwater to leave your skin feeling a bit softer and make you smell lightly like the oil.


When I first got a massage oil to try on my skin I was just blown away. It made my skin look so shiny and healthy, and it made my tattoo look spectacular. My main issue was that the bottle was ALWAYS covered in oil and that it was so hard to apply with one hand and try and hold the bottle with the other. But during the summer when I was wearing sandals and skirts? I did it.

As soon as I saw this product on Eden I had a "There's an easier way to do that?!" epiphany. What I really like about this product is that you just spritz and rub until you have the desired amount of oil on your skin. With the bottles of oil it drives me crazy because I either have too little and have to try and pour more out again or I have way too much.

As long as you know what you are getting, between the benefits and the great scent this is 100% a five star product. I would highly recommend it.
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