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Sliquid Swirl is a good, solid performer for a water based lube. Its cherry flavor makes it excellent for those times when oral sex happens in the middle of an encounter, as it's not highly flavored but doesn't taste icky either. It's long lasting, doesn't dry out and get flaky and is completely body safe for nearly anyone.
Thickish, nice smell, fun packaging, long lasting, fairly slick.
A bit gloopy, no vanilla scent or taste, not highly flavored or sweet.
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I am totally uncertain how I feel about Sliquid Swirl lube. On one hand, it performs well; stays slick for a nice long time for a water based lube, doesn't get flaky or cakey, and can be reactivated by a bit of water, which also means your natural wetness keeps it active and slick. On the other hand, it's a water based lube and, as such, feels gloopy and thick to me, no matter how good it may be compared to others.

I just don't like water based lube much, I guess, though I do need to keep some on hand for use with silicone toys.

I can say Sliquid does an excellent job making a glycerin and paraben free lube that is long lasting, hypoallergenic and totally safe for use by anyone, even the most sensitive users. It's 100% vegan and not tested on animals.

The packaging is excellent; a fun bottle with a feminine motif, including the female symbol, a funky haired girl and a cherry. The 4 oz bottle is leak free, has a click up top that dispenses just the right amount of lube with a small squeeze and is a nice clear plastic that allows you to see how much lube is left in the bottle. Though the label has "Swirl" and "Intimate Lubricant" written on it, it remains fairly discreet unless looked at closely. I'd have no issue leaving this sitting out on my nightstand.

The other place I'm torn is the flavor. I got the cherry vanilla and I'm both disappointed and impressed at the same time.

I like the scent; unlike most cherry lubes, it does not smell like cough medicine to me. In fact, it smells a lot like cherry chapstick. This is a huge plus. At the same time, it has no vanilla scent to me at all and the flavor is rather blah. Not bad, not good, barely noticeable. This is, again, confusing to me! Part of me wants my flavored lubes to really pop and tantalize my tastebuds. The other part realizes subtle is sometimes better since it doesn't overwhelm or clash with natural scents and tastes.

I normally purchase flavored lubes to aid in fellatio. They tend to stimulate my saliva production and make blow jobs a lot more slick. The taste also encourages licking and teasing and prolonged oral sex. With Sliquid Swirl? Not so much. I've found I don't use it at all for oral, though it's nice for vaginal and anal sex as well as toy use. Safe, as well, since it has no glycerins or sugars.

It does contain aspartame, just as an fyi to those who may be sensitive to it, but I cannot imagine it has high concentrates of it as it's not very sweet at all.

Really, it tastes like lube with a hint of cherry.


Cleanup of Sliquid Swirl is easy. A simple wipe with a wet wipe or washcloth removes most of it from the body, a wash with warm water removes it from toys. Do so fairly quickly though because it does eventually dry up and feel a bit crusty. Not horrible, but it doesn't really sink into the skin. It is nonstaining with no color additives so spills can be cleaned up by wiping or laundering.

In general, Swirl is a nice lube. Thick enough with its gel like consistency to be used for anal, easily spreadable and great for vaginal sex or toy use, acceptable for oral.

I just don't like water based lubes.

And so, I am torn. It's kind of like not really liking pizza but, if you have to eat it, you order delivery rather than eating a cardboard-like frozen pizza.

Those who do like water based lube will likely love Sliquid Swirl.

Though the taste isn't anything super wow and delicious, this does make a great lube for multiple types of play. You can go from toy play to vaginal sex to oral without it tasting foul like some lubes do.
Follow-up commentary
Sliquid Swirl, while okay, just doesn't do it for me.

When I use a flavored lube I really like to enjoy the taste and scent experience and, with this one, both are so mild that I may as well use a regular lube.

Sad to say this is the one of few Sliquid products I just don't recommend. Shunga and System Jo, even Wet, make far better flavored lubricant products.
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